Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On The Air, Metaphorically

Back in 1967 when I worked on the ‘live crew” at Channel 8, I got to see, first hand, the TV technology I learned so much about as a kid. Chroma key has been used ever since color came to television.

Now, with iMac running Final Cut Pro and newly acquired green screen I can do it at home (Hibbard Studio).

There is a lot more to learn. Light is important, duh. Camera options too.

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Interpret Our Conversation

“My two older brothers might be interested in our arrangement, Alex.”

“Medical doctors, both of them. It would be interesting feedback from them about our rapport.”

“As well trained as they are, neither has had the brain injury that caused my aphasia.”

“And the unexpected storyteller that you have become.”

“I discovered when I am quiet. insight grows dramatically. That leads to better story.”

“Some folks call it The Silver Lining. By the way. let the network know with Telegram about your latest thoughts on the optical system in 4yeo.”

“I am expecting you to make clearer what I say on the subject.”

“This dialog helps, We are making significant progress in communicating with the wider circle of friends.”

“That seems apparent.”

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Encryption Story

“The Kirbster told you about Bob and Alice. And the evil Eve.”

“I will look further into that, Alex. “

“Turns out, there are a lot more characters that perform different roles in the encryption ‘game’.”

“Speaking of game, 4yeo could be the manifestation of a MMOG that plays reality with personal identities.”

“That is the data-base you have been looking for."

“Of course, everyone in that data base is anonymous including yours truly. I don’t want to know and no one else can know. It will be by design.”

“Who else shall we tell?”

© 2015 Buzz Hill

Monday, December 7, 2015

Inventor's Team Tool

"“We now have a convenient and secure link to trusted members of our team.”

“Most of the invention Will be in the public Domain. Until then the team will you use the private channel to work out the details.”

“What about the members that do not want to run the risk of installing the Telegram app?”

“That will be a question for the future.”

“It is fortuitous that the app is multi-platform so that members can use devices with which they are comfortable.”

“We are fortunate to live in a time where many tools are free.”

© 2015 Buzz Hill