Friday, September 30, 2011


"So the 'dots' are buried in literally hundreds of pages?"

"Basically, yes. But there is some information available on the method of connecting them. We now know that one definition of 'prime' plays a key organizing roll.

Hidden Structure
"The 'big switch' discovery could not have occurred before a certain level of neo-cortex development. Perhaps a generative cognition mechanism could have developed quicker but would it have been sufficiently tuned to its context?

"I am guessing, not."

The better mentors know, it is not what you teach. It is what you make interesting to your learning audience.

Sleight of hand only works on those who don't know the trick.

Excellent entertainment can be watching the deceivers try to catch up when they are not in control of the frame. Think about it.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Class of Deceit

Think, Singapore.
"Well you know, corruption is not just a Jon Stewart joke don't you?"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

The question is a recursive joke. A joke about a joke.

The answer is a standard red flag statement employed by the deceiver type.

The pattern? Ask a question that is likely to involuntarily engage the analytical mind of the receiver. When the recipient has been trained to buy time, keeping a deception alive, canned statements (like, "don't know...") emerge. The manipulator is suddenly playing defense.

The questioner is now in the lead and it is for her/him to lose. Furthermore, she/he is also in control of the dialog's pace at this point.


One case of probable cause is sometimes all it takes to crack a shield of deception. Since, sophisticated denial suggests a big prosecutorial prize, it also indicates where to strategically direct limited resources. Small independent teams composed of the highly trusted can accomplish much. Several are best to protect the mission, if something in one should go wrong.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Not Too Late

"Sounds to me like something I would like to understand better."

"Security and much more based on 'trusted volume', for lack of a better term."

"You mean white lists?"

"Not really the same thing. Let me explain. White lists are an important subset. Dynamically modulated identity linkage adds value to the collection of whites lists."

Half a century ago, certain folks would go through elaborate protocols to verify authenticity of high value individuals 'far from home.' The intervening years have seen tremendous improvement in technology for this purpose.

Then, as now, certain parties had/have a vested interest in thwarting the pure functions surrounding and including personal ID.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Monday, September 26, 2011

One if by land, two if by sea.

"Did something you heard just make you tingle? It is not an accident.

"Listen carefully beyond the violent inflexible shouters and you will know that our time has arrived."

Pure perception's long run has likely come to an end. It is no longer sufficiently valid. A modern variation has appeared on the horizon: Exclusive club you would like to get invited to. Still not quite there. Nice try. Change has come ... or should we say 'is coming' ... again.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Identity Friendly

"We would like to explore the notion of benefits beyond security for the an exclusive class.

"When subordinated to exclusive interests, trusted personal identity is vulnerable to manipulative applications. If on the other hand, the primary use of networked personal identities benefit the person's so identified, the capacity exists for something far beyond a tool for exploitation and/or security for a few."

"Its about Us rather than Me, then?"

"It is both but the mission for Us results in a benefit for Me. Put another way, the mission for Us results in a benefit for You (Her, Him) and so on.

A 'We The People' petition is the first formal attempt to memorialize the concepts that have accumulated here over the last two years. To see if you would like to sign it, click the following link:

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Authentic ID

I will protect you.
"The vigorous international competition for ID authenticity has begun. We can be proud of our part in encouraging this positive development. That it is throughly documented suggests an opportunity to more widely apply the developed methodology."

"The verifiable history of an authentic individual and current behavior correlated with it - Authentic."

The global platform for this has already been deployed by several competing private companies. Yet to emerge is appropriate ownership and control. Historical precedents abound demonstrating efficacy. The missing piece has been accessible cost-effective support which is now in place.

Working together, the technology and the social synergy it can catalyze are at hand. It seems the greatest obstacle to manifestation is vested interests in the status quo.

"Not so nice (powerful, selfish, deceptive, coercive etc.) folks are reluctant to cede authority to those they now control. No surprise."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Friday, September 23, 2011


[Over the editing life of this post it is likely to become less cryptic. No guarantees, Prudence.]

"Enrolled in 'We The People'.  This effort will culminate in the official launch of our mission. The two thresholds for participation will be disclosed soon.

Solution = REAL People
"For the past two years the concepts behind the mission have been documented in this log.

"You will understand, if you have been frequenting the log, that timely submission of your ideas are critical to achieving the momentum required. A reminder, the link of such thoughts to your personal identity will be assured if you choose it to be so and appropriate privacy will be at your discretion."

Business is short hand for stepping on somebody. What a crock. You will run out of 'step-ees'.

"All the positive messages have been trivialized or discredited? Surely not all. Messaging is 'funny' that way. Think, 'if it bleeds, it leads'." and the current state of newspaper publishing. Someone tell Rupert ... Ok, someone else tell Rupert."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Twisted Language

Untwist It
"Even though it is generally confusing, there is a high level of investment in deliberately twisting language for nefarious purposes. Fortunately, functionality exists for eventually transcending the consequences of such behavior."

Empirically discovering how language is perceived rather than defined could lead to a dramatic decrease in deception for profit.

Profit is best subordinated to delivered customer value and tightly correlated with it.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gig with Bad Guys

Trust NOT
"Admittedly my sample is small. But it is significant. It appears that most jobs are for predatory organizations with a disdain for common decency and the law. To acquiesce to these types of employers will make the problems we have even worse over the medium to long hall.

"Allowing them to continue their ways is an endorsement of 'predatory entitlement'.

"Industries as predatory is not my point. A style of operating which is reliant on deception, losers and the like is. By design, the framework of the status quo makes it difficult to differentiate predatory from non-predatory. Nice, friendly and related adjectives are devalued to insignificance . And yet they are at the core of the non-predatory world."

Since when should 'skilled' be conflated with 'obedient'? Top-down, moral inflexibility and directed 'workers' are more like machines than humans. Being humane is the skill most in need. Those that won't control of the workforce are the one most afraid that humane will be the skill rewarded. Even thinking about this simple concept has been confused by intentional disruption.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Follow Through

Go to guy - one who is being ignored.
"The campaign to defeat Deception has begun. It is the critical path to governance in our country now. Thank you, Mr. President.

"Make no mistake, sustained follow through is mandatory. The winning set shot does not finish until the ball leaves the hand completely."

In this case, campaigning is governing. When those charged with governing by the people who hired them ignore their interests, it is time to find replacements. It is called an election, Prudence.

The round ball metaphor apropos because life in the USA is a team game as all successful human endeavor is.

Shout down deception if that is the only way to stop it. But try other things first. Attempting to engage a troll is a waste of energy and spirit. Same for an obedient minion. Find those who want to have a visible productive conversation and build a critical mass. Efficiencies are on the side of the authentic.

© 2011 Buzz

Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

"What happened today on less than 24 hours notice could be the clarion call to stop tolerating such a high level cynicism in seemingly complex systems as they relate to our project.

"I call to your attention two stories that serve to illustrate the disparity between popular perception and the underlying reality.

"First is the extra effort required to break through a mind-numbing routine.

"Go to the organization that, by all measures, is the very best at delivering sustainable value to a very large global base. Be compassionate but firm if the shared message is worthy.

"Then follow up."

"The second is the wake up call to both the 'critisizer' and the 'critisizee'."

'Do the math.' Simple three word response to an overused two word phrase, 'class warfare' that speaks to current substance. When spoken in a unified way by a large enough constituency, non-lnear amplification occurs. And too, refutes related talking points pounded mindlessly by a subservient unidirectional media.

The answers are hiding in plain site. Knowing where and when to look takes practice and commitment. Help is available. One has to but ask.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Sunday, September 18, 2011


"Strong evidence that MacBook Pro running 10.6.8 has been breached. Seems to involve networking (both Safari and Chrome browsers affected.) and Time Machine. Console log showing a number of suspicious messages.

"May need to update this log from another machine temporarily so as to allow sufficient time for collecting more evidence and clues."


Counterfeit Walmart scam has been documented. Given the number of attempts of web based malware, it may be only coincidental.

Using either Safari or Chrome certain url's cease to function bringing up the default page. Using another Mac on the same wireless router (connected to FIOS) the same URLS do function. As I write this I am at the Washington Square Apple Store and have not, as yet, been able to duplicate what was happening at home frequently.

Console log has been uploaded to a secure location in the cloud. Not letting the suspect MacBook Pro out of my site just yet. Learned the missing system disks for it are in a gray box.  May be a bit of serendipity that I could not find them last night.

Use finder to discover recently created and/or modified files?

Back home. Running Lion in second partition.

"Nice try, Mr. Deception. Your guys were a bit sloppy this time around. If you want to stay in the game, much less dominate, time to clean house. That cell phone camera is getting the job done for your opposition. Wear a sack over your head?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Call it what?

"If classic messaging is insufficient and shared productive conversation is the antidote to organized deception, what else should be in the mix to get traction?"

"Traction of what? Naming this enterprise has been frustrating. Friendly is descriptive but has been successfully branded as trivial. Nice ... same thing. Good ... don't get me started."

"We have code-named the effort AltruCorp. Scaling friendliness has proven a challenge to a few of the best of the world's companies. Our research has shown how naming or at least creating a convenient handle to generic building blocks can act as a catalyst to the synthetic process."

Sometimes the best meme propagation is implicit by strategic design. It is the rationale on which we base this project.

"He was angry. Are you angry?"

"No. What was he angry about?"

"I am not sure. It has happened before. Some people seem to be disturbed that something purported to be authentic is indirect?"

"The ongoing malware attempt suggests a concerted effort to find private information and/or disrupt the mission. Is it time to get iBank involved?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gorilla Net

"The Deception Machine cannot cost-effectively 'buy' shared conversations, yet productive interaction benefits some very big online entities who recognize the growing trend to authenticity. We have seen that those co.'s have already stepped up to the plate with web-based tools that aid wide based discovery and collaboration.

protecting all children
"Further, media outlets that are stable enough to invest in their long term survival have recognized the temporary nature of advertising based fundamentally on deception.

"It is time we call out some of the players who are re-empowering the compassionate masses like Apple, Google and Facebook and to acknowledge media outlets who have not let big advertising buys influence their editorial policy (ABC News?)"

"I'm with sentient beings. How about you?"

"Something like that, yes. No question. Incrementally implementing a taxing deception and corruption policy would free up resources for general benefit if it were, in fact, doable."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Thursday, September 15, 2011


"Sometimes words alone are just not enough. We hoped they would be adequate to the task and then were humbled when futility succumbed to something better.

"So artists toil and create. When they succeed, we smile and know why."

There comes a certain chronological age where one has the opportunity to embrace a complete life. And if one subscribes to the Tibetan concept of continuous flow, the coming winter is just another season.

Thousands is an attractive order of magnitude now. For planning purposes, convenient. When I awaken I might remember pages and persons. We will see.

© 2011 Buzz Hill.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Research & Development

Who are you?
"Initial critical mass estimation will involve trying a target value and associated protocol.  I am suggesting that the population be 5,000 or greater because of the guarantee that we can get a world class evaluation of the attendant protocol in timely fashion.

"This would not preclude experiments at smaller numbers or the idea of creating one or more virtual markets in simulation."

One approach is to start establishing a who's who subset of authentic identity. Identity duration (in most cases) longer is better? One milestone is common to all and is arguably the most important leg of our journey.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Raison d'être

Value generated by organized authentic personal identities. Altrucorp thrives on authenticity and its value in the marketplace.

Visual Recognition ID
Sustainable, growth-on-demand revenues are derived by delivering real value to a customer population. The two types of customers in our case are Members and Non-Members (who value our Members as a group.) Members are always individuals, Non-Members, of course, need not be.

Membership and web site advertising will be the initial sources of income.

"There was a lot more on the screen this morning than that."

"Of course, the presentation speed stimulates visceral detection while shutting down analytic judgement in real-time. If our guts can be trusted the detail will unfold like oragami and the procedure can be recorded.

"With the recording, generic applicability of modules can improve asynchronously."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Way

"Meant to be heard, not hear. One simple message fits all. Simple enough to be universal but not so simple that it does not influence. Brain stem stuff, so-to-speak.

"In the other corner, something less explicit. More emergent than intentional. Brain stem too, but indirectly so. Appropriate ownership a necessary component."

Are you ready for a rumble in the jungle? They styles could hardly be more different. Obedient vs. Adaptive. Rigid vs. Fluid. Brute strength vs. Agility.

Each side needs to understand the other to make the contest competitive which in turn satisfies the audience (at least over time.) Calibration of the opponent is critical to outcome for each contestant.

Game as metaphor. Useful to understand abstract primitives. Handles are a given, names not so much - at least at the beginning.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Monday, September 12, 2011


"It is certainly descriptive on some level. In any case, I suspect we can use it during the planning phase if not beyond.

"Lets pick up on the capital structure again.  As I recall the US capital gains rate is capped at 15%. Further if shares in this privately traded company can be restricted to transactions between members, the increasing value (as the membership and asset value increase) means what?"

Recall that the quantity 'common' stock has no effect on voting power. One owner, regardless of the number of shares held, has the same voting power of any other owner. Nothing more, nothing less.

Variations on this theme have been proven to be sustainably profitable on a rapidly expanding scale by certain individuals (Jobs, Zuckerberg, Schmidt, Page et. al). Working for their organizations and the ones they spawn are the sustainable jobs of the future. To argue otherwise is simply no longer credible.

© 2011 Buzz Hill.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


"Authentic spin?  It seems a contradiction in terms but I think I know what you mean. Rather than classifying all spin as deception, regard it as a range of values that includes authenticity and near authentic data points.

"Begs the question, how exactly do we define authentic for this purpose?"

"Nominal authenticity best exemplified by a consensus mechanism?"

Most in the room would claim some variation on 'are we chasing our tail?' Yet something related had to be at the very heart of what they were trying to accomplish. Identity is not just arbitrary. Who defines what authentic identity means in any context?

"Are we not talking about trust, mutual trust?

"Dynamic tessellation - the size of each tile changes slowly while the actual shape is only constrained by its context. Given a mutually friendly context, a given tile can have a very large perimeter. One might think of some Origami properties."

Test concept with minimum total nodes to confirm applicability of the topology. Will more than two diminsions (plus time) be required?

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tide Begins to Recede?

Go west, young man.
"Can you say, 'land locked'?"

"Empty rhetoric is a sign that the competition is losing some confidence. Does anyone really think that advocating more environmental disaster by going west is that strong a card to play?"

"No one would advocate, even indirectly, to keep the Middle East in turmoil for financial gain, would they?"

Feeling almost numb to absurdity? Try a productive conversation visible to the web. Know that organized vandals will be attracted like flies. When they appear, start disclosing the classic profile of these disruptors to the others in the conversation and watch how the disruptors fade quickly. Some will actually engage. When they do, ask the right questions and they too will disappear.

Meanwhile it is important to spread the word that the politically-motivated interactive communications plague has met its anti-dote. Many potential allies are skeptics made so by the previous success of the sponsored sabotage.

Understand the term, authentic in this context. Then watch as the new dawn unfolds.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Friday, September 9, 2011

Anti-Deception as Market

Technology assisted version is not ready for prime time?

"The idea is to develop the market that opposes deception. Instead of detailing why there should be such a market, assume that there is and verify."

"But you have already done that to some degree."

"True, but growing it in a sustainable way will require better messaging. A tool that is used often for propagating deception can also work for the counter-market it creates. One could argue that in the primitive need category of security, messaging has been applied but to a very limited social degree. The means now exist to address its logical extension."

"Should we call it Market Symmetry then?" Of the bilateral type he thought. "We have a nearly perfect test case that is arguably, important to the entire world economy. To use the best resources available for this task (global interactive communications) is to manifest friendly on a scale heretofore technologically impossible."

Kicked upstairs, a 'retired' CEO tuned in to the new trend like few others that did not pioneer it. He used the word, "identity" to describe what others call social technology. We have yet to discover the nuanced structure of the ancient art of social. The misnomers describing experiments to mimic friendly in the networked world speak volumes. It is the "tip of the iceberg" that we as a society have touched upon.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Every Other

Not as fragile as it appears.
Arriving on time to this meeting every other week, a rare occurrence. Wandering expectations too high? From one point of view, yes. From yet another, no way.

The weave for the rest of day included certain ramifications of authority - just the right kick off."

"Administrative coping masquerading as intellectual bravado. What a crock. Its not my fault that your field is corrupt. Did you think by studying hard you would get to escape the hard work of being human?

"I am not inclined to hold your hand when you are rationalizing your fear-driven self-serving behavior. I want to as practicing compassion has served me well of late. But rubber-stamping defensive aggression is not making your life, my life or anyone else's better. So, no. Simply, no."

Instead I am inclined to share today's executive summary in a forum with a great track record, at least with me. From it, I have a reasonable expectation of a satisfying outcome. Eat your heart out.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Launch Code Received

"Just a few days ago we asked for confirmation.

"Some would hope the wait has been long enough to unleash the full fury of INFORMED public opinion. From a practical standpoint, do arbitrary superlatives cloud the subtle opportunity and challenge?" 

"The message was received today at 5:57 pm PDT at our west coast outpost. It is hereby acknowledged. How selective was the intended audience?"

Meanwhile, was the Rancho Mirage 'leak' timing planned? Since many related subjects are not as they appear, it seems reasonable to ask who might be behind such disclosures and whether or not they are cleverly misleading.

We have discussed the concept behind  What if one's budget is very large? What might be possible? Would it not be convenient for certain folk that most others either believe what they read in the manipulated medium or just quit accessing it (in effect, turning it off). Who owns the channel? How did they acquire such ownership?

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Monday, September 5, 2011

Illusion of Safety

"Each time I try on the cynicism hat. I start feeling nauseous. You might be asking yourself, why go there more than once?

"Stop asking."

"I will go down with this ship?"

Losing track of the quotation marks is common. You would be surprised at how such an oversight informs the pattern detection protocol. Expectation is an anathema to productive induction. The frequency of serendipity increases, as one would expect. Deeper grooves appear.

Many who are irritated with strategically coded disclosure do not want to explore that which seeks to understand bias. Been there, done that ... today. Remember when someone implored, "Stop it, you think too much."?

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Liberty to Deceive

"You know that there are a lot of folks who think the internet is not about authentic individuals. Or even that any part if necessarily should be."

"I need to go to the bathroom."
"Some with controlling influence think that about our country's government."

No wonder the cost of deception is so high in the wider scope. Conversely, why it is so low (and attractive to the selfish) in a self-serving narrower scope.

The 'New Social' dilutes the influence of irresponsible ownership - a moral hazard of the exchange convenience known as money. Does it matter that so many conflate money and ownership?

There is a better way to express such concepts? Surely there must be. Is it time to explore how to do just that. Learning to write better would likely help. And I must admit there is more than a little pull from paper folding.

"Maybe we have earned predatory leadership you and I. I have discovered I can turn away from the sucking sound.

"Take me if you can but my attention will stay on the light now. Some would argue, because we do, it shines. Bright enough and the tide will reverse. No matter what, no matter when."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who Are The People?

"How so?" 

This conversation had that precursor quality about it. One learns to understand the mechanism through a playful practice. The preamble pattern has been triggered. Soup has a sense of humor. Believe it.

She was a special case, no doubt. When the tunes wafted up the stairwell, it was the voice that carried. Sure 88 keys played a role. One is left to speculate on the effect other instruments might have. The feeling more than the words but still ... a very special voice.

Troubled for the apparent lack of a handle, he asked the soup, "What if that IS the subject?"

She smiled, 'it' seems easier for the other gender. 

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Friday, September 2, 2011

Advertising Conundrum

Your articles must be 'fair'.
"But advertising can be deceptive, even the institutional variety. Who decides what constitutes deception in such cases? Broadcast and press media are especially vulnerable to the editorial influence of advertisers. There are signs that even the large players in net-based interactive communications are susceptible."

Tracing the origins of today's campaigns to deceive has become more difficult. This is due to the sophistication of embedded opaque information networks. The transnational manipulation of nation-state jurisdictions renders the US and others at a tremendous disadvantage in protecting citizens from private exploits.

"Warfare does not resolve this kind of challenge. Why would anybody engage in war when so much more can be accomplished on behalf of the aggressive at much lower cost? Predators can achieve dominance without firing a shot now."

"Yet advertising can be so helpful in protecting the middle class and poor by providing access to communications at an affordable price. Can institutional advertising as we have known it still be viable?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moderated Reflection

"We are here because this is the vulnerability in our new and improved prediction engine?"

"As we know, resonance has a dark side. That is all I am saying. A reminder of how very wrong things can go.  As if to say: all is a cruel joke, get over it." 

"And the wine glass will shatter from utter inevitability?"

"Something like that, yes."

The days were noticeably shorter now. A dry time in a mostly wet place. Like other seasons, a longer wavelength change marker.

He locked the message vessel and secured the key. Nothing risked, no joy.

©2011 Buzz Hill