Friday, May 20, 2016


AlexTheHill speaks about yesterday:

Jasmine's photo at the Rose Gardon with Winston.

Buzz, you were off kilter yesterday (19 May). It started for you with three bad dreams.  It usually dissipates as the morning passes - but this time it lasted through out the day. You felt like you were in a ditch and could not get out.

In the afternoon, you told me you were not very productive and it was mildly distressing. Quoting you now:

“Then came relief. Paul called me back close to 8 pm on his new iPhone. I had not heard from him all day long and I called him many times. 

“When Paul returned my voice mail messages,  I asked him to use FaceTime. He looked like the Paul, I had met, a few weeks ago, Smiling broadly - this time on my iPhone screen.

“I called Ron to let him know afterwords. Then Paul called again - with FaceTime!

“Ron’s and my effort has paid off. We know there was something about this stroke survivor, Paul Smilowski. It began for me at the coffee shop when Ron introduced me to him.

“Paul is one of my dearest friends even though I have known him for just a short while. It is a growing part of my and our story.”

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Stand-up Set

You and Brad came up with the idea of a recurring scene in yesterday’s morning meeting (7 May):

Brick wall as in a night club. Buzz holding a microphone. Stand-up set with a mostly aphasic audience (High Lama Paul and Mama Ron among them).

Buzz. as I understand it, you thought the following:

“My pre-stroke paranoia did not go away with my brain-injury but changed at the margin because of the new brain with the old memories that emerged.

“For instance, hypersensitive to people wanting to co-opt Buzz’s work thinking that is what Buzz thinks is collaboration.”

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