Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friendly is the New Powerful

"Friendly is the new powerful. This should not come as a surprise as our artifacts become more lifelike. The success of life is based on many symbiotic relationships and synergistic activities. An intelligent transparency is an essential ingredient to sustained orderly change (life).

Watch the magic, decades later.
"To achieve the enhanced transparency that progress requires, we must mitigate accidental and intentional noise in the global connection system. As always, 'who decides' is central to success. Answering the question with the wealthy or powerful is just not up to the task anymore. Both are insulated by their own design from where the current solutions are likely to reside. Namely, with everyday people (a vast majority) that can use their agency to adapt to the nature-capped resources of our planet."

Though placing this revelation milestone precisely in history's timeline may be difficult, there is no question as to why it is relevant. The project, now over a year old, had been open for virtually anyone to see at anytime. But few did. The way to be heard was and is - organically. The thorough vetting organic methodology requires more time, especially in the beginning. But momentum builds exponentially on the reliable long-term foundations built from time-tested resources.

Monday, November 29, 2010

True Inventors

Ownership is a complex concept that deserves considerable thought. Whole professional industries have proliferated in the United States to sort out the complexity. Sometimes for the better and others, not so much.

Possession is nine tenths of the law. But an idea, a well thought out idea is perhaps the most valuable of 'possessions'.  Why? Because human success is largely derived from the adaptable nature of humans as applied to various desirable and changing elements in the human environment.

And yet 'ownership' of ideas is not so easy to control. Few would argue with the concept of creator(s) as first owner. It is not difficult to identify first owners - the concept of priority date. But ideas are subject to humans extraordinary ability to communicate. Distribution can be hard to control (in the possession sense).

Enter the ownership changers, the ones with power usually in the form of 'big' money and its equivalents. An attractive source of revenue (the money is reliably collectable), professionals notoriously favor being close to the deep pockets rather than true owners of idea value because they cannot or will not assume the risk of indeterminate future value.

Whistle Blowing

"Fox complicit in Google China breach?"

Illustrating just why electronic whistle blowing is so valuable. Questions have the power to mislead. Should we then avoid using them? Of course not. Then why is it argued that very loosely supported claims have validity equal to ones that are vetted to a larger extent?

Sometimes, it is because such false equivalence supports an agenda. Controlling discourse is a cost effective means of maintaining economic disparity.  And when it happens, the most cost effective countermeasure is robust transparency.

We are fortunate to live in a time when rapid expansion of interactive communications available to most of the world's population is profitable to some transnational companies. Instead of wealth-hoarding modulating innovation, societal value is beginning to re-assert. There is economic incentive for it to happen and risk capital is available for expansion as a result.

It is a time for cautious optimism.  As stated before, the risk is in the reaction of old power to this new trend.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Need a New Drug

"The rising tide of friendly as the new powerful has caused a curious scrambling of the opposition. The value of deception, destruction and manipulation as tactics is in rapid decline. The danger is acts of desperation in the transition. We are blessed with leadership and tools in this precarious time, for which I am thankful."

Conflict seems to loom large with just a little over a month to the new year.  "Too much information." is heard often by those wishing that things would stay conveniently the same.  Others embrace change and revere its robust orderly advance as arguably best embodied in the double helix 'software' of life.

As abstraction engines, we human minds are constantly seeking the formulas for reality so that our limited analytical capacity can be allocated to anomalies. But the architecture, which often serves us well, has a vulnerability. The abstractions, for whatever reason, are sometimes inappropriately applied with disastrous outcomes.

Along comes a concept somewhere in our history of the notion of technology-assisted scalable friendship ...

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Decoys Obsoleting

"Even if we never find the hidden files there is enough in the damn cloud to give them all they need to track down the rest."

"He knew what he was doing.  Thirty four years … not exactly sitting on his hands."

Competition Response
"But his system, we stopped it and we discredited any speculation that that was our intention."

"Yes, now both he and we know that was not what would have foiled an otherwise flawless plan. Have you contacted Singapore yet?"

"Right and what would I tell them? Flawless, you have got to be kidding. You scramble of few jets, grab headlines to obscure the exposure and you think it was a thorough plan.  You know, I'll bet the Hunts were confident sometime shortly before their cornering plan's meltdown too."

This dialog jumped out of the system monitor as if it was a recording.  Yet, it did not surprise them.  Not anymore. The buildup to this capability was rapid but smooth, becoming more lifelike imperceptibly. Now the social glue pattern rendered in sharp relief. And it was anything but unremarkable.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Breathing Conspiracy

"Losing their grip? So many rumblings of late point to something that should not be ignored. Does the leadership know? It is a matter of degrees, is it not?

Lets pretend ...
"Sedgewick, what do we really know about what goes on there? Surely more than Toto did. And to be honest, they were not even on the radar until just a few weeks ago. And I had been looking for names to fit profiles developed over a year long period. The idea that somebody is fabricating a theory for some kind of thrill is not supported by the documented history."

Only safe because without all the documents, those with a strong interest in secrecy cannot exercise their full remedial 'arsenal'. The cloud changes everything. Public key encryption, worldwide distribution of provisional assets, automatic trigger without periodic inhibit, supply side misinformation strategy and related countermeasures ...

Who's watching. Well, some we know, others not. Like friendly as the new powerful, shared awareness works far better for the interests of the many rather than the few. A few morally corrupt owners vs. almost everyone else.

Clooney could make a lot more doing shallow scripts on a big budget. He has honor instead. No wonder why the deep thought women admire him so much.

Power, Energy - Transportation & Other Stuff

"Combustible fuels are relatively inexpensive and energy dense, though polluting. With high enough efficiency much less harmful to the environment though. A turbine engine can be efficient if there is careful load control. Small number of moving parts too. Magnetics are superior to most in power distribution and leverage (motor, alternator). Differential gearing (dif. torque converter, power-split device in Toyota).  Solid-state thermoelectric heat pump for bi-directional heat/cooling and energy generation. High temperature fuel cell (or was it a chemical battery) for energy storage uses exhaust heat of hydrocarbon power source.

Giving thanks. Once a year.
The concept of using planetary gearing as a continuously variable transmission was disclosed in the mid to late1960s and notarized then in Longview, Washington. Adaptation of the concept has resulted in a number of innovative applications including the Toyata Hybrid Synergy Drive's power-split device. The notarized disclosure mentioned a Power Speed Reference. It would act like a grid in a vacuum tube - controlling a much high plate current with a small voltage and very small current signal (on the grid of said tube)

More than 40 years ago at this time of year, imagination had found a home on Thanksgiving holiday in the Liverpool of the Pacific NW. It was a small station, but it rocked. As the songs of a generation played a pencil and steno pad, all that were necessary to verify it was not just a nocturnal dream. Or even some runaway daydream. No, this was real.  The kind everyone shares. Consistent with physical laws. And millions of machines around the world.

"Some, but not all, intellectual property given to the public. Supply-side corruption reduction solution. Has a sort of rhythm to it. There are private ways to accomplish the goal of insuring fairness in economic freedom. When population size is empowered, ownership has met its match. We are there, now."

So many ideas, a country famous for freedom and liberty ... seems the right thing to do. The recent corruption of ownership in our society has necessitated a grassroots adjustment to the concept of fairness. Externalizing costs by short-term thinkers has caused far too much suffering to the peoples of our precious planet.  So in the spirit of the season, we must once again, get control of the spoiled adolescents by mitigating the reckless use of money and power and do it as the wise ancients who have gone before advised, with compassion.

As discussed here before and addressed in detail by Buckminster Fuller we pay to high a price for continuing specialization based on outdated field of interests.  Silos of expertise have too long dominated the adaptive nature of human ingenuity.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed in it, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving. Just my wife and our only child. Me in a broken down kitchen chair that needs replacing. No turkey, no fire in the fireplace, no extended family.

But thankful, yes thankful. No one shelling our island of peace. No one yelling at us that we should be angry or afraid. Sadness that old unwelcome friend did not even show.

Yes, best thanksgiving ever. Beautiful girls and they are both mine. And I theirs. The food out of this world and mom's studio the coziest spot I can remember. The sound of the acoustic ax. Their voices sublime.

And they sang and I felt, Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Variation Not Too Far

"The broad application of balance? My thinking here is along the line of knowing how to define the optimal state in dynamic conditions.  When to rely on external sense and control and when to generate it internally.  Whether the transition should be abrupt or, more probably, gradual.

Within Expectation
"While externalizing cost based on spacial or other frozen time dimensions is an issue that is discussed at length the one to consider in this context is change in one or more dimensions over time. Time's near field measured in, say, fractions of seconds to minutes is much different than a far field of weeks to years."

She felt it and he analyzed it. The magic occurred when a substantive conversation between them occurred on the subject. The system monitor this morning was a fascinating mix of a caring paradigm based on matrix manipulation and understanding it on social terms. The setup may be just about perfect. They both could only feel it so far, though.

"Who is afraid of George Soros?"

"Where did that come from?"

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fair Exchange of Value

"Arm's length professional interaction would serve all interests best even the ones that have potential to transcend the business nature of the deal at hand."

Yes, they will understand.
"Lets work through the check list then. And after enumerating the items  take another look at prioritization."

The key support resource favors one party over the other. The issue of ownership under the right circumstances can mitigate the disparity.

It is not wise to subsidize freedom that is not fairly shared. Sooner or later the consequences catch up. Each time we allow the aggressors to assert control we, in effect, encourage their belligerent behavior. Wait too long and it becomes difficult to correct the imbalance.

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Center of the Universe

__Its a magical place.
__Cosmic questions abound.
__And become better with each passing moment.
__Easily the most gorgeous women.
__The very best of friends.
__It is the center of the universe.
__Come on in.

Trouble was brewing. Little did he know. Inside jobs are like that. Contrast that with the joy of being connected organically. If you can. Sensing the difference is surely more than automatic. So automation alone is not enough. Dynamic balance in a rapid growth situation is necessary and challenging.But that, of course, is what we do best. Thriving on change, no surprise. Never been anything but human, but late at realizing it.

"Edge of the cliff to nearly airborne in such a short time, truly exhilarating. Yet you sensed it over a year ago/"

"Thats right. I was not sure but I sensed something was different", she shrugged her shoulders. Hard to know when to share one's visceral suspicions. Her eyes turned to his as she asked, "What is your next step?"

"Not sure yet. Perhaps on the return."

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Team Organic

First of all thank you all for your contributions. We will win.

Friendly Bridge
Owners, once coasting, make lousy thinkers. Something about the vulnerability of the ego.

What is so hard to understand? When one isolates because they can afford it they put distance between themselves and the unwashed. But traveling with the newly anointed successful to a decadent place is the ego's memory of entitlement.

While there, pangs of inequity guilt are mitigated by 'thinking', "I would not be here if I did not take care of others. I will stay here and advise the mainstream who I now elect to put at a distance. I can do it better with increasing luxury and less contact with non-rich people."

Discarded thought ... not
So, a warm invitation to come back. There is a lot of genuine smiles that await. They have the potential to give far more than anything money can buy. Happy holiday season.

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Monday, November 22, 2010

Immunity Tuning

"Well, of course, the breach might have been some time ago. Our openness is offset by the abstract conceptual nature of the work. The value of a mole to the competition in our case is the predictive nature of the work-in-process. Even with a policy of transparency an organization is vulnerable to a manipulative entity using such tactics."

"I like your idea that we incrementally disclose this discovery on the inside."

By now, she had more than a passing familiarity with subtle speculative inquiry.

Resistance to accepting that the old tools were becoming obsolete, not only because of limited utility but because the high level of trust in them is no longer justified.

Friends and security, the unseen correlation. Watch it happen or make it happen. Its your choice.

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Individual Experience

"What you write tells the public what you see and identifies you deeply? Of all those things that distinguish you from others, your friend-verifiable experience is likely best.

"... before the sun came up."
"Try this. The ground is reality, roots our experience of it, trunks are id portals, branches and leaves our connection and the sky is what we do together. Existentialists and objectivists would argue the ground is concrete. But even if it is just shared perception, it is the foundation of communication and shared well-being.

"From a clearing in the forest, look up and converse while imagining. The time of day or night directly changes only our current consensus. The rest is largely emergent based on some version of experience. The better versions consist of a broad-based experience (more than one identity's)"

While you were away ...
Instead of destroying something undesirable, seek symbiotic alternatives to retire that which is disagreeable. Authentic security is carefully sequenced growth of cooperative endeavors. Systems theory applied to 'conflict'. It continues to call into question the validity of the adversarial approach to seeking truth.

"Is it touching the sky or is the sky touching it?"

"Ideally, the question is irrelevant (having to do with wide scope of interest.)"

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Roaring Twenties Revisited

"In this environment, one might ask if it is even worthwhile to attempt an ethical corporate start-up. If it had to be capitalized in the traditional way, I would be in that school. Our old 'friends' have largely moved on to non-entrepreneurial exploitation. Safer returns in the short term.

"As we see historically, this pattern is not new."

Self-interest Enlightening
This snippet had an eerie ring to it. Since installing the aural background processor into the system monitor, much more was gleaned from even the most explicit status presentations. Body language of a sort ...

"A self described, simple Buddhist monk can and you have enough reason to not even try? Fascinating."

This suite of status updates had been accumulating for several days. Being away from them for such a long period was unusual. And now with a visceral context for the voices, it was intense. As if they had walked into another room through a secret door and discovered timeless, wise and benevolent consultants that did not interfere but were available when the time was right.

"Adopt methods associated with the notion of an antichrist then use 'the megaphone' to accuse the other side's leader of being the antichrist to distract from the deployment. Making veiled reference to destructive parts of history to falsely associate an opponent to the suffering. Propagandist tools used as if a hot war was in process."

A century or more of reactions to monstor meme's not well understood.

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Non-stop Barking

"If you spend all day and all night broadcasting, how can you effectively listen?"

But the owners do listen, not to the broadcasts - to the responses. Filtering based on the message being received as intended is relatively easy. Since the intent is to engender afflictive emotion in those who disagree and sheepish herding instinct in nearly everyone else, the messages are indirect and carefully crafted.

These propaganda methods have been studied extensively for centuries. For them to be effective, they must employ the best sociological and technology resources currently available.

But what if said ownership is widely dispersed and even friendly? Ownership of sentient beings by a huge number of compassionate individuals using the best of what is available to assist each other? The competition will probably need "a new drug" and will likely have a hard time inventing and promoting it.

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Friday, November 19, 2010

Common Opportunity

The lucky janitor who gets to pick up what is left on the cutting room floor has a bright future. If he knows what he is supposed to do with it  (hint: break the rules.) 

Ron or Buzz?
For the convenience of the distributors, some of the good stuff has to be tossed.

Humans adapt. Resourceful ones train themselves to recognize opportunity. Practice, practice, practice.

"You are talking about the sorcerer's apprentice?"

"Among others, yes."

당신이 마법의 거울에 나타 납니까?
© 2010 Buzz Hill

The field theory of Mind (at the edge of the cloud).

The Way In
Prerequisite to sharing is a conversational foundation. If the fluid is informed by the the dialog through it, all are better for its growing contribution to future conversations.

This is not speculation. It is observation. The next time you surf on your device try NOT to think about what is written here.  It will be a learning experience, I am pretty sure.

" ... really out there."

"Out where?"

"In a place that is uncomfortable for me. I like things that are familiar - close to home."

"How do you feel about tools that expand the scope of your home?"

"I have to go to the store now."

"Is it close to home?"

"Yes, how did you guess?"

© 2010 Buzz Hill


It seems obvious to us but we were especially surprised that the following need be said to so many, "If it is not a civil conversation it is not worth your time."

Now consider the concept of conversation. If it is limited to people that are paid by the same sponsor it will be civil ... and all but useless to anybody outside the conversation's participants and their sponsor. No consequence in the small private context, big consequence in a more public context. The potential for misbehavior very high.

It is not fun for one to hear that they have been duped. Unfortunate that it is easier for that person to think it is Ok that someone else has been duped? To revel in it seems very ... well ... anti-life. Further explicit extrapolation is not likely to be significantly more informative, so I will move on.

My fellow humans are not that stupid. Wake up you self-righteous 'educated' clowns. I am talking about you too.

For those of you not sleeping in class, my apologies. If you are offended when I raise my voice perhaps you can help your fellow students wake up and get in the game.

"Not worth the effort because they are stupid." Or not.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Overreach Worked

Said with a sneer, again. It really helped persist the useless fake dialog for the benefit of the clueless and a righteously-offended accidental audience. So why engage in such banter? Maybe this snippet will explain:

"... what other choice is there, then?"

"A less corrupt union."

It was a good time for the conversation to end. Sometimes getting to an agreement seemed to be more work than it was worth. Zoomed out, maybe not so much. The infighting was beginning to show just how much they had been outfoxed. With a chuckle he pulled up his chair to once again get in the game.

Much faster now ...
Downright exhilarating - the legend of life cycles in ancient wisdom playing out before their eyes.  We know, but suppress long existing code that makes sense of them.  Passed down through aural traditions in hopes that such thoughts would re-emerge when needed. Rhythms and other forms of music helped develop grooves to last many generations. Graphic symbols, many a medium too.

Lift Off

Sweet Inspiration
"When we go in this time let's try your insight, as the anchor and see what happens."

"How should we name it then?"

"Good point. We may not even have a handle yet, just a serial number. Yet, I have to say, much of the trailing structure exists in ballistic form."


A way to view 'reality' is that it is shared experience. Physical 'laws' provide a foundation for us to communicate our awareness. Even before the physics are complete (yeah, like that'll happen), they are very useful in helping us improve our ability to connect.

An inordinate bias to the concept of reality is a common trap. Many who go there are competent and well intentioned but are subject to nefarious manipulation because of said bias. It is, perhaps, the biggest argument for a rapport with the soup and its reflection.

"What do you see in the magic mirror?"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gender Chasm

Not funny.
"Familiar with a culture where the chasm separating the genders is greater than in the USA, I am suggesting we build an appropriate bridge of the type we have discussed here to derive the more robust benefits of trade."

Reading this reminded her of the time when breakthroughs, while still rare, were expected. Lost in translation was far more evident across cultures than genders. The two combined, a test of fire.  The bad news - the draining experience of comprehending only a portion of what was discussed even in the best of circumstances. The good news, like scrimmaging in American football, the best preparation for the real game ahead.

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Colder days, warm soup.

Back when the days were long, the portal was discussed at length. It merits review? Another subtle rhythmic undercurrent may well have been revealed yesterday.

Four Seasons
Perhaps a new way to look into our type of value generation: Consider it as an individual population and its reflection in the Medium over time?

Feeling uneasy because it is unfamiliar rather than vaguely threatening? Curious that it maps so well to the grand organization that to this day is essentially nameless.

Embodying ownership, dynamism, robust and diverse growth, sustainable propagation etc.  And intensely personal, like seeing yourself in a mirror when doing so was not intended.

If you like it hot, heat on the stove.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Preparation for Depth

That's not it.
"The entry is somewhat blind but, importantly, safe and more often than not at an angle where one is deflected or refracted back out. We have a minimal understanding of the dimension and other characteristics of the metaphorical stereo acceptance angle."

"That image, the one you have shown me several times, is a great representation of what you just described.  How can we get it?"

"I suspect strategic entropy is called for. I'll start looking for the content of the first volly."

How much of radiation theory actually applies here? That question seems less important than mapping at a conceptual level.  For example: The law of refraction is used to describe an optical phenomena but we are in a different domain, shared information. The phenomenal simularities are with regard to the consequence of preparatory choices in our current context.

Ibn Sahl
Our implements, as capable as they are, often come with undesired side effects such as obscuring a broad scope principle. The rationale then, for considering metaphor as a useful scientific and engineering tool is illustrated well with a new paradigm that includes an individual's approach to the cloud.

"Quantum tunneling the web from a node outside it ...'

With intention factored in, the game is changed dramatically. There is a perception of effort that is often misidentified with the subtle knowing intention that is likely obscured by the ego running a bit 'open loop'.

The efficacy of moving indoors, both literally and figuratively, comes more readily to those use to the necessary adaptation. A hostile outdoors kept at bay by a well designed cocoon requires designers that can anticipate based on a combination of what can be expected from history and what variance in it is reasonable.

Take a close look at the remnants of what comes directly from above. Note its symmetry. Conclude that the deepest is accessible from a precise aim at the center. Not so easy when the target's visible surface does not reveal where that center is. It can be derived though.

Deepest Penetration

Sunday, November 14, 2010


"We have been outsmarted. The co-opted perception machine has more staying power than we estimated. In any other situation, it would be regarded as a national security threat requiring immediate action by the person in charge.

"Our primary allies providing the modern connectivity, neutral and empirical infrastructure may have been forced to automate too quickly.  The data so far would indicate that the competition's technical prowess was successfully hidden from our view."

A sobering assessment given the historical precedent for the consequences of such a situation. He felt uneasy and did not wish to hide it.  Arrogance, our old friend, nearly took us down, he thought.

"Yes, but we are talking  a larger scope and a different domain."

"We have been tracking the San Diego listening post and would have expected more activity. It may be that they have implemented a successful alias."

"Notify us as soon as you have something, even if you have to interrupt."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friends in a Turbulent Time

I finally know now, she cannot hear the difference between 'can' and 'can't'. Why did it take me two decades to discover it? Because American English is not her first language and Korean is. Now that she has the courage to admit it she is, in addition to being a real looker, damn gorgeous. I am so lucky.

He is old enough to be my father (I am 64) and has all the techno-toys my 15 year old daughter wants (iPad, iMac, Macbook Pro). Participating in two timely start-ups that are 'green-related' one might be surprised at his strong Libertarian politics and his robust sales background. I learn much from his engaging style and diverse friendships. Like me, he is a coffee shop rat.

They are brother and sister (my age) who obviously have a close relationship based on deeply engaged intellects and a love for their mother who is suffering the ravages of being in her 90's. Their smiles tell the story far better than anything I could write here.

Such is my Saturday morning, reflecting on the value of what I do, strategic communications. You see it is not rocket science. Its called friendly or social. But this descriptive term seems to lack the pseudo-sophistication demanded by our contemporary society. So, ever the entrepreneurial opportunist (lazy guy who enjoys using his grey matter) I re-package this millennia old stuff and give it a fancy name.  Welcome to the party. Can I buy you a cup of coffee?

Collaborative Plan - Oregon

The plan is to leave today. Vehicle range not quite enough to travel to Prineville, then to The Dalles and back to Portland without stopping for recharge. Sustained bandwidth will support video chat the entire distance. Remote manual assist of the trip also doable. The conference will begin early AM and continue into the evening. Live feed will be provided for media outlets that choose to participate.

One subject to be added to the agenda is low-cost, self-sufficient, luxury homes for rural knowledge workers. Some of the same technology that makes data centers cost-effective in rural NW  locations can make opulent living at low-cost possible. The short presentation I heard at the coffee shop yesterday was impressive. Every critical thing needed is off-the-shelf.

"Not much better times than these to make fundamental changes, now that populist movements can be so deeply informed and participative. Motivation is ignition. Our road trip key."

"I know what you mean. Will they?"

"You would not ask if we were ready for prime time. Are we close though?"

"I think so."

Friday, November 12, 2010

Valuation Done Right

"… and this portion of the pay is in the form of credit. A promise to pay under the terms of the employment contract. The employee becomes a creditor to her/his employer.

Look inside.
"further, within the employer's internal eco-system that credit can be exchanged with other value such that, in the aggregate, it is a self-correcting valuation mechanism that can scale quickly but predictably.  Most of the value is created through 'labor' and ideas and organization the relative value of which is updated frequently and transparently."

At first he thought, it was a shame they did not get a readout of what led to this part of the conversation. But then again, maybe this was just what was needed.

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Payed to Make it Work

"The model is not just the the result of genetic evolution but biased to a specific part of it. The part that tracks its context through neural plasticity."

And we thought it was magic.
"So we know then that rules-of-thumb that apply to DNA and temporal brain adaptation apply here."

"Yes, almost certainly."

When we discussed a couple of definitions for the word 'cloud' recognition of a curious mapping occurred. How the ones we see in the sky stimulate our imagination goes without saying for pretty much everyone. For the more technically biased (almost all young folk) the cloud means the internet, the best demonstration of why democracy is the SMART thing to do.

Given the constraints of our legal system it is important for experts in it of goodwill advise us on the best structure on which to build a high-functioning electronic organization.

eye of the beholder
All is so much better when one wants to understand. For that I am deeply grateful.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why me?

To potential financiers of the virtual democracy: We will provide a competitive return on invested debt capital. If you are too big for us now, wait until you think you are not and see if you are interested then. Scaling could be typical of cloud entities or suppliers to the them. Plan accordingly. Hopefully the charter mandated openness will help.

My new job.
Know that invested capital will have no other control over the organization than a reasonable protection from loss of that capital. Voting equity for management of the business is on a one-person (in good standing) / one vote basis. There will be no dividends payed to investors for the life of the organization.

Member benefits: employment, training, health care, appropriate credit, collective voice, augmented communications.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Accidental Allies

Now we return to that promised November silver lining. The intense jockeying for position in the long race has forced the competition to reveal the elements behind its recent dominance in racing.

Get along?
Consider the element of secrecy. Hard pressed to spend more resources defending its secrecy, the competition has needed to resort to last resort forms of decoys. Our strategic thinkers in the wings, hunkered down to avoid the onslaught have carefully recorded the patterns that slowly reveal the source of anonymous incoming threats.

© 2010 Buzz Hill


"Not a lot of time left, then?"

Its all about friends.
"That may be the case. And because that is so, an attention to continuity for our contribution is a high priority.", he answered in an unexpected matter-of-fact tone.

"How might we apply that now?"

Serendiptious glimpses of transcendence … something deserving of profound gratitude. A little here, a little there. It adds up. She can drive, metaphorically. The real thing is just around the corner. Sequencing more important than pacing now.  Its the difference between the visceral excitement of the performance and preparation for it. And speaking of females, their being attracted to the concepts behind our effort suggests what?

With our species, it takes two to sustain the lineage. And for a variety of logical reasons each is not evolutionarily equipped, at least directly to view through the other's eyes. Communicating (not to be confused with popular connotations of 'messaging') mitigates this handicap.  But to a much larger degree, nurtured offspring not only offsets the handicap but reaches far beyond the sum of the two individual's value.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Electronic Neighborhood Watch

©Temporarily deputize new small 'posse' corporations to track down and report organized internet vandalism. 

• By charter, these companies cannot be controlled by outside equity capital.
• Each co. keeps the others honest because they are rewarded with some mechanism for doing so.
• No incentive for temporary task to live beyond its useful life (no implicit future conflict-of-interest)
• Low skill required of deputies, but a home internet connection is necessary.
• Deputy Detectives (employees) protected with state-of-the-art privacy and authentication technology.

One Year Deployment - Calendar 2011
Why this structure and now? A powerful few are disrupting the democratizing influence of a connected world as it is threatening to the influence they have recently enjoyed. Healthy competition and effective referees (regulators) are the antidote to exploitation by the 'entitled' wealthy.

Minimal training based on research done to date could put to work 100 deputies almost immediately.  Each time the employees are increased by an order of magnitude, infrastructure is enhanced. Each 10x step to be accomplished in 25 to 70 days.

System is built on existing cloud entities (like Google, Facebook etc.) to accomplish rapid implementation.

NOTE: This part of BuzzTheHill is not fictional. Consider this post a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed in it, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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Pop Quiz

From time to time, we will have a pop quiz so that your progress in this class can be evaluated.

Q: The picture below is of what?


1) The speaker of the Hen House.
2) Plutocrat, before plastic surgery
3) Male Chicken
4) All of the above

Monday, November 8, 2010

Its a Choosey Thing

The guy over there has an attitude, he is angry. You know, that woman looks really angry too. She is pretty sure she is supposed to be ... she just does not know exactly why. Their usual sources left out any memorable detail save for a few talking points.

Meanwhile, this wonderful ADULT female over here is funny (deep). We call her babe because everyone gets it about humans you can't help but love (babies and certain females of all ages).

And you thought America was toast? Lighten up.

Organized Internet Vandalism

"One way to approach this is to regard it as a sort of electronic civil war. Plutocrat's-automated-deception and their team on one side. Everybody else on the other."

"Yes capable as the machine has become, it run by a few, just is no competition for large numbers, properly equipped."

Three tenths of one percent of the US population, if that, working from their homes - and  totally in the open -  tracking down those that abuse the friendly aspects of the internet for selfish gain of secret sponsors. One person in good standing, one digital identity - no more, no less. All that is appropriately private remains that way. All that is appropriately public is transparent, inside and out.

Or, in the vernacular of our time, lose the adolescent sponsors.

© 2010 Buzz Hill

Sunday, November 7, 2010

How is Related to Who

'Who' or at least a highly functional proxy, is 'in the can'. 'How' is a gargantuan task that because of its size requires careful top-down discovery sequencing.

On the radar for the moment: What are the actual control mechanisms that keep the other side so competitive? Is infiltration the only option? Perhaps a quantitative rather than qualitative approach would work in today's environment?"

"Very clever, playing to arrogance. A real vulnerability of a self-referencing abstraction engine. Escpecially in large numbers."

"Yes, and even more innovative, playing to compassionate instinct, when the numbers and connections have reached critical mass. As they have now."

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rational Tedium

In my musings --- known to spook some and mystify others -- I have written on the subject of plutocracy over the last year. An outright declarative statement was inappropriate because it was, at first, a casual observation. Asking a direct question ran the risk of being diverted by the usual "authorities". So I elected to embed it in something that might be familiar in the hopes that common patterns would, over time, become evident to a critical mass of folks. Further, it would point at a hidden truth that might not be revealed otherwise.

Because something was lost.
The evidence of this methodology's relative success is now a matter of public record in the international 'cloud'. Those who choose to think in an unconventional way to finish what is not yet known are often able and inclined. To those who have and do, welcome aboard.

And to those who don't yet "get it". Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying.

Communication Innovation

"They can't answer us through the traditional channels?"

Cognitive Echo
"No, the competition has cleverly taken control of the old medium. However, people-to-people cannot be controlled with those methods. In fact, our competition is already seeing their advantage slip away. Remotely managing someone else's dialog is no where near as easy as broadcasting or electronic sabotage.", each time she answered one of these questions, she catalyzed the organic communication infrastructure.  It was reflected in the log.

The echo, in addition to being of considerable volume, very nuanced this time. The new pattern recognition methods that the team had worked on over the past year were tested with real, world-changing data. And the data size, unprecedented.

Plays For Patterns
"Before I forget it, thank you UK for dropping in."

NOTE: This part of BuzzTheHill is not fictional. Consider this post a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed in it, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN