Thursday, March 31, 2011

Technology Assisted Analogs

"Like it or not, digital conversations evaluated by technology assisted analogs identify persons better (YES BETTER) than any biometric identifier.

We ARE going to do it!
Perhaps this statement more than any other, marks the seminal moment when a critical mass of self-selected people begin to believe in their ability to change the destiny of society in a critical time.

As we have said before, the veracity of this seemingly grandiose claim pails in comparison to the concept it supports as a useful perception.

At this moment, you are sitting in front of the only tool you will need to assert your belief in the right of engaged individuals to choose their destiny. Get in the game. It is already beginning to work.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Openness in Depth

"Not intuitively obvious to the casual observer, much of the essence of openness in depth is actually part of a security in depth protocol.

Deception is NOT friendly.
"'Tell the truth, there is less to remember.' Huge efficiencies are to be gained by not having to allocate resources to deception and/or secrecy. Coupled with vastly superior numbers, the potential to counter the competition is substantial."

"The Analog Unit Domain, where heuristics are common, represents the biggest opportunity for collective trust. The Digital Reality Domain serves as the consensus platform. The two domains in concert is the foundation for our plan."

The unfettered term, 'friendly' describes the mission better than any other. Unfortunately, its descriptive power has been tainted by its broad application to fields where the very concept has been subordinated to a selfish agenda.

Friendly and secure fit together like a glove in the absence of unenlightened self-interest. Rich media interactivity is available now to support this paradigm. Put it to work.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet Somewhere In The Middle

Productive conversation between engaged and informed individuals is currently very difficult to simulate. Internet manipulation Is mightily challenged by those who trust each other and who have the right cloud tools.

America is private ... ?
There is a high correlation between systems breached by powerful organizations operating in secret and one company's operating systems. 

"Operating on both fronts simultaneously seems prudent. Not widely reported but nevertheless, quite significant: Rustock takedown. We are watching closely the activity near the border crossing at Windsor."

"Meanwhile, check this out - QIHU."

"You mean Qihoo, right? Is it true VPN end points are close to browsers?"

"These snippets would lead one to believe that the map, or at least a good part of it, is embedded in the log. The decoding key would most likely reside in a heuristic analog network of the type we have discussed."

Transitions between digital and analog are best when the highest fidelity is maintained. Practically speaking, the multi-modal nature of this interface needed a variety of tuning all with the usual artifactual baggage.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tactic at End of Useful Life

Before Prudence, before.
"From a strategic research perspective, it is interesting to note that the competition either does not read or will not acknowledge reading that which disagrees with the big-owner agenda."

"Most of them don't really know do they?"

"That is the way it appears, yes. The question is, why?"

Compensating people sufficiently such that they put aside their 'inconvenient' objectivity (some call it fairness.) On a per person basis, expensive. On an exploitive mission (as a whole), very cost effective.

The downside is a fragility common to the human animal. Just as he/she can be corrupted, the opposite can happen as well. 

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pre-mocking Takeover

Front door is locked.
"Is the technique losing steam? It would seem so. The plausible but largely incorrect meme that people are stupid has come up against humor. Controllers prefer fear and anger in their subjects. Otherwise the masses might think for themselves and discover the agenda is not even friendly to them.

"When a brother accuses his sibling of organized crime and some time later reconciles - one, thinking for oneself may ask, "Why?" But if some greater good is to be served by such a question, more than one will need to ask. In fact, a critical mass is usually necessary (smart mob of friends).

"As discussed here before, using strategic meme propagation is conducive to forming a sufficient population to put deception detection to work."

When the dialog got onto 'it is never finished' it was surely poignant that the context of 'when to monetize'.  Transactions involving dollars are highly explicit. As such, they are subject to forces that may not be at all related to the actual exchange of value. When the means of universal exchange impact a transaction inappropriately the transaction is worth less to the whole.

Enigma Riddle
"When the cats show disinterest in being herded, the minion/manager thinks to herself, "this is why I am payed the big bucks."

The big-owner smiles and says, "Just keep our little secret and make money. Things go better with oil."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Public Statement

"We have no interest in [exploiting that loophole at this time.]" A simple statement that allowed the visible folks on the front lines battling for fairness to take the secret bribe and disappear.

"Oh, please."
"If detection of crime is impeded, it might as well not be a crime in the first place. If law enforcement has been effectively sabotaged for a given class of crime, same thing. If the judicial process is somehow rigged … Well you get my drift." Not altogether unexpected, though a bit demoralizing. Checks and balances that were the envy of most were beginning to break. Seemed odd that the hope that the hemorrhaging would stop after an unprecedented election installed a chief with a clear mandate. Now, he seemed more a trojan horse than a savior a mere two and a half years later.

"Perhaps just one or a few people capable of programming to the APIs is all we need. For example, utomating trend searches would accelerate the unnamed pattern detection. Our primary collaborator has been infiltrated to such a degree that we cannot trust outsourcing to them for this."

"Pursuing criminals our best option then? If so, what obstacles need we overcome?"

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Founding Persons

Why this, now?
"As a friend says, one is well advised to be cognizant of the human platform." The most timeless of phenomena take this meme into consideration. That which makes a human the most adaptable critter on the planet has vulnerabilities. Calibration of the species weaknesses and strengths is an ongoing process of high priority.

"Each member thinks, 'I am my own meme'. The high integrity of the shared self-reference is a central theme. The illusion of conscious awareness or ego as the whole of one's being is fraught with terrible risk. Yet, there is a way to mitigate this risk. These documents and the resultant entity will be another well-informed effort at 'making things better'.

"Declaring independence from the tyranny that can result from asymmetrical ownership is one of several key tenets in the founding documents.  Another will be an independent body that adjudicates internal behavior with appropriate remedial authority. Yet a third will provide the means to adapt the organization to the changing needs of the whole and its constituents."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ownership Equality

As described earlier, the organization is accountable to each of its members equally. No single person enjoys more or less shareholder value from membership than any other member. The same applies to the management selection process. No member has more control of who manages the operations than any other.

If the by-laws (as amended) provide for a board consisting of say three (3) directors, each is popularly elected by the membership. Board representation does not happen without membership approval.

Payed operations personell from the chief executive on down are selected by a board that is exclusively accountable to the membership as a whole.

Augmented Change (=Life)
"I am beginning to see why we are proceeding without formal legal input."

"Yes, it is too early. The law or the interpretation of it should not constrain the spirit creating the organization. There is plenty of time for that later."

© 2000 Buzz Hill

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pushing the Envelope

"The corner has been turned. There is still significant risk of maintaing the course correction. The resources of the opposition, though trending down, are still substantial. The number of traditional diversions of public interest seem to be frantic. There is sound reason to believe a window of opportunity exists to disable their command and control by precisely targeting The Tunnel."

Too easy? Maybe. Appropriate debrief scheduled. Program the alert perimeter. How far behind were they? Fence sitters were starting to move. No verifiable momentum yet.

A new tool in the good-guy arsenal: repeat through thoughtful paraphrasing. Technology enhanced individual advocacy made possible by large interactive networks coupled with confident, competent and engaged individuals (like it or not, that could be most of us.)

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Rapid Employment Engine

At home jobs using cutting-edge malware detection technology to gather a database on such. The jobs will be part time to begin with. The goal is to build up the base employee population rapidly. Maximum employment will take precedence over individual hours worked.

Nearly all training, web based using free cloud entity software from the likes of Google and Facebook. Like TED, sponsorship is strategic not commercial. No single external organization's sales is to be supported over a competitor.

Mashup technology developed will be a revenue source.

Expanding work day hours is based on performance - useful contributions to the database. The corporate structure is such that ownership is confined to those whose goals are closely matched with the charter.

The resulting malware database will belong to the organization but detailed access will be limited to individuals (not organizations) living within the state that can be RELIABLY and UNIQUELY identified by the system.

Membership/Ownership fusion to be implemented so that there is no conflict between membership and owner value.

The data collected and organized would likely attract nefarious attempts at corruption by unfriendly agendas. One application of the network assisted detectives engine is to trace such activity back toward the source as far as possible.

Funding will come from a number of sources. Those sources will adhere to a simple principle, no funding will compromise the concept of exclusive allegiance to members (individuals) as a group.

Internal competition that is fair and appropriate will be encouraged in the founding documents. Equal ownership by invitation only is paramount. This means one person (NOT persona) - one vote. Organizations cannot be members and cannot control ANY primary function.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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Pre-Mocking Instance

"But bigotry is not entertainment. "

"Then why is it perceived that way? By whom and for what reason?"

He knew the answer list would be quite long expressed at the detail level. For purposes of this dialog, highly accurate abstractions would probably be more useful. How about specific details in support of a few abstract visualizations?

He wondered how highly compensated chief executives could be so easily manipulated by anonymous owners. Bribery in the form of record payouts was the automatic answer. The not so well exposed kicker was safe haven for ill-gotten gains. But there must be something more?

A short sighted top view.

"Yes, that would be one way to look at it.", she turned to the others assuming their interest had been piqued.

I will tell you a story of a CEO who decided it was time to kick herself upstairs, so-to-speak (referring to the exalted land of controlling ownership.) What was not apparent to her was that such a transition would not shed her exposure to vicious competition. You see, dear reader, some things were hidden from her as well. Seasoned owners are masters of ego management, especially that of chiefs.

"Scientific creativity applied to political behavior. Don't call it political science. The term has been discredited."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Production Line Fiction

Fiction in all the wrong places.
"Consider the history of a certain kind of spam, the chain email.

"Think now in the context of manufacturing credible sock puppets by showing non obvious relationships through verifiable but robotic email exchanges.

"Programming the primitive override circuitry is straight forward when existing generic channels can be harvested to circumvent normal scrutiny."

The circuitry supporting the ego-auto-pilot is not at all sophisticated. Programming it does take specialization however. Because it is powerful, a number of checks and balances have evolved to make the coding mechanism as fail-safe as possible. Circumventing this protective shield clearly was done in the past with considerable effort by dedicated organizations. And the process has become more streamlined over the years. It has also been all but kept from public view.

As Bob Dylan writes, "Things have changed."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RICO Political Funding

"What is the analytics module telling us now?"

Profile matches X
He was surprised she would just blurt it out and nearly spilled his half full coffee cup. Seeking non-obvious relationships with as much automation as possible was the name of the game for nearly a year. Calling into question the module's recent behavior just had not occurred to him.

The gravity-neutral / non-vertical element diminishes when afflictive emotions are transformed (color code: blue). Oppression is mitigated, its perpetrators are alerted. They respond aggressively. Their primary tool, distortion in the space-time continuum. Its effects are inversely proportional to the integrity of ...

His thoughts were interrupted by the sights and sounds of the collapse. Like flying instruments he had to override instinct and trust the system design to keep airborne. Though still unnamed, the concept was clearer by the moment.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Jasmine Revolution Hu

"Rustock Seattle operation a regular visitor? I use this as an example because it provides the highly plausible framework for the story.

"Take a few of the common covert network software techniques such as sockpuppets, spam filter biasing and gaslighting. Each of these are based on anonymously programming the ego-auto-pilot to achieve certain goals. Among them fear of technology, fear of openness, fear of intimidation.

"You can call it Monsters Incorporated if you want to but it is not kids play. It is the current standard of practice in global power competition."

Cloud, what cloud?
Botnets are made possible by the constant churning that leaves some occasional user's machines as staging sites. These type of users don't want to be bothered with 'Service Packs'. If it ain't broke, don't fix it' means if I am unaware it is helping my enemy I'll blame the government or THEM when I notice things are not as good as they used to be.

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Monday, March 21, 2011


Better Gender Match
"They will take care of us. I am pretty sure."

"Wishful thinking?", she wondered out loud.

"Does it matter?", he shot back knowing she would pick up on the intuitive piece.

Was it really saying that the signature chain emails are a likely method of developing sock puppet histories for "persona management software"? The key is to hide the fact that the 'personal identities' are not actually seperate individuals but appear to be long enough to achieve the objective. 

Sensing value before successful monetization is the name of the game and has been so since long before any of this whiz-bang technology. Here and now, the competition has built up a considerable capacity in the new medium to deceive public opinion.

Sit still.
Their nurtured life-like automation seemed capable in similar scenarios. Why not this one? Automating reverse engineering and refining it using empirical methods led to many breakthroughs. Using them before fully formed was now bearing unexpected fruit ... again.

"Lets take a run at a meme seed for this one. Chain email is raw data for sock puppet regeneration?"

"Sounds like a job for human calculators", she said as she pointed to herself and smiled.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Enigma Like

Clearing The Path
"We have a far larger base from which to draw. That's given. Keeping pace with the competition to enlist the loyalty of that base is a task with which we expect to be engaged for the foreseeable future."

"Global scale and nearly invisible. Our discomfort has discoverable cause. Let me show you the evidence."

The competition's biggest vulnerability, the conflict of growing intellects and information control. Play the meta game, more effective and potentially far more humane.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why edit in place?

Why me?
"It is very unlikely that, say,  a million of us will go silent simultaneously. The organic nature of the project means that a large number of threads are active at all times. Each is driven by technology assisted curiosity and inquiry.  The ideas are valuable before they are fully formed because of the interactivity with the cloud and people connected to it while the questioning is in process."

"There are some successful folk who do not subscribe to the 'they are stupid meme'. Furthermore, a subset profits from their reverence of and allegiance to the majority."

Suffering from eyes stuck shut, on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Gambling that the playing field is level enough to provide more safety than the dying regimes of an all but bygone era.

"Should we be concerned that the early morning tool seems to be fading?"

"I know I am a bit."

Pretty obvious that outright bribes would be too risky. Covert action is now anything but. No, the best methods are the ones that create a sustained productive conversations. And such a protocol is time consuming. The only way to keep pace is to pump up the volume. Many simultaneous threads with large numbers of trusted individuals.

The data is embedded in the 'blizzard'. Easier for those trained to look. More so for competent folks with compatible intent. Understand if you are leery and must leave. But know there is a good chance you will be back. If that were not the case, you would not have read this far.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

What's Cookin'

What I Do
"Enough about the bad guys. Lets talk about who is going to replace them.

"A keen sense and the motivation to reward that sense is key to performance in the kitchen (and other creative venues).  One is not measured by training, only outcomes.

"If creativity is controlled by managers it withers. If creativity is controlled by formulas, it is production not creativity.  Formulas are the nemesis of the new. The biggest challenge for a leader in a creative enterprise is suppressing but not extinguishing the urge to control. The 'boss' would be well advised to focus the urge to command on her/his ego."

One cannot really eliminate a bad behavior. A better outcome is achieved by replacing it instead. Perhaps it was the problem (as the engineers would call it) all along - a bad behavior. Instead of reducing it to rubble with overwhelming force, replace it with something better.

Start by marshaling the natural creative instincts of the majority. Native to all children and subordinated in most adults it can be brought  to the fore by some ancient sorcery (a fancy word, simple concept?)

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mutually Assured

"Think of it as a secret world war where none of the direct adversaries are nation-state governments.The livability of the planet may be at stake for the outcome. Not because it is a related objective but because it could be perceived as a better alternative than defeat. MAD isn't it?"

"Yes, that fits with the displayed patterns. Can we now abstract up again?", she asked. The language was still awkward, a natural hazard of venturing back on the causal chain. These plausible story lines had the ring of great novels. More at play than just enjoyment. But who would have guessed this?

Why weren't more folks pressing to know the ominous implications of this capability falling into the hands of those who could not be held to account? On reflection, he asked himself why he too was so late to the game. The answer, his and probably their attention was elsewhere. And in no small part guided by those in control of broadcast resources.

The new kid in town, Technology Assisted Conversation changed the calculus.  One could argue that this had been around in the form of the telephone network for over a century, though not anywhere near at the current scale.

"The gender factor, could that be it? Or perhaps Prime Directive?"

It is, of course, no accident. The timeless aspect of nature's job one. The subtle energy is far beyond anything they had reason to measure. That is, until now. The capacity to effectively self-analyze mass congition, a recent development.

A new semi-automatic look at the overlay of ego and reproduction maps ...

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Strategic Economics - Introduction

In the spirit and design of this web log, this post will appear in its entirety over the next 24 to 30 hours. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, consider THIS (click it).


But what about our huge investment?
"... but they won't ... answer that is."

"My point, exactly."

"How so?"

"Answering puts the deception at risk. It is the 'tipping point' opportunity in this context, so-to-speak."

Getting past the minions is the hard part. Think front door as opposed to the back door. Decades of motes put the real decision makers out of reach of even friendly folks.  A little 'social' thought and clever implementation could ease access in dramatic fashion. Trust is a key word here.

"For instance, Iowa is nearly next door to Kansas. Somebody living in the former is more likely to know the 'location' of the entity of interest's back door (the latter.) More so than, say, someone on either coast.

"You might well ask, 'what do you mean, back door?', to which I would answer, 'the place where friendly neighbors come.'"

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lightning Strikes

"In a dream I was walking in a rare winter snow. All appeared to be either black or white even though I knew better. Suddenly a flash of light changed the appearance of the scene. Yes, seconds later thunder would follow. The palette of fear is one choice. There are others.

Private clients, Acxiom?
"Persona vs. person. Split personality useful at times? Often? Marketplace driven? Is it related to privacy ... especially fear-driven privacy? The kind that takes advantage of vertical channeling (see Gravity)? And serves hidden agendas?

"To the steady beat of private: Mark knows. Stevie certainly. Does anyone doubt Eric? Now me too."

Thinking 'out loud' but not necessarily vocally, he realized his quest was not so much in vain. Hearing "Blowhard" as if the honking horn of a car cued one very profound idea, ego auto-pilot.

Who programs the ego-auto-pilot? What is the significance of "create the illusion of consensus"?

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"Well, as we know, it seems very out-of-character for someone we know this well. 

But who are they?
"Recall that late September day a year and a half ago? The data did not add up. An important piece was missing. It took many months even to discover that tools needed inventing to approach the problem. After our very persistent and sustained effort, a profile emerged. Only later was it closely matched with real people.

"This feels like that. The current emerging profile is not suggesting specific personalities yet. Like before, the effects are publicly visible, though."

Tools applied to reverse engineering nature's code, DNA. Simple idea, great result. Emergent unnamed patterns from  fusion of the machine's soup with the biologic code proved, best platform to date.

Some dared to ask why. He laughed to himself as the team left the meeting.

My backyard?!
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something to Wish For

"I ask for a prayer, meditation or chant for our misguided friends in the Sabotage Transparency Corps. Supporting the Fear Machine in communications seems benign to many of their minions. It is often cloaked in what appears to be morally superior clothing. On deeper inspection it is just acts of warfare preparation in places of worship. You might say mosques, but here there are far more churches.

Color? What color?
"Having compassion for these universal soldiers 'of faith' begins with intervention. Each time we intervene, the process becomes easier. The tools are at the disposal of a large fraction of the world's population and free or inexpensive. The trend is vigorously up. Food, shelter and medicine more easily follow.  Get in the game. There is no excuse not to. Not any more. For this we have come.

"There is color in it. You just can't see it. White light reflected from the snow is why. When this effect is artificially induced, perception can be modified, sometimes for nefarious purposes."

Automation can recognize this effect.  While it may be obvious how to do this with visual data, the text version is pretty simple too. Look for superlatives and polarized adjectives.

And now, we add a little color ...

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Invention Machine

"One embodiment - mapping words, concepts, and conversation topics as frequencies to global locations as a function of time.

"Start here ..."
"Input data, voluntarily contributed by users.  Allowing Google (for example) to anonymously record interaction with the cloud (and people conected with it).

"Output is automatically public domain. Media diversity increases."

"Consider the concept of 'Conversation Privacy' shown, for example, as a global map. Vertical bars indicating the historical frequency.  To visualize trends in openness might be a goal of such functionality. Another example: Strategic Transparency Sabotage.

"Processing the 3D images to highlight salient contrast could draw the viewer's attention to opportunities or other types of hot-spots."

They had discussed on a number of occasions over the last year and a half the value of personal identity visualized in a variety of ways. This one, particularly applicable to efficient deployment of resources on a global scale.

The key to rapid development in this context is to discover what parts could be off-the-shelf or nearly so.

Just my imagination ...
"Enough background, I suspect.  The major reason for our meeting today is to discuss networked 'gaslighting' and the curious mix of its applications that we have observed. Recall that we jointly concluded that a migration to automation should begin immediately.

'The VPN discussion corresponds to the 'burden of secrecy' element of the technique."

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Do Something About THEM

... call for backup.
"They're kind of dangerous. What nice person would actually consider such a job? My people are suspicious of them.

"It will be a lot different when our people are there. With any luck at all our people will control soon and they will become us and will therefore be good. My people say so."

"Complex becomes simple. Eliminate bad guys on the list. Only us good guys will be left. We will then be able to reward the sponsors handsomely for their vote of confidence so they can invest overseas where there is not the burden of caring about people. Then they can give us even more money ... if they want to."

"Pronouns matter (especially if one is not sure of their antecedents.) Take the case of as an example. The established brand is not limited to to its descriptive nature or elements. Enduring rules do not favor specific players. The sense of entitlement does not come into play."

"Presumably you used that case for a reason."

"Count on it."

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Identity Code

"Maybe this idea for a project will make it a bit clearer. Because the central story is decades old and ongoing it will have meaning to at least two if not three generations.

I like home.
"Identity defined mathematically comes with some baggage so I suspect we should seek something with fewer strings. As the story arch suggests, the long quest to define it is indicative of the vast scope of the subject."

The ready laugh was encouraging. Unlike this man's exemplary skill that he admired so much, it was generically affirming. When the purpose is to seek purpose, conversation rules. Or it should. But I may be wrong.

So, how might we have better conversations? With the support of tools of the communication variety, I suspect.

"Somewhere in the mess in here (my toolbox) is something really cool I just have to show you. Give me a minute, I will find it. I used it just the other day. Wow, is this thing still in here?

"My attention is easily diverted so if you think you have something to say that is more important, just start talking. I like listening to you. You are my friend."

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Social Impedance

"Inside and close to the top. Been there over a year. Target's greatest vulnerability, as expected, overconfidence though paranoia is coming up fast."

Maintaining trust in an adversarial environment is 'expensive'. Doing it invisibly even more so. The implications of a competitor's agent close to the top had them all on edge. Quick tempers. Hair trigger suspicions. Implicit trust in rapid decline.

Mixed Trust Top
Number of VPN trails up dramatically. Before, their patterns were predictable. Public exposure brought a new wave of unprecedented lock down. Back to the detector design blackboard.

"The bad news, access is more difficult. The good news, the corner has just been turned." She smiled broadly.

"Everybody enjoys a more competitive game, right?" as he spoke he peered over the top of his glasses. First at the others then her.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


For instance, when I asked her, "Productive conversation with my immune system? Wouldn't that be cool?"

Her reaction was positive and immediate. Her method of expression universally recognized as embodying unambiguous affirmation and based on accumulated trust. If all communication theory was so succinct life would be simple ... and boring. I am guessing this interspecies thing has a lot more about it so I am going to spend more time looking

Not exactly a small thing that the sponsor invested more virtual capital at this time. Gratitude for the strategic rapport that led to this latest round. The nature of information exchanges in this medium are friendlier and less explicit.

And on the other-side-of-town so-to-speak (wait until they try to translate that one)...

The number of staged 'candid' viral distributions, whether or not they are called ambushes, follow the easily human-recognizable patterns. When our newest medium assists this process, agency is empowered at a whole new level.

Ego snuck out in the dark of night and sought some comfort there. The canine did not judge though. That will remain for the ego left behind.

I love dogs.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

History Rhymes

"I woke up with an ear worm in my head.  But it wasn't really. Aural that is. But it did play tricks on my mind. And it seemed to be almost alive.

I *on't understand
As if on cue, I picked up the device near where I had been sleeping. There I read a disturbing missive in my semi-awake state. It was uncomfortably compelling.

"Its influence on my subsequent read of the morning headlines tended to confirm its central premise, that the order we have created is about to come crashing down once again. Only this time for good." Sometimes he felt comfortable sharing his innermost thoughts with abandon. Not quite there today but vulnerability did leak out, a good sign.

"Integrating over a sequence. Like it or not, much value lies in that which is not yet understood. Arguing about who understands is seldom a useful exercise. None understand completely, I suspect."

Next time, we'll add color.
"Disruptive is a description of when the designated authority is not conducting the distribution of memes? Sounds like a good thing to me. But I may be wrong."

The value of imagination communicated is that it transcends static expectation. The communications part, especially if it is interactive, acts as an effective relevance governor.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Century of Shame

I am not sure if it was Guy Fawkes, Zorro, Robin Hood, John Galt or some new mysterious superhero but hope was surely in her/his wake.

Recursion, in the sense of how it is discussed here, is always destructive without the carefully designed exit. Why? I would remind you of Tesla's resonance experiment with a building. And, by the way, I have used the word, designed but would not want you to make assumptions for purposes of this discussion about the designer, if any.

Does this cycle need to repeat or are we ready for a new drug, dear sentients?

"And you were hoping we were stupid?  Sorry to disappoint you." It was not a mocking tone but easily could have been.  After a while, oligarchs start believing their own hype. They are human too.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day Trip

"Up on High and Gravity
Architecture of Imagination
Personal Mythology
Horizon of Scope
Geometry of Predicton

"I am not so sure they are necessarily in order or that the list is complete. It suggests that when the monitor was showing what we have been calling transitional noise something more was happening.", she turned to the audience to see the acknowledgement patterns and decided to drill down a bit.

"Lets take some specific examples.

"From the 'gravity is optional' perspective, the red vertical can be objectively evaluated for its efficacy in a variety of contexts. Piles can become clusters if that would be useful."

"The blue global sphere can be better understood as a collection of relatively local community planes perhaps bounded by horizon. Each community sees a different horizon. Further, horizons are gradients not truly edges as the appear.

"And conversation as sequences of trajectories."

Central Oregon: Its not what you think.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wire Tripped

"Since the beginning of March several suspicious events have occurred. Gaslighting?

"If you are reading this, know that I do not plan to be hiding in the coming weeks. Actually as you may have noticed from my writing, I am going the other direction, gradually exposing the investigation. Each time I venture into potential hiding places, there is some risk that the occupants will not be happy that I have entered and will take 'remedial' action.

The Stranger knows.
"I have been arguing this tack is worth the risk. First, because the tipping point opportunities are more likely to be where most folks would not look. Two, public disclosure mitigates risk."

The team had just realized that the competition seemed to be missing-in-action until just a few days ago. The hubs geographic dispersion helped to verify that the detection was not confined to the headquarters location. Fire drills can be dismissed by some as a waste of time. Conveniently, much easier for absentee managers to assert.

Covert Photons & Stuff
"Wiggle the fiber, it can tell you where it happened. Furthermore, you can get major general purpose bandwidth and hardly anyone will notice. Cloaking is a valuable covert skill. Ask management."

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"Drop dead gorgeous … oh, and the girl ain't bad either."  Conversations are valuable even if you are not there when they begin? And when exactly does anything begin? You have an hour to reply. If it takes longer I will have to cut you off. We have other things to do.

Snow in the coast range. Days longer but still short. The warmth of the fire welcome always but especially now. Imagination flourishes when the senses rest. Its wintertime.

Coach or mentor? Probably both. Didn't mind getting in protege's face if it would help. And sometimes it does. Do it too often, you might as well flip burgers. As a wise but fallible philosopher once said, "Bullshit."

Working so hard that there is no time to work smart? Ancient wisdom? OS wars biggest value? Showing ego to be its own worst enemy?

Paths without declarations. Think about it.

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Visible Street

"… denial using the same methods invites the very scrutiny the competition wishes to avoid."

Network not?
"I get it. Desiring to hide from the consequences of one's destructive actions is more difficult in this kind of contest. The community's intent is constructive and has a much lower need for secrecy."

"Precisely. Its easier to see from Chicago." with just a few words, one resolution segued to another intro.

She did not have to fake it. Even the concept was waisted on him at that point. Sure it was an exciting world complete with dramatic characters with questionable and fascinating motives. Is danger provocative because it often leads to change? Just because we fly above them doesn't mean they don't matter. Like bridges, the landings count ... big time.

Around the world, they are dancing in the streets. Not just some streets, many streets. The song plays to the requests of the many who want, nay demand, a voice.

"Why do you suppose he would ask how it works by doubting that it does?"

"If it is a signal, and I am guessing that it is, it would be useful to disclose the methodology in a public forum. The organic pitch, the medium which includes the machine adds value to the messages in a conversation. Just because you are afraid doesn't mean it cannot be friendly."

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spectrum Levels

"The three prototype patterns are HOF, RJA and KBM. The three letter codes may be temporary but will facilitate indexing in the short term. The duration of this experiment is indeterminate at this time.

Private                          Public                        Balance

"We are virtually never aware when their agents penetrate the perimeter. The assignment, first and foremost, is to blend-in without being detected.  But it is really a burden, secrecy that is. It leaves a distinct trail. Related computation speed is accelerating. Prevention is not preferred here. Think 'immune response' development protocol.

"At the same time they are being exposed to what is ostensibly the 'crown jewels'. Kept stowed in a safe place inside. Very difficult for an outsider to reach. Something for which planning is near impossible until inside. We have reason to believe the intentional replies are just part of a larger pattern that we do not yet fully understand.

Rumble on the Grapevine
"They key is the geographically coded replies. Pattern detection on them is, obviously, a work-in-process. Eight months of data suggests the distributions are starting to settle down. Though still early, the speculative fraction is trending down."

A tug of war worthy of Casablanca, she thought. Great missions have this robust mix of procreative lust and transcendent import. Only passionate fools delude themselves into thinking otherwise. Two choices, do it or practice. It undergirds everything, Prudence, everything.

How did that lyric go? "You'll just have to wait." On the surface, yes. Keeping the gene's agenda at bay requires some magic from time to time. From the tension the tune builds.

As we can now see, Australia knows. Maybe it is time to return?

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