Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Strong Enough?

Each spoke up in random order while watching the system output. The display showed the falsely appearing 'assault' along with some highly interested parties as abstraction.

"Meaning? The place we have been is full of wonder. Now we know for sure, it can turn to something far less than desirable. For much is recorded there. The constraints of consensus are likely absent as not. Yet one more logical argument for connection."

"I am attempted to not name the dark side in hopes of limiting its power. Part of me says it does not feel right."

"Time and again, jumping in to describe the inside was ill advised. Immersion in a totally unfamiliar 'place', very unpleasant and not particularly informative. Scout needs a home base."

"It's opposite, can be too appealing. The kind that results in addiction."

"Pushed from the inside is a spooky thought. Further, looking for the culprit outside the self can amplify the effect."

"But pulled from beyond the boundary of 'self' illusion to mitigate the vulnerability of isolation? A worthy aspiration on logical grounds.  Yield to compassion."

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Monday, October 29, 2012

What Does It Mean?

"The assumption is that there is sufficient data accumulated now. If so, robust independent analysis of it would be the next step. Since it is in-the-clear text, there are a lot of tools available.

"Google, for instance, feels more lifelike everyday -- in large part by mimicking biological knowledge generation. Think, "machine aided cognition on steroids." Automating high level functions without being overly encumbered on the front end by slow theoretical development is a huge advantage over past methods of discovery. If it is tested in real-time against a very large user population on a continuous basis, all the better."

"Lets request suggestions from the community then."


Starting with something as simple as word counts and moving toward sophisticated high level interpretation of style, was his thought. It was a safe assumption that much work had already been done in this area. As in the past, their informed speculations would 'tickle' the beast as they watched its response.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Saturday, October 27, 2012

In Review

"Three years have passed. Where have we been? Where are we going?"

Asked today, he would say a contributing theme has been the quest for patterns of introspective discovery. What emerged was an engaging story of making useful contact with the part of mind usually deeply hidden from view of everyday consciousness.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Its Up To You

"What you have seen is what I have to contribute. It is now up to you. No last minute flurry of mine is likely to change the outcome.

Lives will continue afterwards. Which ones and how well is why we put this kind of effort into it. I was inspired by you and a handful of others to give back with interest what I have gained on a very rocky path leading to here."

It could have been a message from any of a number of 'leaders of the moment'. His feeling was to say it with conviction meant that, unlike before, he felt belonging ... his own.

Misplaced or not, it is a perception of choice. We can make it happen. Anything less, uncertain.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gut Tells Me

"This suggests a neurotransmitter disruption like pattern. Considering the observed systemic effects, I see an opportunity to mitigate them."

"As do I. Artificially throttling the mechanism over time, whether intentionally or not, creates undesirable side effects. We could change that. I am pretty sure."

Emergent functionality that evolved over a long period of time is vulnerable to a fast acting independent agent, like our ego-centered usual suspect.

A mob of ego's without a corresponding calibration to unspoken history can make a big mess. Fads, propaganda and 'breakthrough' technology gimmicks come to mind in this context.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


"The message transmission technique is deeply embedded but in-the-clear. We are about to embark upon its biggest test to date, that of reducing latency and predicting its volatility on mission critical data."

Selecting the right person to lead the next phase is job one. Integrity, competence, compassion are all critical. Deep experience would be desirable, though for reasons explained later, not mandatory.

With approximately seven months to phase launch, beginning a framework for the plan is in order.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Monday, October 22, 2012

I On Mind

"He then. She now? Anger to fight the fear. Better to dispel the fear, save the anger for when it is really needed. The answer, inside. By the face you will know when home is found and, at last, where it is.

"Too abstract to tell the true story of a person? To quantify the intrinsic value of personhood and use it as a reference, that would be cool. I have a suggestion where to start."

Words, at least alone, cannot adequately describe the network of spacial relationships that comprise a form of beauty. Just as a picture can be to constraining to tell an inspiring story. Robust identity requires them both and probably more. 'Profile' is a label often used to describe a person. It has been popularized by the explosion of 'social media'

How an authentic singular profile is viewed both inside and outside the network is possibly the most important objective of the network's pilot application.

An individual's health records from birth certificate to current age tell a story about the person's earthly vehicle for her/his journey of life until now. Even if the records are something less than perfect, the detail in them serves also to uniquely identify the person over time.

In such medical records, access should be under the control of the person who is described by them. Delegation of access, likewise. Furthermore, as we have pointed out, access and denial IDEALLY would be guaranteed by an entity that has no conflict-of-interest, not even the potential for same.

"Unable to shake the biometric stigma?"

"Is it that obvious?"


© 2012 Buzz Hill

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flame Thrower

Think, transnational source?
"Spam and its cousins as strategic noise, is my thought.

"Noise jamming is flooding many publicly accessible conversational circuits. A fascinating tactic. The few messages that are getting through are high-power legacy-media transmissions? The theory is that brute force unidirectional messages can overcome said noise."

"If so, seems they could keep it up for a few more weeks. Unless, of course, it was anticipated by our guys."

The somewhat unexpected distracting crisis tested the ability for them to perform under duress. In some ways better than drills. If the proposed cooperative is too disruptive to unscrupulous competitors, such activity could be expected at the co-ops periphery.

"I really don't know what this is talking about.", a puzzled look matched her statement. Once reviewing the context in more detail is complete, her understanding is likely to change ...

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Disturbing Silence

Days had passed without a word. A rare occurrence.

"The silence has been worrisome. Glad to hear from you." her sigh of relief evident.

He was not sure if automation would pick up 'Before The Fold" material but wanted to respond quickly. "My apologies. I have alluded to this type of circumstance in the log before. avoiding the 'loaded' words as usual. Events of this magnitude have an abnormally high disruptive effect on the system model."

He went on to describe the potentially catastrophic external input. On deeper investigation, the duress it caused was not commensurate with reasonable probabilities. A hazard of the system's reliance on long range prediction?

The clip mentioned the close association of fear and anger and provided what felt like genuine insight into the problem. Trust is diminished by fear and anger results, creating yet more fear. The cycle can repeat, even when the original stimulus is no longer visible.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Better Lever

"I think we are familiar with the phenomenon. I wonder if a 2D diagram might help us visualize it with a view to producing a better outcome."

She stepped up to the white board and drew a lever in equilibrium and tried annotating elements in it with labels of the seemingly orchestrated confusion that so confounded their efforts.

Cowered masses on one side of the fulcrum. Shouted propaganda emanating from a few on the other. Though in balance, the number of folks on each side were vastly different.

The illusion of balance, perception?

To be honest, he had to admit to himself, this was more about a perception of terror he had experienced more than once. And through this lens, he observed national politics, territorial social squabbles and even the workings of his own mind.

Studying the lens over a period of years, that is the part that is new. Very different than watching and ruminating to the point of exhaustion the light bending effects of said lens on his and their sense of worthiness.

Free will, its enough to scare the livin' daylights out of him. Just him? Doubtful. It is a matter of degree, one suspects.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prime Content

"Drop everything, the show is starting? Am I a part of it?

"Old media content distribution will soon be about as useful as Christmas decorations in July. No amount of money, by itself, can change the fact that something better is replacing it. Much of the content is still valuable but the passive audience is being converted to an active audience. New participant will be attracted because their presence now matters more. Content that takes this into account will endure."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Monday, October 15, 2012


"Members of a Google+ circle, Facebook 'friends', Apple customer. They all have one (and only one according to the definition) each. I understand you call it, soup."

After describing the altered and confusing situation, he knew that there was a discontinuity to his own thought processes. Struggling for words, he blurted out, "Do you understand my dilemma? Because, I can't say that I do other than to say it feels familiar and strangely different than before."

Not that.
"How is this time different?"

"Beyond allowing that I suspect it is better, I am not ready to say."

Yesterday his friend pointed to a graphic that fit well with the 'soup' hypothesis but was a model for marketing transactions.

It just occurred to him, soup in the context of an identity coop. Further, the emergence concept as it relates to an organization whose building blocks are proxies for 'cooperating' individuals.

"Scary that we have not yet considered the inauthentic at this level."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Identities Cooperative

"Many of the principles that would serve the network of client/owner members can be described by variations of the term Cooperative.

Transactions that occur between members through the network with various business entities will often resemble those of a Credit Union.

"Our early draft embraces the concept of re-investing profits in growing infrastructure and adding members and/or distributions to existing members (equally) in the form of patronage or capital credits. The latter will likely require more careful consideration as we proceed.

"A useful model for comparison is that of a rural telephone cooperative."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Sea in the Dark

"At each node is a client/owner and a unique individual. These members profit exclusively and equally from the network's interface with the external world. The network itself has no other function."

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider its appearance here as a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been discussed herein, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who is Subject or Object?

"Either. Which would be most convenient this time?"

"Lets take turns for now."


"Its my room. What enters is under my control as is what leaves. That is why I call it mine.

"Sometimes I delegate specifics to my trusted companion. She likes to poop on other people's lawns.  I help her do it, taking the trusty green bags designed for the mission so as to remain friendly with the neighbor humans. They like her a lot. The feeling is mutual.

"She is a babe magnet. Don't tell my wife."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Cyber Opponents

"Bond, James Bond Jr.". The humor of her reply was not lost on anyone present.

"I have not seen an evaluation of the foreign nation vs. transnational cyber threat. Have you?"

"No, can't say that I have. Perhaps we should be looking deeper?"

A lesson to be learned from the thriving eastern european hacker community is that the sponsors need not be limited to identity theft operations for traditional organized crime. Or visible to the connected community in any substantial way.

Indeed, in some cases, it is far preferable for a perpetrator to be hidden under several layers of international camouflage. Pose a threat to a powerful nation-state? Why not if they are an obstacle?

"A few days ago we broached the subject of false flag. Fascinating in this context. Owned media passing through the covert operation (knowingly or not) contributes to the manipulation."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Friday, October 12, 2012

Team Optimum

"The full-court press is highly dependent on the teamwork of the defense. That aspect of the game is not a detail. It is only when teamwork falls out of favor for some 'marketing' purpose that it does not DOMINATE 'team sports.' If the TEAM includes nearly all of us, there is no better outcome than can be had by WORKING together."

"And if the same folks make up the competing team?"

"They do, of course. Can you say, 'Citizen's United'?

Offense and DEFENSE are both critical to the best games.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Authentic List Type

"Associating the word 'authentic' with certain high-profile individuals is easy for most:

"Tensin Gyatso
Betty White
Barack Obama
Warren Buffett
Steve Jobs (RIP, Steve)
Michelle Obama
Bernie Sanders
et al.

"Your list may look a different than mine but I suspect you get my drift. And, of course, many names on my list would not be on yours because you are not acquainted with those persons.

"Facebook calls them friends. Google+ calls the lists circles. And so forth.

So why suggest embellishing these giants of the network industry's concept? We have discussed this elsewhere before and intend to extend the process of discovery and synthesis on the subject into the future.

"It is apparent to a critical mass of thinkers, most of the concepts just presented are no idle speculation. Yet, as we are finding, many critical conceptual elements are as yet unnamed. The need did not arise until the advent of global interactive connectivity that engaged a collective conscious awareness."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Spin Off Identities

A personhood co-op ...
"Think 'Personhood Association'. A notable few have attempted to add it on to an online entereprise. I would like to suggest something a bit different.

"Separate the interests of friendly identity management from the other business interests. The reason is this: the aspirations of individuals as a group are in natural conflict with an organization formed for another purpose, by definition.

"To elaborate:

"Client/Owners protecting each other's unique and singular authenticity as seen by the network and its external clients is best accomplished in a stand alone entity. Its structure ideally would support each member equally and not be influenced by external but incompatible goals. Management is accountable to the member group and only them."

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider its appearance here as a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been discussed herein, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seed: 100.

"The network's soul function is to serve the interest of its members, the Client/Owners.

"From the Client/Owner perspective, "Who does what." 'Who' is the Client/Owner person. 'What' is the action's object such as seeing a personal message (read) or paying for an item (write). 'Does' is an access method for the specified object. (pay, authorize, view, hear, configure etc.)"

The white board filled quickly as the concepts were fundamental to most networks. But rather than authentic personal identity being in service to a network's function, it WAS this network's function. Furthermore, it permeated virtually every conceivable company function - corporate, product, management etc.

Is it that a language was not fully developed for such a conversation? Perhaps if there was one, neither of them was familiar with it? Questions for another time, he guessed. Lunch could have gone on and on but so much could be lost if he did not get it on his memory machine before all the good stuff leaked out on the floor (so-to-speak). Athena will help.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider its appearance here as a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been discussed herein, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Not True

"One way to think of futility is the attempt to describe a finite object by what it is not."

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"Yes, same idea."

The alchemy of deception is a highly refined art. Observing a game where lying plays a major role can be hard for an outsider to follow. Such obscuration. part of the recipe, one suspects.

If not handled with extreme care, major unintended consequences will likely follow.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pipe Dream?

"... in effect, virtually perfect trusted universal personal identification.

"If you think this is about a biometric you still are not seeing the elephant sitting on the coffe table.

"Ok, I get it. That would be great ... IF it could be done. Anti-gravity for transportation would be cool too. I am not holding my breath."

One's utter frustration with the other, palpable. Systems that are far more complex had been in place for the same purpose and functioning in a manner of speaking on a global scale for essentially the identical purpose. Yet, a bright person across the table refused to consider the opportunity because he shares a broadly-held misperception, 'it cannot be done technically.'

This, of course, is why the massive online game was suggested a while back. Demonstrate feasibility before any major risk is taken. Further, vested interests in the status quo will find it difficult to mount an early counter-offensive.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Friday, October 5, 2012

Right vs. Wrong

adept at slander
"... for example personal credit scores not influenced by not-relevant externalities. Just another of our proposed network's benefits. Authentic identity population writ large."

"Yes I'll have to admit, that would be a dramatic improvement over the system in place."

"The list is probably quite long by now. Interactive communication constraints have been lifted by the proliferation of connection technology. The empowering aspect that is just now emerging is the subject of our working group."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Or This Instead

- Largest Valuation Co. In the World.
- Most trusted source of info. on the planet.
- One Billion Monthly Users.

Facebook friends googling with their Apple devices. Each informing the growing authentic persona community in the process. Mass deception is on the decline.

It doesn't look like a fiscal cliff.
"Perhaps rather than 'the way it is' instead something more like, 'the way it will be'.

"Seems a reliable bet already."

"Let the mash-up begin?"

"I think so."

Buggy whip sales counters are all but useless now. Are traditional employment numbers trending in the same direction? How about generic job descriptions?

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Way It Is

"He would like you to regard him as a professional practicing law and he says, 'Its wrong but that is the way it is, the big guys rule because they got the bucks. Call me cynical but my advice to you is get over it and pray for the best.'"

As if to say, "I have a high paying job because I been told who to step on and when. I do what I 'need to do', no questions asked."

 The market is experiencing a bit of nausea of late. Any thought as to why?

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Why Now?

"Mobile is friendly from an identity perspective. You don't carry your desk in your pocket. A digital companion makes more sense.

"Furthermore, it is a relatively recent development that a person's face can easily be recognized on a device display (like a cell phone) by a person and the phone can reliably recognize its user's face, among other things."

"No question, the platform does matter. Does it move like a person or stay still like a plant? Is it lifelike? Compact with intelligent senses and effective output to interact with persons in its environment?

Its a good bet Sheryl and Zuck know. The question is, do the right folks know that they know, like Eric? Stay tuned.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Call It Debate

What do you mean, you were busy? It was clearly outlined on page 17 of the fine print."

"No more accidental implicit endorsements of your destructive behaviors."

"I don't know what you are talking about."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yes, Its Me!

"The best generic platform for biometric authentic identification yet. And it has major competition!"

"'Really secure' is important, no doubt. However, it is the convenience that will define the 'killer app'. This means, of course, without sacrificing the nearly perfect authenticity of the ID exchange."

Mass adoption of a friendly and virtually absolute method of ID will obsolete deception as a business practice in many venues.

"She wagged her tail, licked my hand, stood on her hind legs looking out the window and barked at the neighborhood kids playing in the cul-de-sac. She wanted to play."

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider its appearance here as a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been discussed herein, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You Would Hardly Notice

… father's hell
will slowly go by
and feed them on your dreams
the one they picks
the one you'll know by.

A timeless story voices share.
"Just how long has the little white theft been going on?"

"A lot more than a year."


The new evidence lay just below the dazzling surface. Eye candy as camouflage. Clever. But tragic? The story arc is yet to complete, the meaning of which is more consequential to the young.

© 2012 Buzz Hill