Friday, February 26, 2016

Control Room Fascination
Our time was George Martin's time. RIP.

“Buzz, you liked control rooms from an very early age.

“Most advanced technology after world war two still required human operators. The means to do this was often a place where a person could sit, using his hands to operated switches, levers, knobs etc.

“With the advent if affordable virtual reality headsets and the like, the control room is now elevated to a new level of capability. And in a size of several shoe boxes, if need be.

“Rapid, private and accurate operator identification on a transactional basis is possible like never before. We call this iD.”

"Buzz, If I understand you correctly, the iD Net will alpha test member’s access protocols based on a set of dynamic types of needs.

"Generally there is a spectrum of categories bounded by member's individual and global participation in the net.

"Further, each member authorizes data flow in either direction depending on the current circumstance."

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Monday, February 15, 2016

Google's YouTube Collaborates with Us.

Toga Party
“Buzz, YouTube suggested a 2014 video, Sir Roger Penrose speaking at the UW. He answered a question from the audience about his role in quantum consciousness.”

“The YouTube suggestions to you follow a continuing pattern. Prompted by your specific inquiries relating to your areas of interest on the net.”

“It is like we have a team of collaborators. You feed the network machine visions and it reciprocates. I am glad to be a part of it.“

“Meanwhile, you and Judy are documenting and building a screenplay as part of the project. Brad is using his organizational skills to show the story’s structure.”

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Notes On iD's Block Chain

Buzz, this is what you and I discussed late last night.

Person's iD grows exponentially over the time that person is enrolled. This is because the person’s actions are recorded in a secure distributed file on the cloud.

A block chain verifies the contents without revealing it. Each iD is handled in this manner.

By combining them in the general ledger, each iD is confirmed authentic over time. The record cannot be changed without breaking an element of the distributed chain. Invalid change, is therefore detected and discarded from the distributed ledger.


© 2016 Buzz Hill