Monday, June 29, 2015

Kind of Social

Why would someone put in the public domain, her/his most creative output?

Intelligent compassion. A 'high bar' for any competition wanting to justify to much 'risk' capital for what rightfully mostly should belong to certain members of the public?

On not. Maybe it should not be so easy. Jobs need be protected. Big owners have earned their position?

Too simplistic to be of any deep value. Except for this case: Inner Peace for many.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cryptographic Honesty

"Properly applied, cryptography becomes a central piece to ƒ(Us)™. The secret is assured honesty, like Bitcoin transactions. With enough transactions, honesty dominates. Exchange of ..."

Transaction honesty is not the sole objective though. Privacy of individual members is a pre-requisite for building membership.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Get Real

What drives you to say all that stuff? What is the real story behind you? I am pretty sure that I have not been hearing it. Has it been several decades since we first met?

Privacy sure, but accountable too, at the very least, to the rest of Us.

I know what I mean but it is difficult to say still. Sister will continue to help.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Imminent news drives the dream. Seems magical, if one does not know the deep causation. After all, it is how the human brain works.

Was the question this morning a part of this cognitive process? Good cop, bad cop, a reasonable metaphor for two kinds of experience.

When we say, 'the best', it depends of the POV - Point of View.  Director's job. But who was/is the director? Who choses?

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Oregon Beach

I got his number from another ‘team’ member.

Did I hear correctly? No reason to question, but my gut wants to tell me something urgent. Have not quite figured it out yet.

Been working on that sort of 'internal communication'. The language is special, I have learned. Much different than what I usually speak with. More parallel, less serial.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Grey Hats. He called them that. Rationale for trusting someone not known is what he might have been implying.

Dateline October 25, 1983:

Big milestone  - plans to put the new product in Ronnie’s basement. He arranged it and was on my team (not-so-much, I later discovered.).

First time ever to DC. Just a kid from a small town in the Pacific NW. On the world stage. Almost.

The leading news that day was about an invasion. Grenada, no less. He explained to me that our DC mission had to be canceled.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Baltimore Then

“The Story. Fictitious or Real. Probably both.

Credit card mfr. person proposed or someone the ATM mfr. proposed a bullet-proof payment system that included the most accurate biometric. Keeping the private keys private to the 'owner' was the role of the EyeDentify technology.

More than 30 years have passed since then. Many principles remain the same. The time is now, I am pretty sure. Many "holes' have been 'filled' to make ƒ(US) more viable.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ignition Sequence Start

“Upon relegating it to memory, destroy the paper that it is written on. Preferably by burning it.”

Starting to build the infrastructure. US will make use of Digital Signatures for communaticing. The public-key cryposystem is paramount to the internal workings of the proposed entity.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dream Source

A dream affirming the path I am taking in the “common” world. Or so it would seem.

For radio, on-the-shelf components that can made into premiums. All could listen or have an interest in their listening. For broadcast, anyone within the "signal' range.

Given the virtual reach of the internet, the one way path is far more dependent on other variables besides geography.

The dream, this time, was nocturnal.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Friday, June 5, 2015

Incept US

Geo-Location, where it “sprouted’ cannot be known to anyone else. It is fundamental to the early growth process. As time passes, disclosure is less risky.

However, the risk is least when certain conditions are met. That includes the place on earth where the last initialization occurred.

Honest wins in the long haul. It is up for grabs at the start.

See the last episode:

And it's second half:

Or not.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Non-Human Core

One physical location. Its where the key “lives’. The ongoing connection to it can not be discovered easily. Of course, this is a single point of vulnerability so it is the highest priority in the operation’s mission.

We have limited resources, especially people, so this path serves the purpose. It has been proven in other venues.

The contents of the Core will remain secure as long as the location is not discovered.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Protected Public Identity

Blockchain in an application different than Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency...

Democracy for the rest of us (US) in described in various posts to the log like this one from 2013. The technology is a enabling element for our proposed system.

I am not alone in this discovery. Here is hoping that it is nearing critical mass. The film project, in part, will tell the story.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Dream like. Lynch. Long format - a series. 3 reeler instead. But it turned out well for us dreamers.
dream memory too

And so it was. Paranoia or invention, alone or collaboration. Floundering in the shallow water or diving deep.

The map. A code for one's being. Coming to a theatre - IN you. Soon. But, 'same it ever was' but most of us didn't know it before.

Long history of making "new" with we sentient beings of the human kind.

© 2015 Buzz Hill