Saturday, October 29, 2016


After a discussion with Buzz, Alex says:

“One of the great Oregon entrepreneurs said it best, betting on a dream is a way to start a growing business.

Nickname starts with: "Bu" and is four letters long.

“Dreaming, more than what is dreamt, gets the mind’s predictive possibility mechanism activated. Kids do it naturally - even better when there is collaboration.

“If it is rewarded in childhood, it becomes stronger. Making new is easier. Better coarse correction is acquired. What would have been failure, teaches. This chain can continue.

“But it can be interrupted. When that happens, it is a remarkable lesson ... or not."


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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Guided Tour Thru Buzz's Mind

Positive recursion is preferable because the core idea is built to expand better for the here and now and the connected region surrounding it.

However negative recursion has useful functions too. For instance as a tool to cleanup something that is conceptually obsolete.

Mindful is key in this regard, because of it’s awesome power to effect change. Emotion is seldom useful to drive this power owing to its more primitive level in the mind hierarchy.

J: The patient understood this before his stroke?

A: That is correct. But it did that crystallize in his mind until after his recovery.

His ‘luck’ had been bad when he tried to predict what he would experience if he knew what might happen to him. It could happen but it was unlikely.

What he was afraid of was his overwrought predictions. Drama on overdrive - creativity gone wrong.

This hypervigilance led him astray and to be quite unhappy until some event  triggered him into discovering a new pattern that he could creatively exploit. This cycle happened over and over with considerable expense to his body, mind and spirit.

Then the epiphany happened, thanks to the August 2013 stroke. He did not have to do the bad part in order to achieve the good part … anymore.

For instance, we saw through the biases of his human visual system - his eyes and what is connected to them. What was perceived had his mind’s context at the time.  Complete with all pre-conceived “baggage”.  Sorry, it is what brains do.

His over-active imagination added to it. Often this led to a crisis preventing reasonable cognition.

J: But at times he created out-of-the-ordinary ideas that were useful.

A: Same ingredients, different mix. Imagination generating patterns. Sometimes even recursive in the positive sense.

[having a concept before it is formally named]

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