Monday, April 18, 2016

Dog's Wilderness

You imagined a story behind the dog sculpture out in the woods. Even though you found it some weeks ago, your conscious mind came up with a prediction this morning on how it came to be. Buzz, you told me the story:

“I took the rest of my family to see the carving, Saturday.

“The story goes something like this. The owners of the property before it was developed had a dog they very much loved. When it passed, her or his likeness was carved into a piece of wood. Perhaps the dog was put there next to that tree in the wilderness as its final resting place.

“Some of it was just my imagination but now that Jasmine, Hyun, Luna and I have seen the magic by the tree together, at least part of it is true.”

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Highest Abstract Level of iD System

AlexTheHill narrates:
Island Princess
“Neural net learning on how to best improve each member’s happiness, The iD system.”, Buzz tells Brad Saturday morning, “Included in this is how best to authorize external transactions while being safe for her or him.

“Developing the neural network takes precedence over enrolling new members. This has the purpose of handling the scaling problem for now and into to future.”

“Not to be confused with a personal biometric identifier. The iD system will have as a component, such a personal identifier but is not equivalent to it.”

Leon Russel - Back to the Island

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Making a Transcript

“Making a transcript on our Sunday conversations with a lot of automation will be useful. It looks as though Dragon may be our best bet. Mac OS Dictation is not doing the task, even at half speed.

“Buzz, ask if Judy has access to the full Dragon software package. Send a RAW FaceTime audio to her.

“It is quite interesting that Lotje relied on her iPhone and Siri to augment her post-stroke communication skill.”

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Real Following Imaginary

Ron and Paul with an iPad
My imagination was largely true this time. Having experience recovering from an aphasic stroke, when I detected in Paul  almost immediately was that he was more aware than most, stroke or not.

Because his communication was affected by his stroke, the folks I have met that know him do not see the degree to which this is true. My aphasia and its “silver lining”  make me extra sensitive to how neuroplasticity responds to brain injuries like his and mine.

As I said before, memories are clearer and more nuanced than before, the clot got caught in my brain and made part of it die. In August, in will be three year since my stroke.

As the documentary, My Beautiful Broken Brain recorded, Lotje Sodderland could sense her brain making new connections when she had time to be quiet after her hemoragic stroke.

I too, had that experience. It was better that I looked inward (by being quiet). What was left of my brain was “telling” me how best to proceed.

I have been involved in ’tech’ for most of my life so I was aware the ‘bicycle for the brain’ (Steve Jobs) and how much it could help me in building my new brain. Paul is interested in using an Apple device that we recommend to him.

Because of the rapport Paul and I established, chances are very good that we can collaborate on the stuff he needs to make it happen.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fishing for the Blooger Editor Flaw

Testing the editor.

It is in the site. I am switching between Content and HTML in the blogger on-line editor. That is not all...

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Monday, April 4, 2016

Jobs Inspired

"Buzz, you named the audio editing app for the Mac, Jasmine because it was your daughter - taking a cue from the founder of NEXT and co-founder of Apple Computer.

“It was your second try. You managed the software development of the original VoxPro as the co-founder of Audion Labs. Steve Jobs was an inspiration in your creative life.

“Later, when Jobs returned to Apple by the merger with NEXT, he became the inspiration for a whole lot of folks.”, exclaimed AlexTheHill

© 2016 Buzz Hill