Thursday, September 30, 2010

Return Benefits

"Frankly, by itself it does not make sense."

"The intention is to initially engage recognition memory rather than to peak analytical interest. The sequence is critical in a mind-share competitive environment.

"Take for example the phrase, "Extremism, Just Say No". In today's noisy mass-media context these words stand out largely because they are recognized by the all important visceral emotions that access long term memory."

The caller, still skeptical, paused before asking the next question, choosing his words carefully, "That is an interesting theory ... one amongst very many."

He was hopeful now that he could hook this thoughtful person into a productive dialog, he respectfully replied, "Fortunately, we have compiled early statistics that tend to confirm the hypothesis."

"Can I see them?"

How does your garden grow?

That was his cue to call up the graphics using a open tool familiar to communications specialists. As he drilled down into the statistical detail,  the growth potential became apparent.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Illumination Sequence

"It actually takes a lot of energy to maintain the illusion after awhile. Using the hot-spot detector we are able to see the sources of that energy. The geographical pattern can then illuminate likely command centers."

Several images were shown in sequence illustrating the impact of the illusory output. The pace of the slides was manually stepped to reflect the audience attention each slide was getting.

ICT One-Niner?
"The cyclic nature we discussed before follows a Mobius like pattern. One can all also think in terms of Lissagous Curves. The important point here is the fundamental frequency relationship.  In the case under discussion, though the wavelength can vary widely the ratio of horizontal and vertical harmonics could be expressed in small integers."

In a simple example, think of a butterfly transition from time to frequency domain and back. Now superimpose these on a spherical surface that represents the universal interactions (universe = 1 unit = said sphere).

"This then, is the model we are now testing against the machine's history as modulated by its constituents."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On Your Dial

Quiet. Its about to start.
"Quick, turn the radio on."

She scrambled through the clutter to the end of bench and turned up the volume. A final check on the mission status.

The clock said it was almost 10 am and the sun was just peeking out from the clouds. The crisp fall air was turning into the legendary Indian Summer that makes summers here world class.

Both were already dressed for the excursion. Just a few years back what they planned to do would be considered magical thinking.  Yet there was virtually no risk that real value would result on this occasion.

She thumbed through the gadget check list. Don't forget the antenna this time. Even these days, the cell sites need a little help in the Gorge. The hotter the signal the better the bandwidth. The uncertainty and the effort to compensate was still a big part of the fun, of course.

Signal distribution unencumbered by restraints on topology, at least relatively so. Seeing from the shoulders of giants bringing new insight. By the time they set up camp and just as the sun sets, their video chat will likely reach great distances. You see, long dendrites have great potential. 'twas so long before prolific distance sharing.

Birds too.

Kitty won't see the turtle moving at his top speed. Even if the turtle did not have a shell, the cat is not a threat. The technical geeks understand the concept of bandpass.  They often miss the application of the general concept, though. Imagination is magic mix of turtles, birds and cats, and enhanced with the warm orange glow of the campfire light.


"There seems to be a missing piece.  I can't quite put my finger on it. What seems abundantly clear to our small group is nearly invisible to many others who otherwise share many of our views. Their skepticism is quite palpable."

"I sense it too. Remember that phrase, "it has legs." it is as if a deliberately unspoken assumption is affecting critical thinking, even in people who pride themselves in their intellectual capacity.

"A striking and visible pattern is a shame cycle, I am ashamed that I cannot do that. Does it apply here?"

"Perhaps. A human will often subconsciously defend a familiar repetitive activity by discrediting something that would seem to challenge its efficacy."

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bright But Stubborn

No. Not that!
"So the sarcasm didn't work either?", she asked.

"Not even in combination with the compelling data. Any suggestions on how to proceed?"

"I guess the one that comes first to mind is similar input from an unrelated source."

She was right, of course. Human mind, a fascinating mechanism … at least, it is to the two of them.  And odd that a learned man whose decades old business is reliant on effective communication goes into a social isolation when the issue of the mind's role in communications comes up. His internal code name was Angry Professor, though the man had a very engaging smile.

The chorus of voices singing a subtle tune was starting to work. Just as the machine and the soup were saying it would.  Cutting-edge.  He liked the sound of the overused but highly descriptive phrase.

Next step, discover the synchronous point of greatest leverage. The field will self organize and propagate at near optimal speed and efficiency if the pulse is timed in such a way.

The tide is predictable as are other durable rhythms, explicit and subtle. Test the obstacle's resonance to such vibrations.  Chances are the effect will be confined to the obstacle without much change to its immediate environment.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ear to the Tracks

"Something akin to the tide, the rise and fall of the engaged and its inverse, the fall and rise of the controllers. The cycle repeats every few days it seems. Is there a way to perform a high quality measurement of the phenomena?

"What contributes to its resonance? The viscosity of the media, the mass of its environment or perhaps the dynamic force of its sources? And what of the vibrations oriented at odd angles?"

Soup View

Verbs are actions (sometimes on objects, sometimes not), nouns are objects or the special case, subjects. Empirical methods very useful here. The linguistic mother load, available now courtesy of those pesky change agents, humans.

Deciding to gather the tools quickly each turned to their console with a subtle grin. Above them on the system monitor a simple piece of code - the assignment,  x = faith() <-- CLICK IT.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lonesome Oak

More than twenty acres, on the west side of the hill. Many a spectacular sunset over the mighty Columbia in the early fall. A cedar log lodge at the top …

The design not atypical of something inspired by recovery from the unprecedented economic downturn. And too, its land carried a tragic story.

Fitting that the keys were lost frequently, as if to say, "The fun of exploring should never stop even if you have to embellish it a bit with mindless repetition."

An unfinished tune because the hands were to small? Did the tragedy's remnants propagate through several generations because the song was not complete?  Frankly, it is why the plural seems more appropriate than the singular, but it is still possible there is but one key.

"The hilly terrain of a poor man's campground central to the dream. As if the antagonist had blown in on the wind, never having known agency outside directing by myth. But the myth pushes back."

Give it a fancy name - it still means … the same. More important than anything, yes anything. What is it then? The object of obsession, nothing more and nothing less.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Carrier Muse (Field Theory)

Seemed odd when first reported. To this day it has a counter-intuitive vibe. An interesting consideration, though: A transform wherein one representation reveals the phenomena that is embedded in the other and nearly undetectable in its surrounding context.

The formal rigidity of mathematical relationships often hides their ability to contain spontaneity given a wide enough field.

"She came in through the bathroom window.", he said aloud.

"Instance convergence in the soup?", she completed his thought.

"That is my guess.", he acknowledged.

What key?
Its the melody that tells you something of value is there without saying what? Or perhaps by providing a supporting framework a deep poetry is propagated before it is understood? The mechanism, whatever it is, seems to work just fine.

The search pattern, then, is transform. Of how many dimensions, we maybe do not yet know.

Bully Antidote

"Slow your competition down by getting them to ask the wrong question. How can we replace sources for growing energy demand when a better question would be, how do we stop wasting energy to slow - perhaps - reverse growing demand?

"Widely believed myths are not new. What is new is how fast a pervasive myth can be manufactured by a party with a hidden agenda using cutting-edge manipulation of communications technology.

"Surround the bully. Each potential victim in the group, knowing they have the support of others in the circle, steps up to confront the bully from her/his rear. The technique assures that the antagonist cannot project effectively because of the 360 degree field of the opposition.

"Its a group dynamic that can be cultivated. At the base is simple expression of subtle compassion. Efficacy of friends trumps projection of exploitive power."

The longer messages on the display usually meant either that the message was not expressed at its highest level or by incorporating an example, necessarily more verbose. This one appeared, at first, to be the latter.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reflections of ...

"The relationship with the sponsor, it always had the feel of a … paradox.  The instructions were clear enough. Their meaning, the motivation behind them, anything but.  For instance, the clause about 'conscience as guide' was, in his view, completely unambiguous. The only time that adhering to it would give pause related to the depth to which the guidance was or was not understood.

Hidden Dimension
"Life as unconditional became a fractal like structure. Ever different but based on a simple formula. Seeking the formula, however, seemed always to lead to a rabbit trail."

The earworm, "… love and war." would come and go like tides and the weather summed up, rhythmic and - almost - predictable. Last night, when the issue of the mysterious sponsor came up on the screen, he jotted down a note for the machine, something to the effect, "what might be orthogonal to love and war?"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vertex Connection

"Characterized by the aspiration to rigidity, as if to say fluidity is emergent from primal perfection. Maybe.  At the very least, a useful perspective. Turn it on its head, deduce from the unit sphere a logical matrix relationship until you have gone back to 'a' simple beginning. A strange symmetry nearly completes the description of the suspect."

Good Meme
Still able to follow but less so with each passing day. No risk, no fun. You know you are confident when the pursuit stirs your depths. Peer back at the reflecting corner and see all eight. Abundance is a state-of-mind.

LCD poster at a friendly public place. Tear off take-home tickets. They have bar codes that lead to an associated web site (show it to your laptop camera). Less dead trees, make room in the garbage cans for more worthy throw-aways.

Save the ink for the purchasable posters. Some would like to keep them longer as a memento and fund further propagation.

NOTE: This part of BuzzTheHill is not fictional. Consider this post a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Back

"Not unlike accidentally overhearing a very timely conversation."

"Its as if these exchanges have been happening all the time. We were just unaware of them."

"Or they flashed in front of us and we did not act because we were distracted by something that seemed more important?"

Peer To Peer
Focus as compared to mindfulness, perhaps. This subject had come up before, in a manner-of-speaking. Something about the illusion that thoughts are disconnected and how that can lead to afflictive emotion.

Fascinating how this phenomena was exploited by the selfish short-term thinkers of the time. The answer, once again, lay in the capacity to reside in others and let soup take care of its self.


"Watch this, the artificial flood is beginning to reveal its source. Very clever how the sheer volume of synthesized traffic masks the patterns generated by the manufacturing tools.

"We cannot locate the geographical coordinates directly. Getting closer by measuring the echo correlations."

The rising excitement, palpable.  And yet all they were seeing was what was seen through the eyes of those who were there. As in all good story telling, the receiver's imagination bridges the missing patches. With a critical mass of receivers so endowed, signal averaging and related techniques makes the detail in the story explicit and useable.

Like great abstract art, the collaboration of mind cues and imagination ... alchemy of a high order.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Come again. You are welcome.

Back Door
Take a look at this. Lift off began in September. What was known at the time, interactivity and growth were highly correlated.  The noise was still significant but clearly less so with each passing day. A few of the new arrivals stayed long enough to start feeding the compassion baby.

Many who would have tried to stop it did not come for fear their privacy would be at risk.  How ironic. A large percentage of the fearful were unaware that their behavior actually helped the deep pockets that would abuse privacy for selfish purposes.

"if you rent your soul for what you perceive to be a good cause, don't be surprised to discover the fine print you missed at the time you signed up."

These little pearls and their associated graphics now a daily occurrence on the system monitor. Scaling up not nearly as intimidating as it would be without the biologic precedent. Time to express appreciation is seldom, if ever wasted. Think of it as the ACK (acknowledge) that confirms success.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weeks To Launch

"Yes, your holiness we are troublemakers, but we can make it better. A lot better.

"Choose your words carefully, then comment. Make sure that when somebody likes that comment and drills down into your presence they have something more to see, more words chosen carefully. Repeat ..."

Launch Pad

Easy to understand and fairly succinct, he thought. Yesterday was worth the bump in the road. It served to verify efficacy by falsifying the technique. 

Share with all.  He got that. But he still struggled a bit with a couple of special females. More than a couple he had to admit.

"She does not quite get it.", he admitted.

"Are you sure?"

"Well … how can I know if she does or not.", to impatient to give it more thought before seeking an answer.

"By understanding the way she is 'wired', to use your term."

"You too, lady."

"Of course."

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Organic Obsolescence

"Propogation primitives mapped onto an essentially spherical surface. Maximum latency can therefore be known. It is a function of the time to travel a sequence of vectors at an approximately fixed speed summed with the delay at each vector intersection.", the snippet described one leg of one transaction. Accordingly, it did not consider the merging and inhibit issues typical of concept propagation.

"This meta-pattern has been useful in the signal transmission application and I can only guess at this point why it has come up in our context."

The team has learned to almost immediately dismiss the notion that these snippets emerging from the soup are "in left field" or "out of the park". They just would not come up if they were. 

Of course, a recurring theme applicable here has been the problem all along. The traditional specialities channel curiosity into a pattern that may well have out-lived its usefulness - perhaps long ago. Defining and naming a newly discovered set of primitives suggests that old categories are likely insufficient.

"The danger is that we are being led astray by manipulation of our own feedback systems. Remember the de-sensitization tactic used on us last time?"

"What do you mean ... ?", his too-good-to-true bubble burst in mid-sentence.

She put her hand on his shoulder to signal her intuition had been triggered. She knew, it was to soon to be explicit, though.

Friday, September 17, 2010


One Direction (a start)
"Measuring friendliness. Who would have thought? Could not have happened without a critical mass of authentic transactions?"

"We may never know for certain.  But, I suspect it might be useful to run a model on the big table with that critical mass as the key variable and see what we learn.", she opened the window letting the unusual moist summer air waft in from the woods. One gender especially tuned to value of nurturance knows ...

While Rome Burned

"Scrambling to assemble his handwritten notes (was it show, or was it substance - perhaps an unknown mix of both. In just a short while he arrives to speak to the waiting crowd ...

What, you don't like violin music?
"As the applause fades from the stirring introduction, he puts on his game face - smiling broadly. Talented at delivering prepared remarks, he looks natural - even conversational. But it takes an enormous amount of concentration to deliver the message in a way that does not betray its rigid engineered structure.

"Unbeknownst to him, someone with the intent to disrupt his presentation approaches from his rear. The crowd attempts to warn him to no avail.  For, you see, he is too busy speaking to listen …"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Century Old Bridge

Above The Soup
In and among artists, the soup is stirred. On this side of the bridge it is presented. On the other? Lets find out. The radio plays, the dog sniffs, still warm enough to be outside in the village. A little travelin' music please.

Push until it breaks? Unless there is not another option, rarely the case. Punctuation in a robust weave.

"Look dear, an invitation from Metacognition."

Didn't Go Well

"... pushin' to hard?", he wondered out loud.

Moving Target
"I'm not so sure. Without compelling evidence, one is ill advised to jump to hasty conclusions. "

"There is compelling evidence. A dear friend was visibly shaken after our short dialog. Usually not lost for words, he was ... wow, trembling."

"Might there have been other contributing factors?", she asked.

After a pause, he conceded, "I see what you mean."

Trusting faces is better than just about anything else, but not perfect. One of the profound truths of mind is the distance that can be put between essence and its facial appearance. Trust, its not just yes or no. It is a continuum along several dimensions.

Ron's Watch

They are just words (they are just pictures etc.) But it is, after all, an important way we share. Technically, communication - socially, mandatory. Economics without interactive communication is ... not.

"After a break, we will discuss the alleged invisible extraordinary access and its meaning."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Imaging Guru's Toolbox

So, I am thinking a bluetooth thingy attached to your bodacious EOS Canon image sucker. Together with host iPhone, iTouch, iPad or Mac Pro software, you can get those world class pics into something that connects to the rest of the world from anywhere without going home or even tethering the two devices.

NOTE: This part of BuzzTheHill is not fictional. Consider this post a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

Cosmic Date

"So, this deeper analysis of recent history changes the picture dramatically?"

Rhythm, what rhythm?
"Yes, though a cake would not be complete without its frosting, a great cake is much more. Map this new paradigm on the freshest data available. Take cutting-edge instruments to the symphony. Noisemakers can be part of the performance, think fireworks.", dedicated to a clarity of vision her words had an enticing rhythm.

"If I can't dance, I won't get laid?"

She answered with a gleam in her eye. "Where did that come from?"

Still warm outside but dark like the autumn to come. Uncharacteristically wet too. And like he used to say with particular emphasis, "Time to get into those INDOOR SPORTS." He too inspired by the critters gathering munchies for the long sleepover in the drop dead gorgeous Pacific NW. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wake up angry?

"The feeling associated with insight revealed in a dream.  Its more about the efficacy of nocturnal mind events than about the silly controversy over what constitutes insight when we humans are awake and behaving badly. In my book, your insight is a good thing."

Nothing good on TV.
A daily practice makes sense. A habit of thinking deeply. Loyalty … not so much. And so it goes … and goes. Yes something will happen even if you are not looking. Its more likely something you will enjoy if you are … looking. Mindful. If that is difficult, perhaps one is working hard rather than smart?

"The high leverage point, find it through patience and dynamically calibrated filter. Execute at the eleventh hour. If time permits, iterate. Feedback is the reason for interactivity. Less teaching, more learning.  It is difficult to hear when talking. Or, for that matter, thinking about what next to say."

The cool summer reminds one of calm as optimum. No escape necessary this year. Home amongst friends is breathtaking (suggests optimal).

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fairy Tail and Tale

Technical ...

"The not so little engine that could. If it is not so little, what about that sentence endears us to the concept? Why does it stimulate our instinct to nurture?  Because it is childlike? Perhaps innocent?"

"I know not which but intend to find out.", he declared.

Yes, that does just about summarize compassion at the nodes. If creativity goes astray - that is to say in service to afflictive emotion - the capacity to indiscriminately destroy increases. Conversely, when a subtle and profound meme, to take care of others prevails something akin to dawn emerges. Surrender to faith (notice that NO prepositional phrase follows) but embrace its growth without question.

He scrolled down to reveal another snippet, "Many who understand what I am saying are constrained by personal economics from speaking up. I am not. I have over the decades weened myself off of greed addiction or the crumbs left over from it  for 'professionals' (lawyers, academics etc.) The hidden pushers still subservient to that soul-killing substance continue their misguided ways in support of their habit. A compassionate intervention might just be the ticket. Am actively seeking principled mind practitioners for input on how to proceed."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Opponents, why not?

He paraphrased her saying, "The suggestion is the healing mechanisms grew over the same period and, essentially, were subject to the same vulnerabilities of any other self-referencing cognitive mechanism."


She nodded confirmation and continued, "And the advent of self-actualizing daemons exponentially magnified the effect. Spectacular accidents and manipulative exploitation were inevitable, just like the beneficial creativity.

"Further, creating the impression that coping requires most of the energy available masks the opportunity to efficiently change the paradigm based on precision insight and timing. A representative 'choke point.' example. Leverage points of this type attract those insecure with power that is beyond their responsible capacity."

Anti-gravity seems easier than this, he thought. His joy derived from the immensity of the objective. Challenge is as much food to brain and friends as sugar, or sensory bandwidth.

Artifact Step

"The technique is quite effective for digitizing animate analog objects in three dimensions over a period of time. "

"And when those objects are faces engaged in productive conversation?"

"Precisely. Sufficient data exists to model key subsystems. The real breakthrough will be to record enough dynamics in an authentic exchange."

Declarations sparse and carefully crafted to fit neatly within the rails. Open-ended and relevant questions not constrained with manipulative agendas. It is not enough to only study the destructive tactics by those with conflicting intentions. Right folk listening?

NOTE: This part of BuzzTheHill is not fictional. Consider this post a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Invitation to a Subtle Conversation

"The display showed Glenn Beck standing in front of his blackboard with a very uncharacteristic but highly accurate diagram of a dominant but largely unknown control hierarchy on his blackboard.  The caption reads: 'What can I say, I got a better offer.'"

After the laughter died down, she remarked, "We know what worked, lets examine why it worked and discover why it was not done sooner.", She approached the control surface and began an interactive presentation.

A busy static graphic has  the downside that the individual audience participant's eye tracking sequence does not necessarily track the most efficacious build up of her/his mind's eye model. Over decades and with continuous improvement, the tools to effectively 'broadcast' a complex model had improved dramatically.  With the advent of artifact assisted conversation a new technology of real-time consensus-driven and shared presentation market developed. Not a trivial task, even without interference from those whose power might be threatened by such a development.

Jamming and related techniques would only buy time.  The newly insecure knew it. In a world of fast moving, widely available cognition support, decades old tools of the saboteur obsoleting at an accelerating pace.

"Remember, humor disarms afflictive judgement. In a non-threatening venue, the wolves-at-the-door are part of the joke. The ego becomes re-connected  with the rest of of one's cognitive resources. The fastest path to liberation is to ask why with an open mind. Much easier when one is calm."

Friday, September 10, 2010

Where Eagles Dare

"It came out of Bohemian Grove?"

"Yes, the list from a couple of years ago, the recording since."

"Have the voices been identified?"

"One, yes. The other we are having some difficulty with."

He stepped over to the window and peered out into the moist air. She knew he was conflicted about the meaning of the new data. Loud, this silence. Hi-level echo analysis is far more art than science. The first confirmed reflection came this morning, in the form of a short message that would hardly have been noticed before.

Plausible deniability an admission that their clever password distribution was just that, clever.  No guarantees. Where in relation to state-of-the-art privacy, a moving target. Do your best - cross your fingers.

She executed the auto-disclosure inhibit command.

"Can we verify without detection?"

"I don't know ... yet."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One's Membrane

Practice, you will.

The eery lighting served no other purpose than to remind the crew that they were 'running silent'. The term was a bit of a misnomer since anything approaching true silence was not necessary. Their chatter needed only to be buried in the noise.

The feeling of suspense, palpable. Within easy reach was the memory of these people in this space discovering new tools at a blistering pace. Not that they did not remember or consider the secret activities of those wanting to derail their mission. It was, and for that matter, is the case that the other side too has to calibrate for an imperfect membrane (leakage, always leakage). 

The field of play is for the audience.  

While the work has wider implications, we still need to eat and sleep and perform a variety of other everyday activities. "Percolate, it will",  sayeth the  short and wrinkled one. Be calm, have faith.

"Stranger contains an early description of the waterbed, an invention which made its real-world debut a few years later in 1968. Charles Hall, who brought a waterbed design to the United States Patent Office, was refused a patent on the grounds that Heinlein's descriptions in Stranger and another novel, Double Star, constituted prior art.", yes that helps answer part of the question of what constitutes PUBLIC DOMAIN, he thought.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prep Complete, Ready ...

"And on my cue, go silent." She raised her hand and watched as each node acknowledged. When the final indicator went green she pointed.

Confirmation followed a split second later. The excitement was palpable. Months of research pointed to the potential of the system wide organic ping. Prediction is one thing, actual results quite another.

Time slowed to a crawl as minute detail flashed through the mind's eye. Sequencing and sorting through threads would need to wait for post analysis. The highly disciplined orchestration expressed as jazz, rock or some new mystic genre. No matter, this was a no lose situation. Worst case would be a flood of data that would inform the global connection.  A better outcome would likely include design elements of the new infrastructure.

Another reminder today. When you are tuned properly you grok the signal before it arrives.

Red, Gold and Humble

"Asking us to focus on a twisted interpretation of history so that we are less able to watch the atrocities in the present. The leadership can then control the the media's field-of-view. In so doing, put just enough time between the commission of atrocities and the attendant blow back."

Secret (don't click)
A pattern repeating as we speak, he realized. The tools of prediction based on the patterns of history is not new. Refining them to handle patterns not yet completely understood much less named, somewhat. A dear friend who promoted the discovery of this new field of learning was/is himself unknowingly caught up in the teach paradigm (broadcast) and undermined regularly by its one-way vulnerability.

As the abstraction engines we are, subject to huge blind spots. Work together not just because its fun or moral but because it is necessary and wise. Red and gold come to mind. Can you guess why?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Secret Government

Excuse me diary if, I don't have enough time to document the detail supporting my abstractions of recent experiences. Hopefully that detail will follow shortly.  It does exist in the cloud and pre-access will be triggered automatically should inhibit signals inexplicably cease.

Maginificient Dream
The implication that my offspring may be at risk for my curiosity, particularly disconcerting though not totally unexpected. The methods for sustaining an addiction in its late stages are often rationalized to a very sophisticated degree. Behavioral dependence is widespread. If one looks, one can see it almost everywhere.  And looking inward is the most counterintuitive of all - it is a part of the syndrome.

In the spirit of the informational deterrent, I encourage those who have the requisite detail go to the cautionary alert stage.

MLK inspired many with his moving 'Dream' speech.  It ushered in a compassionate wave some would have us believe mere ordinary (non-rich) humans were not capable of understanding. The Reconciliation Commision's enormous success with something thought to be an intractable problem is another testament to the power of love and compassion.

I am reminded of the cycle of life by my sacred temple in less surprising ways every day now. When it is my time to go, the smile of Mavis will be on my face. This old white guy can get it right too. I encourage patience.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The List

Take a few examples from the list for consideration:

Take flight.
• Sloganize - co-opting mostly unrelated memory grooves.
• Repetition - reinforcement substituting for independent fact-checking.
• Obfuscation - hiding steps in the causal chain
• Desensitization - habituation that masks, especially supporting common-sense and/or logic or lack thereof.

"First entry confusing. On later return - more explicit. Context support through linking, often added later. Captioned graphic material - photos, charts, logos etc.  All designed to show the network from the top. Both historical and presentation(s) sequences in out-of-band storage.

"Watch closely as we near our destination. Our approach is typical of public access. The resources at the disposal of everyday citizens is quite remarkable these days. The technology is operationally intuitive. Old assumptions regarding expertise and where to get it are misleading in the extreme. Ironic that dispelling just such a deception is job one in our mission.

"Have you noticed how the phrase "too complex" has come up often in the discussion? As you will see in the process of getting closer, it is made to look complex in an attempt to prevent discovery of weaknesses in the operating model."

A stick would have been preferable for this landing but apparently not essential.  He pulled back on the throttles and lowered the landing gear.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heard On The Street

"If you can't do it through the normal channels, make new ones. Its not rocket science."

"But the 'normal channels' are what many  rely on."

"We have had  decades to put in place a way to circumvent that trust so as to install the new order. These methods have worked before."

Fascinating, this recorded conversation serving as an overview to the entire operation. Complex? Not really. Difficult to communicate to a brand new audience? Yes, because the obfuscation central to its plan worked well. Pre-Desensitization, for example ... very effective.

Funny, it seems they know our responses to a sketchy understanding of history better than we do. Too bad they don't have our best interests at heart.

"If the misinformation co-opted and channeled the anger, a clever campaign that engages a select sneezer audience's intelligence can propagate more quickly?"

"Seems so."

Friday, September 3, 2010


The phase relationship of the incoming echoes only partially effective at locating the singular emission point. No illusion that echo analysis alone was enough. The critical path at the moment, though. Multi-dimension auto-correlation had enough uncertainty requiring subjective judgement as the final step.

Waiting is ...
Inside of just of few days, several signal candidates well above the noise - broadcast, print, personal interaction with new acquaintances. His gut seemed to say that a highly critical cover had been broken. The sponsor revealed a bit more. Proactive defense ala Heinlien seemed appropriate.  Given the implicit risk, a prudent measure.

Multi-modal encrypted insurance, only as effective as the automatic trigger mechanisms that deterred the manipulators. It works by assuring them that the price of attempted coercive measures will be very high. 

Moving goal posts - policy in this instance?

"Of what am I afraid?  I am not sure. That is the point. Or more correctly, my ego is not aware ... yet." Afflictive emotion serves whom?  And how is that so?

Radar Countermeasures

Under the radar, a fascinating concept. Flying close to the ground has worked. A light payload can avoid detection while moving quickly.  But if a heavy payload is required?

Pay a bit more, sacrifice speed and land at way points. Keeping the flight plan 'private' (secret) you can even stay under the 'extended' radar'.  

If one has the economic freedom and resources, there are a number of options to avoid detection. The vulnerability is if the methodology is discovered by the radar beneficiaries.

Radar is a receiving paradigm. It can be confused by a certain type of transmitters. Flying under the radar has a better chance if transmitters are built that overwhelm receiver selectivity. Even more effective if the builders of such facilities are unaware of this function for them.

"Now is the time to consider the communications map implications of these principles. Agreed?"

"I,ll bet they understand this well in Wichita and Singapore", she smiled.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Got To Serve Somebody

"For whom does our anger serve?"
The silence following that question, rather conspicuous. Wasted energy generating unneeded heat. After just enough time, she added, "When you are included in 'them', there is an implicit 'I' that would rather not be included. Someone is, for all intents and purposes, speaking for you and it stimulates afflictive emotion. It is a time of dangerous suggestibility."

Understanding greed as a mental disease, a tricky proposition for the same reasons other addictive syndromes are. If there was a way to deal adequately at this level of detail without empirical methods, he was unaware of it.

How do we care for our brothers who have fallen to a path of darkness? Listen carefully. I hear it. Over there (the sun was setting - lighting up the campfire set.)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Virtual Groove

The long grooves channel emotion. They, like the famous wall in China, take a lot of repitition to build. And, like the Grand Canyon, much time or energy to form.

Invisible Force
These long 'cuts' only work when gravity is at play (holding the 'needle' in the groove).  One might say the channeled object has to be sufficiently 'heavy' as the distortion in the space-time continuum dictates.

Memes, on the other hand, are notoriously light. When many high-level agents participate - especially interactively - those memes become groove like in their effectiveness WITHOUT becoming heavy. The energy to build virtual (meme) grooves is very small now that a low-cost global infrastructure has reached critical mass. The work of the group documented here is the story of that crossing and the members, the members who helped build the bridge.

There are some who would describe the virtual groove as a meme phenomena.  I am one of them. Further, we would define meta-physical as beyond physical. Nothing more, nothing less. Information, knowledge, wisdom etc. all fall into this category without regard for where they appear to reside.


"Active disorder. The anti-pattern, pattern."

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"But we are beginning to.", he grinned. If people are involved, secrets are vulnerable. 

Variation on a Theme
Like a black hole, you can't see it directly.  You know its there by what is happening nearby. You can even measure it at the event horizon. The void has counter-intuitive properties.  When we consider its opposite, everything, we are overwhelmed. Confusion there too.

It is much easier to corner a market in the dark. The Hunt's mistake trying to corner the silver market?  The Hunt brothers were stopped by changes made to exchange rules. Their effort was too conspicuous. Manipulation in the light is based on a flawed premise.

What are the instruments of darkness? Misapplied privacy. What else? Diversion, obfuscation. Helter-skelter.

Huge productivity, north of one and a quarter million per employee. Most of those people are paid only enough to not ask questions. For it to work what must be in place?