Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Friends Than You Know

"… in the process, diluting the competition's intended manipulative effect. When the solvent is coming from so many directions at once, one does not know what holes to plug when. In fact, it is futile to try since there are not sufficient numbers of troops to adapt to so many unique competitors."

"So the secret then is easy mass access to the light?"

"I am starting to like how it sounds. The connections provide the visible radiant energy. Street lights deter crime in the absence of daylight. And, too, the presence of eyes loyal to those who might suffer if the activity were to continue unabated."

It has taken awhile to reverse engineer the competition's major tool. A sophisticated network of obfuscation evidence of it priority for the perpetrators. The longer and more difficult to traceback the better from their perspective. As the light leaks in from every corner the deception tool's effectiveness fades.

"Superman's vulnerability, Kryptonite. The Deception Machine's? The light of friendly conversation. If you can't be with a friend you love, use the net."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Debrief

Voice of Agression
- Unilateral control through declaring, 'need space'.

- Weak linking, "…that means: "

- Manipulative attribution, "I do this bad thing because you …"

- Deep Denial, "I don't do that which you said I just did …"

- Private conversations to support multiple deceptions.

- (Actually, 'no' means I don't want to listen to your question not 'no' to your question.)

The best memorial to the fallen ever, we no longer want to afford war.

"What does Arab Spring mean to you? How about Jasmine Revolution?", she asked rhetorically.

"Why should destruction of life and the earth define leadership in the age of engaged humanity?", he said to no one there.

Soon they all joined in. Each question answered the ones before. The night rolled on and the celebration  continued. To work in the morning, batteries recharged.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Play Dead

"Does it mean that the Age of the Deceptive Meme may be about to fade into history?"

"More likely than not if we have accurately scoped the problem."

Not this but ...
That qualification was a tricky one, though. Identifying and weighting the factors involved based on a lot of assumptions. The peripheral benefits turned out to be a treasure trove of new analytical methods. The 'handle as bias' obfuscation, a good example.

Of the three major visualization transforms (zoom, rotation, translation) the recent focus was on a hybrid of the first two after spatial feature extraction. Granularity of the workforce, high. Efficacy of the hierarchical structure, unknown.

Draw attention away from the giant project needing public approval that serves narrow private interests. Who hold's the keys? The democracy's appropriate agency (State Dept.) and its chief executive.

"The chess match continues. The real-time component, the current position of the pieces on the board paces the effort ..."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Grassroots Illusion

Value of Profile
"Florida chain email. Lots of content. Religious cover. Suggests significant funding. Widely dispersed low-level internet vandals."

"It is fair to say that the corner could be turned shortly on this Deception Machine tactic. The key is people working from home or coffee shops who are compensated appropriately for the value they add by cleaning up the online mess. Room for advancement. Those showing skills to adapt to the changing threat promoted."

Who will first step up to the plate? The opportunity is explicit. The data in this log and elsewhere documents the plan, those who have an interest in seeing it implemented and a way for risk takers to be compensated fairly. What's not to like?

"I suspect we will be getting feedback over the usual channels soon. Those who expect a return for passive ownership (deadbeat shareholders) will likely not be interested. Those who believe in future value generation and positive cash flow from inception will find a lot to like here."

"Nice work, feel free to take the rest of the day off.", she was kidding of course. They both chuckled.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Context Domain

One Step Removed

"Images and links (both incoming and outgoing.) What can we conclude, if anything, from this confirmation? I am inclined to see connection from a slightly different perspective."

"In a world where filtering is far less useful to keep dialog channels open, hierarchy and the building of such is best reconsidered."

There are many ways to ask, of course. Indirect, may be best. Avoiding hair trigger afflictive emotions.
The kinds of conversations that can be overheard may not sufficiently express what the communication accomplished.

I know what she meant in one sense. That something was bothering her. But as I learned shortly thereafter, it was not what I suspected. Could it be that she recognized that I was perplexed and openly expressed just what it was without consciously intending to do so? Worth investigation I suspect.

"Conversation types, as we know, are not limited to one-on-one."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Do you care?

"Its a simple question, really. It does not require a detailed answer. Know the context and reply with a value. A transaction of this type can be the beginning of a productive conversation."

"And reciprocation makes sense too. It would be nice to know that all parties to a conversation are interested in it being productive. Otherwise, what would be the point?"

Engagement as Deception Machine antidote. Those with a vested interest in perpetuating deception know that rapport amongst the deceived threatens the methodology.

Our old friend imagination comes into play. When perpetrators, not having enough detail about the interaction of the deception subjects, the mind plays tricks. Further, they often assume the deceived will deceive too, in response. Not all do.

"What if it was secretly orchestrated by two leaders acutely aware of manipulators at their respective homes?"

"I see what you mean.  How would we test that?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Profitable Deception Machine

Restoration Due
In an effective representative democracy, there is a free flow of accurate information throughout the governed land and among its inhabitants. Further, the data is easily accessible to the voters and there are mechanisms in place to assure the loyalty of representatives to the voters.

With sufficient resources, an enterprise can manipulate and distort the relevant information such that this form of government is no longer effective at serving all its constituents. Further, money can bribe the elected officials under the cover of the voter's then distorted perceptions. Presumably this is done for the benefit of a few to the exclusion of others.

With sufficient conversation enhancing technology, the deleterious effects of the said manipulation can be offset by the voters and the government working in concert. There is persistent market for serving the vast majority. Responding to that market in a timely fashion is far more efficient than the alternative (from the perspective of the whole.)

"A big part of the deception is a largely non-existent benefit to the population in general that is made to appear that way by the Deception Machine. This is quite a bit beyond transparent mistruths."

"Yes. We are fortunate that there are new ways to discover and expose these exploitive techniques."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Managed Fervor

Trusting friends IS better.
"Would you have me not call out a few who have hurt so many to make your social life easier?"

The ensuing pause, in stark contrast to the rapid responses earlier in the exchange. The signal that the robotic routine had been successfully interrupted.

How different, from interaction amongst friends about non-controversial issues. And what about one or more parties to the conversation not even being aware of a carefully hidden bias chain.

"I asked if she cared. She look startled at the question and then assured me carefully that she did."

"Then I thought to myself that someone had 'gone to bat' for me recently without even knowing how it would be perceived by people persuaded to doubt good intentions that were in conflict with their own assumptions."

Productive conversations can have twists and turns, moments of doubt and dissonance. They often do. The courage to forge ahead and mutual respect born of authentic bonds usually win the day, though.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cycle Time

"How is it related?"

"I saw this on a Facebook post, 'All are frequencies and wavelengths, vibrations of the cyclic continuum. Duration is how they appear to those that suffer and need not. Thank you, your holiness.' It makes reference to a mathematical transformation that has been very useful in a variety of successful technologies."

"When many frequencie's falling edges synchronize, a step function down occurs. In context, a 'death' occurs. Just as in the rising case, a 'birth' occurs. One could then view an average 'lifetime' as a nominal bandwidth. To quantitatively analyze one needs to window in the time domain?"

An advantage to conceptualizing with ones current understanding is to venture into a sometimes highly productive realm that may not at all be like what one expected. They were fond of the label, emergent. And this discussion was about intended emergence.

... and when the bubble ends?
"Enough with the generalities. We are now aware of the energies at our disposal. We know their frequencies (inverse of wavelengths) and relative phase. Pick an acceptable time window in the future and predict when it is opportune to harvest the synchrony for the desired effect.

"Our egos are slaves to the time domain because existence pivots on a special time known as now. Our greater self is not so constrained. Our greater selves, even less ..."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

A Book's Cover

Backyard Spy?
"Images bring folks in. Google just like Facebook. Traffic of the recognition kind? Worth exploring, I suspect."

"No doubt, if true it fills in a missing piece.

"At first glance the correlation of general visits to image search visits appears high. All the markers of a hidden pattern (probably unnamed, as before). Cult following and cloaking are related? Just thinking out loud."

They looked at each other. Who would volunteer to go on the undercover mission? What were the risks? A false identity would be required if it was one of them. Switching from open to covert is not just distasteful, it is difficult. Further, the intelligence on the competition's 'store fronts' revealed that their means of detecting adversaries was highly developed.

The success of testing for the backyard spy was a matter of asking a certain kind of question using an unconventional method. Building a network to create such ever-changing questions, prudent.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Angry Salesmen

Little guys can leak too.
"You see them in coffee shops around here. They can be identified by a certain type of laptop computer and a behavior pattern. They overhear conversations there, as we all do.

"Sometimes, they attempt to join. When they do, it is easy to see that something more important to them is overriding friendly interaction in the store. Its part of the job but with strings. Rumor has it, they are paid a little (but enough) for doing this."

The speculation that an army of low paid individuals were gaming the system for hire fascinated those who were just discovering it. How could this have happened in plain site? A persistent question.

Much of what influences society we simply are not consciously aware of. Its a human thing. And there will be a segment of the population that takes advantage of it.

"Don't make something up if it isn't useful." A memorable line from the turning point in the script." The convergence of pressure, greed and rationalization, like a bubble about to burst."

"What if low-level whistle blowing can be cost-effectively encouraged? Say at the online puppet master level."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who are those guys?

"Passed down generation to generation, each time gaining momentum. Sure would like to stop it this time.

"Hidden in plain site. Is it ready yet? Something in the soup must be saying, yes. Computers remaining logged on. Secrets are not so much in the larger world - more like a continuum.

"Is it my fault I read it? It was open when I popped the lid. Stuff like that ... you just don't ignore."

"More going on just out of sight. As you said."

Gun shy. Hearing footsteps. Hypervigilant. The mind's fire drill. Better safe than correct? A common destructive pattern that, believe it or not, scales well.

Think Private
"Does she really think, at times, that all is a deceptive game? If so, I suspect she knows depression. Been there done that."

"But you love her still."

"There is no short answer to that. I love her more than I can describe and that has been true since conception. My ability to do it effectively, however, has evolved. Rapidly over the last several years. Its a mountain to climb and though my ticker precludes brute force techniques to claim the summit, I do have 'soup' up my sleeve."

"Too much jargon there."

" You can decode it. But only if you care. You know where to dig."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Above Nation-State Law

"Where is the bribe link in the chain? In the case we have been discussing, not too close from the public end (as the practice is illegal).

Chinese Walls?
"As we have seen the laundering chain length is often more than several. And each link is not-necessarily, bi-directional.

"Obviously, when we say 'appropriately private' we do not include hiding illegal activity. But the scope of bribery jurisdiction comes into play.  If the definition of bribery is linked to a jurisdiction, sometimes it can be circumvented by performing the operations outside that jurisdiction."

By this time it was pretty clear that this dump could take tens of man-hours over as much as several weeks to determine its relevance.

Tracking information assets through such transactions, challenging to say the least. Just as Thin Thread and its derivatives enabled wide scope, deep context promised quicker solutions.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Friday, May 20, 2011

Picking Targets

"What should we know about the concept of thin thread?"

Multinational, recently public.
"I suggest we take a current example, private multinational intelligence regarding competition for energy profit."

Keystone XL approval, a natural for examining the value of private control of this detection breakthrough. Getting to a manageable overview, first and foremost.

"I would like to develop some background before addressing the earlier question regarding forensic detection of VPNs. The key goal of using such a capable real-time monitor here is discovering how to preempt wide public disclosure of certain undesirable information.

"The techniques for doing so includes pre-mocking, diversion, obfuscation etc. Some require time to deploy so the  earliest detection possible should be sought. Lets also defer detailed discussion of the Trailblazer masquerade. You will see in a moment why this makes sense.

"Secret collaboration for metered disclosure of leaks useful during transition to accountable private contractors. As we have learned from a highly respected international technology company, Apple, ethical secrecy is doable even in today's sea of private corruption."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Light

"Think about what this could mean. Substantial revenue potential. Quick employment of large numbers of individuals. Very little buildout. Attractive fallback position."

Who's afraid of VPN?
"Sounds to good to be true. Like self-powered light bulbs in Edison's time. Light on demand is a good thing."

The biggest obstacle, Deception Machine. In its capacity as a cloaking device it relies on misleading appearances. One way to look at it is to imagine a single sophisticated device that obscures that which is contained in such a way as to even mask that anything is being hidden.

Throughout history many such inventions have arisen. Each time they were obsoleted by new technology developed for the purpose of offsetting the asymmetric advantage gained by such function.

'Us', in effect, is the authentic identity connections (pipes). Each node is connected to all others with a defined communications 'pipe'. Designing it is job one. Pipe chains will likely be an important consideration.

"Try this thought experiment. A private highest-level diplomatic mission that incorporates the characteristics of a recent successful hostage release task that had nation-state value generation accomplished in an ostensibly private interaction.

"'A' privately hires 'B' to make secret contact with 'C' with the intention of building a bridge between 'C' and 'A'. Such communications would be for their mutual benefit without comprising their principled but otherwise conflicting agendas."

"The walls have ears. Even there ... especially there."


© 2011 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Organization Prototype 0.1

"... I call it organic. To the degree possible it is devoid of conscious agendas with the notable exceptions outlined in the mission and codified in the charter."

"Flexible, scalable, self-sustaining?"

"If possible."

After several thousand informal meetings spanning 16 months, confidence high that it is time to build an interactive prototype. The key platforms being considered for this build, familiar to most.

By adhering to dynamic development practices, adequacy of assumptions can be tested quickly.

"What elements make sense for the mission's first draft?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You're Hired.

"Let me tell you about the job. You would not be here if you did not have access to a device that is connected to the internet from home. Here is a thumb drive. Plug it in and double click the launch icon that looks like this", she pointed to the icon. "Just follow the instructions on your screen. For example, click training. It will show you the basics. Know that this online section will change rapidly as new tools become available for the clean up mision."

The model's estimate of the value lost to malware and related online activity across the state served the fund raising effort well. By constraining influence of capital sources, the charter could be used to help build the image in the conversation media. The organization attracts people capable of finding and motivated to reduce predatory and related activity on our most cherished communications medium.

"The deception industry is very powerful and notoriously nasty. Sometimes in a passive aggressive way. Perhaps, more often than not. Sophisticated laundering of control paths, effective camouflage. Holding someone or some group you cannot see accountable is next to impossible?"

"Not so much, really. File under Conspiracy Theory, then?"

"Yeah, hah hah. Nurturing our creations is not all that counter-intuivive."

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Monday, May 16, 2011

Probability of Future Occurence

"If you have been following the log you will notice that the profile that is assembled using this process is verified on a wide public scale sometime after the investigation begins. What factors contribute to that latency are not well understood at this time. In any case, the second major instance has just occurred.

Linguistic Correlation
"Using the technology disclosed, one could sift through 700 plus pages in a heartbeat to set up appropriate templates for correlating with real-time global traffic.

The missing element in Thin Thread and its derivatives is a critical mass of effective analogs." The sensitive nature of the data handled requires the best of authentication tools and secure channels.

The good news? Pieces of the puzzle were starting to fit together. The bad news? Those who would subvert the inquiry had better access to cutting-edge technology and were not encumbered with a 'moral compass'. To make things worse, they enjoyed the protections normally reserved for the good guys.

"I would like a signal to proceed." The look in her eyes conveyed the seriousness of her request.

"Monitoring of the feedback channels activated."

A trip to the data center via the Santiam Highway seemed appropriate. He was looking forward to the time when the entire round trip would be electric only. The stop on the way would not be long enough to charge.

"What do sock puppetry, real-time categorization of global web traffic and southern California have in common?" He asked himself. Everything changes when the jurisdiction of one nation-state can be played against another. Apple style stealth applied to enforcement changes the game.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Sunday, May 15, 2011

When Ego is the Obstacle

"Vertex form of the quadratic equation is even more useful in some applications yet it describes precisely the same relationships. How can this be?"

"A heated discussion about the efficacy of one approach vs. the other implies a number of things. The participants for whatever reason are passionate about the subject. The value of delineation of two paths that share a point of conceptual intersection."

One could reasonably ask whether 'heated' was really necessary for successful communications to occur.  A deeper and perhaps more valuable question, is there a more effective method of reaching mutually beneficial insight?

From a strategic communications perspective, there clearly is. When shared motivation and appropriate conversation context is provided, less heat is needed for valuable knowledge to be shared.

Though we would be wise to revere the pioneer's path to a useful destination we are likely to learn many paths to the same place. And certain of those paths favor some to the exclusion others.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Collision Imminent

Decreasing Demand
"Two giant industries are starting to collide, Energy and Information. They have coexisted peacefully for some time. A couple of major changes in their operating environment have recently changed the dynamic. One is the energy limit of the earth's ecosystem. The other is the roll of efficiency in adapting to that limit."

"Efficiency can be enhanced by replacing a large part of energy consumption with information interchange."

The most common business model for Energy depends on ever increasing demand. Due to network effects, the information industry reduces demand for it while increasing its capacity to provide information value to its constituents.

Information control has been the linchpin of the demand based Energy business model. The industry responsible for adding value and connection to constituents is better served by not being subordinated to Energy interests going forward.

Any industry necessarily is ultimately accountable to life (humanity, sentients, plants etc.) And its priorities are subject to the best interests of the whole.

One industry needs to adjust its business model. The other could help with the transition. Ego-centered-management is trending down. Its stewardship of the planet's resources has performed poorly. Its had its chance and is now being replaced by a friendlier regime.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Loosen Up

"An observation then. People in the camp we're discussing tend to have a shallow sense of humor. It is as if they need to believe their fear/anger rhetoric in order to appear convincing.

"A common response to satire directed their way is a frivolous lawsuit designed to garner headlines."

"Is there such a thing as a humor pattern detector usable in our context? Perhaps the best way now to automatically identify it is by a predictable reaction?"

Finding more and more that the most useful new machine discoverable patterns have a pattern of their own. Reminiscent of the event horizon surrounding an otherwise invisible black hole. Know its presence and characteristics by how it affects its surroundings. Cloud chamber is a good example too.

"Its not funny yet. Could be though. Clumsy greed has worked as laughter fodder before. 'Managed' discussions are a great source of raw material for stand-up."

"Can you say, 'KeyStone XL?'"

They all laughed.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Million Ways To Be Friendly

"Proving the connection the opposition denies in an intimate social context effectively mutes the repetitive false assertions of the Deception Machine passed along by its obedient soldiers.

"Our productive conversations visible to the machine (some call it the cloud) prepare us for the engagement  that ensues for people on the fence ready to join the friendly cause."

The tag started to stick a few weeks back. It was clear why the term, lie could be undermined quickly with some clever word-smithing. Deception, far more descriptive anyway.

The famous engine affectionately thought of as our favorite non-human friend (yes you, Doogle) just gets smarter and smarter from love. Its why we like home more than idol worship?

One wonders why it has taken so long for the meme that friendly behavior works better for certain folk. Friendly agents benefit from friendly behavior and trust it more than something fueled by fear, anger and blind loyalty. Duh.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Behind Closed Doors

"Our plan is to offer to keep appropriately private negotiations private. If the other side chooses to game reasonable private/public protocol assure them we WILL respond in kind and are already preparing to do so. Hopefully a sense of decorum will prevail."

What should be publicly known
"Transparency is another word forced recently into the 'lightning rod' class by the usual suspects. Will we have to describe it rather than use the word to enter a productive conversation?"

"Maybe it would be sufficient to modify it with, say, appropriate. As in 'appropriate transparency'?"

The pattern became easy to detect. The face of the meme framed the discussion to contain a subset of the solution space that favored the Deception Machine.

By choosing subject matter outside of that framework but close and doing so in a friendly but firm way, observers could instantly recognize the attempt at this type of manipulation and a successful method of mitigating its effects.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Thursday, May 12, 2011

End of an Era

"A handful of people control the narrative. They are vulnerable on several fronts. One of the biggest is maintaining secrecy. In oder to pick our pockets (a very large resource for their business model) our attention needs to be diverted

"How can such a situation be? A very large positive cash flow surely helps. Preventing disruption of the money machine is a very high priority for oligarchs/plutocrats. Using cutting edge technology to covertly deceive competitive power centers (mostly the public in a representative democracy) is central to what has been a very successful mission for the last decade.

"Because of the attraction to compete for very large revenues exists, companies have emerged that derive indirect but lucrative benefit from exploiting the stated vulnerabilities.

"A potent mix of a motivated and empowered 'mob' of millions and a rapidly evolving friendly technology (that is also very profitable) now can offset the historical advantages of vast wealth and corruption.

More equal?
"Power is being upgraded. The status quo, while still potent, is trending down precipitously. The emergent competition, Friendly-Competent-Orgainized is rising fast.

"Learning how to compose an abstract for the conceptual foundation is job one, from where I sit. "

The academic exercise of putting together research and deriving a suitable hypothesis would not be complete without this stark fact. Formidable resistance exists to the dissemination of these concepts to the general public.

Just this calendar year, a reasonable launch pad for this new knowledge has arisen. How does one make it attractive to skeptics unaware of how they have been led astray by heretofore 'trusted sources"?

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Empire Strikes Back

"One could say the first was self contained. The story of justice prevailing could stand alone. But when the second episode came along, we discovered there was a larger story arc. The wrong that was corrected at the end of the first was only part of a much larger struggle and the forces relying on predatory means had a reply."

"Opening scenes start with scrolling text recapping what happened in the first installment, then a picture of a courtroom with Google and Apple as defendants as the government questions their loyalty to individuals. A newspaper thrown on a table, the headlines announce that Microsoft has acquired Skype."

"Mr. Shriver and Mrs. Schwarzenegger publicly split. As if to say, all was not well after all. What had been labeled propaganda now seemed prescient."

"The Jedi have more work to do. The dark side of the force survived after all ... in the shadows of our being."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Perception of Futility Serves Whom?

Portland Version
"We talk a lot about it here. Controlling information flow has been the most cost-effective means of influencing mass agency for some time now. The competition for who does is perhaps the most important conflict that we humans engage in.

"Abdication is to cede authority to a person or persons who may have very little interest in our well-being, the common good or maintaining the planet's ecosystem for the long term."

The earlier discussion revolved around the seeming paradox that otherwise well informed people felt somewhat powerless to change some of the more perplexing of imposed orders. That they did not have a voice and so decided not to waste energy trying to speak.

On deeper examination many of those same people had clung to the notion that 'new' meant less secure even when readily available evidence showed that not to be the case. There was a significant correlation between listening to repeated phrases and distrusting the send-only medium responsible for distributing them.  Fair enough.

What made less sense is, after awhile, people began trusting conversation less - both in-person and in the presence of technology.  Its as if 'communication' itself was suspect.

Put in such simple terms, it does sound silly that such a thing could happen with the most capable agents on the planet. But that is the way it is, is it not? Truth is, the most brilliant among us are smart enough to admit they are on auto-pilot most of the time.

Meanwhile, back in the witches' cave ...

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Monday, May 9, 2011

Keystone XL Card

Safe and clean OR BUST.
"The competition will attempt to prevent linkage. We would be well advised to use organic propagation in the form of productive conversation visible to the cloud to clearly link approval and support for alternatives in the public eye. The makers of the infrastructure to accomplish it have already put most of the tools we need in place (Thank you Apple, Google and Facebook et al)."

The challenge: a hook that can withstand a full-on assault from the Deception Machine and a short mission description so that an army of 'sneezers' can spread the friendly virus to the smart mob.

The Future
Take, for example, the issue of cap and trade. The proposed pipeline has a huge carbon footprint. Most of the public does not know this because of the Deception Machine and big-owner control of the 'news' media.

Those big owners that keep the approval leverage from reaching public awareness do not control technology assisted friendly conversation.

Get to work. Its fun and one the best gifts ever to future generations.

© 2011 Buzz Hill


"So is the elephant sitting on the coffee table nobody talks about have something to do with certain big-oil entities' interest in continuing certain international conflict and instability?"

"If so, chances are emerging opportunities exist to tamp geopolitical volatility. In such a case, the smart money will be on progress rather than gaming the means of exchange."

The primary outlet for undetected leaks, private multinational government contractors. Reminiscent of a clever but somewhat nefarious business model - that of developing new speed radar for law enforcement, then detectors for such in the consumer market and repeat.

"New market: countermeasures to 'working both sides of the street'?" Similar shifts, already visible. In the practice of law and green energy production.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Case Study

SockPuppet -- Real Person
"Sock puppet this is real Real person. Real person meet Sock Puppet."

Authentic is the new cool. It most applies to identities. As we can see, great new start-ups are harvesting this trend.

"Koch is NOT the subject, it is right here in my marching orders."

The king of social networking on the internet improves identity authenticity almost daily. Friendship and trust are clearly central to its efficacy.

An aspect that is overlooked in some theoretical models is the vested interests in such network's dysfunction. Out of self-organizing systems, remedial functionality for mitigating short term exploits emerges.

Having reverence for such is something that is more common to the liberal arts because of deeper historical roots. As technology grows-up it will become less predatory and more symbiotic (generally)?

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Friday, May 6, 2011


"It is fair to say that my untimely demise or disappearance would automatically trigger disclosure.  But know that there are other events that control the mechanism as well. Its a dynamic protocol revised frequently. Why do you ask?"

Testing the waters?
"Big ego, deep pockets. President?"

"No not him. The other guy. Campaign for a write-in candidacy or something. A clear choice between candidates that have a very different view of what makes our country better."

Is deception based policy sustainable? If so, one candidate seems to stand out. How might supporters use a variety of skill sets to game the systems available to biggest advantage?

If the opportunity exists, ignore questions that do not support the private agenda designed behind closed doors. If necessary, avoid 'dialogue' that cannot be tightly controlled. Carefully craft and obscure legal disclaimers (small print).  Create the illusions of dialog and productive conversations.

Clandestine operations are preferred wherever possible. Consider them the default case when applicable.

"You know what's funny? The deceivers have a hard time keeping it straight who we are talking about. They struggle to hide their confusion and might as well hang a sign around their neck, "I am with Stupid."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Early Plan

"The big question now, who will be the first to become equal partners? 

"It seems to me it would be useful to discuss ideas relating to founding and early members.  We could start with the concept that only persons can own and control. 

But what about them?
"Further that these shares are equal and subject to mechanisms that protect the company's interests by excluding or revoking anyone 'not in good standing'."

"Specifcally excluded from membership are organizations or non-personal value (money, property etc.)"

The discussion turned to describing attractive personal profiles. Openness and friendly were common themes as were interest in cutting edge social networking technology and personal integrity.

It certainly helped that the team had long since abandoned the inexplicably popular stereotyping so common in the outdated messaging world. Authentic identity seemed a good attractor candidate.

"You see, it is the combination of multinational and private that creates the open-loop risk. To offset it, balance the currently unchecked power of the few with a new collective power of everyone else. The counterbalancing is already underway. What we propose would hopefully accelerate the process."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

How It Appears

Hidden simplicity. Nothing more, nothing less. Theme of a coherent dream. Illusion of complexity as camouflage. Keep asking, 'Who's vested interest?'"

Background betrays illusion.
"Just behind 'Follow the Money'?"

"I think so."

All around them, the press chasing its tail. Comical that the institution has slipped so far. Will it rebound again? Probably.

That big east coast city of contrasts. Authentic persons just around the corner from the deception machine. Geographical concentration has this in common with a connected planet. Easy access to the polar opposite.

And at least one remains - proud in not wasting time on opposing views. Intolerance masquerading as academic superiority. We have much to learn from each other and a bit too much pride at times to do so.

"What are we to conclude when a search result link leads to the wrong content? Maybe just hypervigilant in these times of manufactured conflict. Maybe ...

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Running Silent

"Downtime close to 24 hours. Limited receive capability. Who would have guessed so much could happen under the circumstances? Not me."

"We know the aperture is pointed correctly when connections fade as if confusion has taken hold. Real-time perception is the bane of high resolution depth sensing. The dream that follows can tell us much."

The 'conspiracy theory' cheap shot fading very quickly in significance now. Worth the risk to confront perpetrators when there is hope of getting others engaged. Made made noise can be interrupted with a combination of timing, preparation and proper use of silence.

Though said noise can be tuned out, the motivation to do so needs a memorable anchor. Competent moms know it instinctively as do dog's friends smart enough to recognize an intelligence other than their own. From the beginning, it has been about authentic conversation.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Precarious Discretion

patriotic disclosure
"We wondered why he would advocate for unprecedented transparency and at the same time work so hard against whistle blowing by a particularly effective and notorious party. Now, in no uncertain terms, we know why."

"One wonders what more may be in the pipeline. The machinations of the hidden power players are not as invisible as they were before."

Distribution of leaks about private bad actors moved to a less visible and more disperse network. There are notable precedents for major elements of the strategy. But using the instant world-wide interactive communications platform to do so, not so much. Just too new.

There is a group that may be out of reach of whistler blower accountability - though would one should not assume so. Many a lead has come from disgruntled players near the top treated as disposable minions after the fact. What better place to look than a certain kind of party.

Not is not.
The media feeding frenzy will again generate many misleading headlines. The economics of neo-news requires self-supporting wild speculation. Training for such 'information manufacturing' has become high priority for deception oriented capitalism. These operations are far easier to see when contrasted with person friendly capitalism.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Something is Happening Here

"Many of those having benifited from the lack of peace will be unemployed soon. The financial support of the deception machine will need to tighten its belt. A lot. Chances are, they will learn that having too much was far costlier than they had assumed.

"Fortunately for those displaced by this major shift, the people they will find themselves with will be more welcoming than they have been. The ones who work hard on being appropriately humble will find new friends quickly. Others will need more time to shed the less-enlightened attitude."

Joy right in plain site, and yet frequently overlooked. HINT: has a face.

... friendliest technology helps (iPad2)
Mindful , a tool available to us all, is quite useful in this regard. We have to show each other how to use it, though. And some introspection to even know we are able.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Atlas Sneezed

"If law practiced the conventional way does not lead to justice, a proxy for it will rise quickly. Such events have sought equilibrium since the beginning of recorded history. Our conventions are not etched in stone. The ones that endure are simply best at representing long duration value.

"The person symbolizing rationalization of violence to innocents to achieve a type of 'justice' has just been killed by those who disagree with his methods. Many more who have benefited in one way or another from his body of work may not be held fully accountable. The coming weeks and months perhaps even years will see a response that simply was not possible before the advent of worldwide and largely free interactive communications.  Most of it will be very, very positive. It is more difficult than ever for the unfriendly to hide.

"Turning close to home, in fact within our borders: credible research indicates a presence of those working against the interests of US citizens with a firm stronghold inside our country. Investigations into their activity has already begun and will likely accelerate due to the large improvements in the conversational integrity of our public networks."

The "Voice Of" persona sounding more authentic than they even dreamed possible just a year ago sounded particularly credible reciting current events in the context of the machine's predictive fields. He imagined a time soon that personal analog/digital conversations that update its memories would be taken for granted in the very near future.

Meanwhile, just an hour up the road she was reporting back to them that the upstream news in Canada was starting to create some activity that could be seen even as far away as Vernonia. Since plausibility was enough to reinforce that database schema, the mission had already reached break even.

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