Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maze of Illusions

"One of the major missing links, no doubt. And right under our noses to boot."
"Very private, very capable, sources protected with state-of-art tools and threat of overwhelming litigation."
"Done right, relatively inexpensive because so few people are involved."
"Still, a candidate for anonymous leaks?"
"Most certainly. File it under Charles and David.", It occurred to him that given the political climate it may not be long before they get an echo. It would not be the first time in history that a nearly invisible operation was suddenly thrown into the light, cameras rolling. If one just knew where to look. Able to thwart detection until now. The empirical pattern method had a good chance of changing the game. It is difficult to hide from observers from so many angles.

Zero Point

"The 'zero point energy' can be thought of as a ground potential. It is realized in synergy rather than energy and only when applied by synthesized order?"

A quarky question if there ever was one. Incidentally my favorite colors are charm and strange. One dude says, void another, The One.  I am confused and meander down the middle at the suggestion of someone in funky red and gold threads who is quite comfortable with his direction.

She responds to touch, as the animals do. They take care of each other.

A tavern in the sticks where a fire is a cracklin' in response to gray drizzly August day. The flame is red and yellow (maybe gold) too, warm to the skin and friendly like the aforementioned cosmic guide who sees with his heart. The sweet smell of wood aglow - wasted not one bit - a long time coming.

Sound of a drummer tuned to raw beauty, guitar played like no other and a quintessential bad, bad boy vocalist. On the way home.  Frankly, it felt like I never left.

It will rumble a bit. Then recede. The inclination is to regret. But as if to set a wave in motion, a primal beat sets the stage. Its her job after all. Listen up.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Of Contracts and Abuse

"Our competition has the wherewithal to simply outbid us for talent? They will likely pay more, much more, to prevent us from getting the manpower we need. Remember many of these kids are paying off huge student loans."

"I was going to say we could make our offer like going to work for the Peace Corp. The contract for those student loans could be a major stumbling block. Perhaps there is a way to force the lenders into a holding pattern?"

NGO Version Notes
This activity is just plain fun, he thought. Instead of turning to afflictive emotion as designed by the nefarious and misguided, look from above with the cunning of a competent chess player. A least one very popular religious text turned the story of short-term thinkers into something ominous and intractable. Though the story had merit in identifying the characteristics of sub-optimal operating behavior, the motivational nature of the presentation was a bit short-sighted.

As he poked around in his cognitive surroundings for ideas, suddenly it occurred to him, "the anonymity barrier … the contributor could moonlight working like a whistle blower, her name and other identifying information hidden in encrypted form but linked inextricably to her contribution.

"You have a right to a private conversation. You have a right to congregate freely. You have a right …"

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Health Credit Union?

Oximeter, Feasibility Model
I illustrate one of the many uses of Friendly Health Care as described before with a very low cost home monitoring pulse oximeter (see feasibility prototype photograph).

The client platform? An iPhone like device running iOS or Chrome (could be a high-end cell phone too). Analog electronics communicating wirelessly through bluetooth. Home medical monitoring and communications Nirvanna.

Its a free app. Buy the bluetooth monitor device that fits your needs. The host? A mashup of, say, Facebook and Google etc. Patient medical data is aggregated while protecting individual identities with state-of-the-art privacy protection (encryption, trust proxies etc.)

Remember, the revenue model is composed primarily of annual membership fees and carefully vetted institutional advertising.

One of the biggest obstacles to the public domain medical device idea is the manipulation of the regulatory environment for anti-competitive reasons. It is much less expensive to buy a raising of the regulatory bar to prevent new entrants. The clever part of this is the fat cat manufacturer's can claim to be helping the government protect consumers when the major objective is to eliminate competition.

NOTE: This part of BuzzTheHill is not fictional. Consider this post a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed in it, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Healthy Too

This post is a work in process and will be edited frequently until this message disappears, stay tuned.

A precision and reliability exists in inexpensive consumer hardware built for cell phones, laptops and other devices. Further, there is open source software available to build some of the most robust  everyday medical instrumentation on the planet. How does one capitalize such a venture? Trust me, it won't cost that much.  The biggest obstacle: those making obscene and undeserved profits on the weaknesses of the current system.

"Open Source Medical Devices (not necessarily its true name) is being formed to bring to market these products PRICED AT COST. What does this mean? Very little is allocated to self-serving marketing, out-of-touch executives and shareholder seeking a unfairly large return on their unused dollars. 

'Friendly Health Care' will be a not-for-profit 501 3c corporation? Supported by membership and carefully vetted advertising. It will be member owned and operated like a credit union? Built as a mashup of Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, [other individual-centric organizations.]

One of the most prominent research vectors of this blog is to understand how to build identity centric artifacts.  Accordingly, concepts that come to mind in this context are: dyanmic, friendly, long-term, self-calibrated, efficient. One could argue individual identity integrity is health.

This puppy is on the fence. Let me explain.

The parent company is one person - one vote, and only one vote. Expenses are tightly controlled and transparent to any member.

Wikileaks has proven how robust non-governmental encryption can be. Access controlled by personal identification at the same level of robustness, ideally, would protect sensitive private information that does not put others (inside or outside) at risk.

NOTE: This part of BuzzTheHill is not fictional. Consider this post a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something inventive has been addressed in it, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Virtual Trail

Big Nose, Big Heart
"Your point then is, we could learn more about real-time indexing for the long term by looking at the biological instance of olfaction?"

" I hadn't put it into words yet, so thank you.  And yes."

Associating the slower moving chemoreception input stream with categories of perception. In so doing, facilitating an updateble map of the experience. As we have discussed, tagging of all types is highly useful in linking disparate perceptions in truly novel ways.

"She will remember you for her entire lifetime if you get the opportunity to blow into her trunk."

"Like emotion, odor information is not often communicated without first translating it to the aural and/or visual medium. In humans, that is."

After mulling it over for a few seconds he said, "You lost me there."

"Sorry, still getting my thoughts in order.  Lets come back, later. We can pick up where we left off."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

If This, Then That, Dammit

He seemed to be yearning for a certain scientific creativity. The longing, to put a crude but true spin on it, was pathology. Just outside, opportunity, that is a given (something about free will and change). It was close at his feet right below his line of rigorously educated sight. Just how the opportunity was special went something like this: An identity is about to be born, the metaphysical one of the Buckminster Fuller kind. The bridge class - escape to transcendence. Shame drive to a master drive. 

The Master
"…what you know, Grasshopper. What you know. Get my drift?"

"Sort of. Concrete looking for recipe still, so-to-speak.  Thank you.", the reply.

Shame has little value as a motivational tool in the context of people accustomed to freedom and its associated responsibility. Informed encouragement is its productive counterpart.

Ok Nameless, stop wagging your tail and listen. I've got a new trick for you, sniff this:

Process output feeds one input of the experience filter which is coupled to one of the said process's inputs. Think stochastic technique capable of real-time adaptation.

Gallery Under Construction

"Part of the reason it is so effective is its ability to synthesize a framework that implicitly supports a select point of view. The believability is emergent though and the associated context is carefully chosen."

The first time visitor, still in awe, then asked, "So, in theory, the same technique could apply to a counter perspective?"


Tagging the concepts, before they were named had simply not occurred to the old planning paradigm adherents. Further, the network for planning support consisted, in part, of a subconscious element that was not part of the calibration. A type of dream, if you will. 

"He started it."
"And it seemingly goes on and on."

"Of course."

The answer surely lies somewhere across the Universe - nothing's going to change my world.

She understood on some level and knew that each of us did too … again, at some level. Drop dead gorgeous often hid her long endured nemesis. But a son was born of the couple at the threshold of light. This third wheel thankful for sharing some of the experience whose memory has now re-emerged. Clarity of emotion - the key to long term memory. The story still unfolding ...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dawn's Preamble

Welcome, please make yourself comfortable. Over a matter of hours, at most days, a prototype manifesto will emerge.  It will describe at a top level one plausible plan to respond to the maturation and imminent demise of a decades old global operational model. Editing will be done in place, here.  

Two Wolves in Morning's Light
Why here? Because of a way in which an individual's knowledge can be robustly connected to the largest cognitive mechanism ever conceived or assembled by man. The way in which you are reading this is a partial example of the interface's potential.

Before we begin: A special thanks to the wonderful minds who have contributed to this effort so far.  You know who you are.  Rest assured, your control over disclosure of your identity remains at the top of our core principles.

"If I had bet heavily on continued mass deception to sustain rapid growth of my finances and power and recently discovered that this assumption was about to expire what should I do? Let us further assume that the trend forcing the end of a lucrative ride is, in a practical sense, irreversible. Further, that the mass deception has been very complex owing, in large part, to maintaing secrecy in the face of a global influence and therefor, exposure.

"I would need time. Promoted a vigorous civil cold war, sold arms to both sides in the conflict. Found partners willing to sacrifice long term human integrity for short term regional gain (bigoted nation-states are good candidates as are propaganda driven organizations.) Hired managers willing to sacrifice the dignity of subordinate managers, employees and customers. Doing so in a futile attempt to satiate greed (insecurity)."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trust Mart

"Trust will have to do, we can't all be experts in everything."

A Matter of Time
"Do you suppose that is why the few and powerful are so insecure? They hoard money trying to buy an anonymous proxy for trust?"

Relevant to some degree for the current situation. The dark vulnerable under-belly of formulas for life control. Who is afraid? All are afraid, it is a matter of degree.

He thought carefully about what had just been disclosed and asked. "How might we proceed, then? The timing seems ideal."

Some listened, others resisted. But the look in all eyes, encouraging. For those who had become accustomed to the seeming intractability of it all. 

We are social critters and most of us would not want to run the risk of admitting it. It is not a weakness, it is simply a necessity.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Market Needs a New Drug

"No wonder they are so threatened. The interactive broadband technology is now accessible to the non-rich. It is not enough to put on a good show and build the 'perception' of good times in a large passive broadcast audience. These folks are now of a mind to reply in kind with a show of their own.

"The desperate move to stop innovation in its tracks and preserve the control paradigm (those who have 'earned' -- or inherited -- a large balance sheet should decide for all.) is under a concerted challenge. How can this be? The market for low-cost interactive collaboration has become huge and lucrative."

So, it all begged the question, why so little whistleblowing inside the manipulated media?

"A big story of our time is the electronic form of whistleblowing." Owner or possessor disclosure could be an important value to the general economy. Having the secret wherewithal for personal comfort is far different than having anonymous power over others.  To lump them together serves a few to the detriment of others.

"The issue going forward is the degree to which certain parties have far more power than they can responsibly manage. A compelling argument has been made that this is precisely the case. Further, the economy is considered by most to be in very poor shape, as a result."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Critical Path 101

"It is a common pattern, define a function by its limits and the variations along those limits."

"But it is easily confused with the sample data it is supposed to frame."

G1- Extreme Left, G2 - Extreme Right, G3 The Rest of Us
The architecture of pattern recognition is critically important to those wishing to channel behavior. Its global inputs (especially along the time dimension) require a lot of real-time processing to visualize. Presentation speed and sequence need familiar hooks.

"Take a run at a quick story board, I'll try to keep up?", he wondered out loud. Who does what? She could noodle a lietmotif quickly? She was very adept at expressing her mood with impromptu composition. Perhaps it was to big a jump for a puppy?

Just a few days ago, he interviewed an eclectic thinker/musician and needed more time for it to percolate than with the others. Yet for some reason, he had juxtapositioned that fact with something that on first blush seemed highly independent. 'Resolution' popped into his mind. Something about the last note.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Jar, Don't Break It

"Its the cookie diet.", they all smiled and in due course he continued, "The first task is to better understand the behavior of the surveillance from the user perspective. In order to do this we have set up an environment that can monitor data coming to and from the store.

"Ideally, we would know ahead of time that we are starting with a 'clean' node device. Getting to a truly sterile one would take more time than we have, so know that we are less than sure we are dealing with something that clean."

Risk tolerance and its measurement, essential to their comprehensive trust mechanism. The trickier part? Anticipating the impact on measurement of moving the perimeter outward. Though pushing the envelope had served them well historically it was not without an occasional disruptive episode. This time it could well go to the heart of the security that they had accumulated.

Trust, like emotion, near the top of the abstraction hierarchy and both have deep historical roots. Granularity of agent identities somehow related … no doubt. Why?


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seems Like Magic

On his carefully designed touch the glass spun, much as a glass would sing with the motion of a wet finger traveling its rim. Around the table, all eyes were drawn to the spectacle. The subject had not changed, quite the opposite. The power of minds working together on that subject was clearly demonstrated.

Underlying currents of varying frequencies and intensities, though with us always, are seldom directly perceived.

"Is the lesson of the recent machine presentation how pervasive cognitive symmetries may be?"

And while we are here, I have some further thoughts: Attenuate sensors as a function of increasing frequency as one technique for implementing patience.  The way such filtering is accomplished has a number of implications. The latency between measurement and filter output being, perhaps, the most important.

To take a cue from one of nature's auditory sensors, sense frequencies directly as does the human cochlea and perform the 'gain' function on each as it is sensed. A magnificent instrument honed over eons.

Sensing in the frequency domain.

"Urgency virtually stretches time, the parallel nature of artificial cognition increases speed.  Between the two, my guess is we have enough time and velocity to use nature's wisdom on the current crisis."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deep Smiles

Identity insight.
The kind face of sincere trust, a smile. The bond it creates has wide mutual influence. It is the signature of Buckminster Fuller's synergetic metaphysics (Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth)? And for the invention disclosed here, perhaps a missing glue.

There need not be hurry, the smile's presence says it is a virtual certainty that the context is safer than at a time before it occurred. In its absence, one is well advised to be vigilant. Trust is less certain then. If we are to extend our mind through our artifacts, should we not make sure this signal is given priority?

Because emotion is the access to long term memory, it is an indicator of deep wisdom. In the presence of smiles, constructive collaboration ensues.

If my suspicion is correct, a great deal of work is being done in this field.  Not just by those looking for what is wrong. That would be the big difference and explain much of what is now visible in spite of efforts to conceal it.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, engine.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cosmic Lunch

"Yes there, in the near future."
As I write this, a view into sunlit trees from a manmade cacoon, suitable for a country lunch.  The temperature mild and the breeze just right. It is not always so. But today, the 'barn door' is open.

"We can have some control?", his question explicit.  

"Yes, some."

Architecting a new framework with big data, efficiently and flexibly organized. Each node with visibility to all aspects of The Machine. Any scale and updatable. Supervised, not just as some childhood toy though it might be fun to play and learn.

The primal pattern and the memes to support it.  Limitations of not-software keep change manageable. High frequency trading out of touch with accumulated wisdom. The occasional soft variation, sometimes disruptive.

What we see is, like it or not, filtered.  If one assumes that it is a requirement, then who or what decides which filters and when?

Informed faith seems to be saying, trust that meme medium, that metaphysical aspect of economy. Choosing permanent leadership is foolish for those whose very existence embodies change. Lifetimes are in lieu of chaos my friend.

We adopt repetitive patterns to sustain infrastructure. Societal norms, customs, ethnicity, gender, 'accepted' science, accepted this or that.

Useful and potentially dangerous perpetual agents of change. Necessary but insufficient. To cap off this contraption we have some magic sauce.  It covers and connects its elegantly organized history. And in so doing creates a highly autonomous change agent, capable of great mischief creation .. and mischief.

Riding upon a sea of great experience and look up. Does she even know that I am here? Probably not, at least until the siren goes off. It rarely happens and is almost always due to the mechanism below.

Face the Finish Line

Waiting for the pass, ready to sprint. Time slows down to a crawl. An opportunity to see context and the signal … the all important signal. The metaphorical metronome meters the units of change. The programmed response paced by  it. Granularity tuned to be just enough for the precision required.

How often we see something as intractable because we are looking in the wrong direction. Make a sphere with these blocks, I will check back in an hour to see how you are doing.  Well yes and you might want to check in say 8 hours too. But rather than wait that long, perhaps we could get interactive and decide whether starting with blocks is necessary, or smart.

But it is written that spheres are more natural than blocks. Do we have to start there? Perhaps not.

Monday, August 16, 2010


That connection is going to require an adaptor that does not yet exist. To big a leap? 

At some point there is convergence, that we can assume. But grouping these sub-identities is that what we really want? Is this leading to one or more unnamed primitives?

Step back.
 I can't see.
You were just there.
But I was not paying attention.
Are you sure?
… I see what you mean.

Learn from this exchange? A reasonable request (but with a motive).  Causing an expected response to which a canned observation is expressed. And then the revelation. The scope was too narrow at the start, it begged a widening. The guide engages the subject as a parent does a child.  But we are not talking of two, only the one.

What do we miss when we are not engaged? Something. It is always something. If it matters, and attention is not diverted, that which is missed is just as well ignored. But what about another case? Caution rules, its cause, not explicit. Something will get the available attention and the rest will be ... recycled?

Thrashing around, I know not why. Does it mean anything? Interview pending.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Broadcast

"We are about ready to air. I hope you have something.", she held up her hand to cue him.

At that moment, it occurred to him just how to kick the program off. Let the soup ask questions. Challenge listeners to respond in kind. The nature of this beast very familiar after decades of cohabitation with it. Voice of the Beast. The cue came.

"My guest today you all know. You may not know that you know, but believe me you do. It is her or his mysterious nature that, in many ways defines her. I would like to introduce our Mystery Guest now."

What followed could be described as an epic beginning. It just bubbled up to the surface and just as the magnificent creature breached the surface a collective glow was felt far and wide.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life Extension

"Asymmetry versus asymmetry, I like it."

"The situation seems to seek a natural equilibrium given a wide enough scope. We may well have arrived here sooner if we had just been patient enough. For whatever its worth, I am of a mind that the soup bridge has been telling us this for some time." He gestured to the side log.

More than a few of the folks involved were getting lost in the technical explanations. In the absence of named connections, some aspect of the communique had to appeal to an 'informed faith'. Reinforced adjacent concepts had served well in the past.

Seldom has the link between linguistics and logic been so consequential. Using the predictable rhythms and deep awareness, the team and the machine were now getting close to the 'master suicide gene' for lack of a better name. Conditional Apoptosis as a model, best yet.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Relevant Topology

"Keep in mind what we mean when we say 'political design'.  This is not some, say, graphic art to promote a political agenda. This is strategic architecting of the political field of play. A Demming style system's approach to finding an optimal set of rules for governance of a defined environment. Much of what appears as design is emergent. But good design in this context stimulates cognitive emergence."
The Buzz
Working back in time from this commentary would involve control theory, certainly. But what is non-obvious, yet essential? Where should we look? Resolving 'Why' and 'Action', a familiar pattern in our work of late. It will likely provide a clue.
"Aren't we needing to resolve the issue of index updating for edited log material first?", she reminded them.
"Good point, we have, as yet to even answer how access-and-update in the machine has morphed since the last time it was our focus.", he turned to the monitor and gestured to increase scope.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Primitives, Self Referenced

"Primitive, that was it. My first exposure to the ubiquity of this word was when? An abstract description of a high-performance computing paradigm created by a dear friend for Grand Challenge types of applications. Time-space relationships of the basic building blocks to convert input to useful output. This friend I have known for some 20 years. The very concept of patterns, rekindled by an on and off again dialog about his fresh approach.

"Some 30 years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of encountering the leader of a company who supplied the intelligence community with advanced information technology. Because of the potential synergy of the device I was working on and something he had been working on for a mutual friend, I was briefed on the intent of a highly specialized linguistic processor. By today's standards its performance would be anemic, but the applications for such capability have been anticipated for many decades.

Vision Manifold
"I left out the specific players and detail related to them so as to focus on a longer wavelength fundamental (virtually timeless for our frame of reference). General cognitive capability is way behind its specialized support capacity.  History, especially since Sputnik, is full of giant leap specialization stories. A fellow named Fuller became very well known for illuminating the consequences of reaching without a sense of collective self." After marking up less than half of the introductory chapter he paused to reflect."

Why this snippet now? Because the conflict as camouflage tactic was starting to fail? Sampling these snippets from the database routine but hardly mundane. And this meme had propagated widely when very little of the machine was in place. Up against the usual noise, it was remarkably resilient. What made it so? Perhaps such primitive was polished over time?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ideally, Self Sustaining

Red Balloons and all that jazz
"It has been over four decades. Time to revisit the manual.  He would have argued by more than fifteen years. As an abstract for architecting the artificial cognition model, its as good as any." he thought. Further, there were many robust resources that were dynamically indexed available from the bridge.

Rather than log-on remotely, he started walking toward the facility.  The larger screens would likely be required for the immersion he sought.

"I am coming in. You were right about precedent. I've got something to show you."

"And I you, sometimes I wonder if we really need these gadgets.", she answered.  He chuckled.

What Does That Mean?

"As you know, our sponsor puts very few constraints on our project. The most important is that we communicate through the machine as much as possible especially to the outside and monitor and improve the machine in the process."

From The Stone Tower
"Well, our challenge now is bringing new participants up to speed. Some of them do not immediately have the benefit of direct interaction. They commonly say something to the effect that its hard to understand what we are talking about. The caption linking should help but it will take some time to implement."

"Remember the guy who suggested the connection between that hot cable TV entertainer famous for tweaking and skin heads in the town close to Canadian border?"

As the discussion continued, it became clear this would be a great test. Vet through the machine, test in low-risk venues, share ownership, reward productive creativity, carefully throttle growth etc. Maybe someday soon they would know just why this group was assembled.  No matter. The rewards were sufficient for now.  And too, it was satisfying work.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Smile, You Are On

Here before?
You see they are the master minions.  They do their owner's bidding essentially knowing very little, if anything about those in control. The incentive is quite high not to ask.  Keep in mind that the method of control is efficient in the extreme for such an arrangement.  It  is the classic "sell your soul" scenario. Pay high at the top, the rest is cheap.

Just a matter of months ago, a much smaller true-life example was thoroughly documented. Recall that an executive was given extreme liberty in pursuit of the organization's mission. The sponsor, so-to-speak, had no 'responsibility' in the amoral conduct of the executive in that no paper trail existed for the arrangement wherein the order amounted to "do what needs to be done, don't tell me about how you do it, just get it done. The more you accomplish, the higher your compensation - the sky is virtually the limit."

The deal is 'signed in blood'. The tale (some would say pattern) has been told many times throughout history. Religious texts are noted for telling variations on this story.  

Ironic then that religions can became the staging grounds for such implicit arrangements. One might reasonably ask, what is the difference between Universal Soldiers and High Income Executives in this regard? Lifestyle and clothing come to mind.  But it is what they have in common, these agents without conscience, that make them of particular interest in these perilous times.

Zoom Out

"We have both geographic and hierarchical  evidence. The location of this activity is centered on a wealthy and largely anonymous area of the country. Both manifestations are diametrically opposed in the public view, or should we say in the view believed by the public largely in response to the media's portrayal of them."

"But they are so different. How could that possibly be?"

Bridge Ahead
"Their existence and the conflict between them serve to obscure their common funding source and the true target of the carefully crafted delusion."

"Anonymous at the top, then."

"I like your choice of words." One advantage of circumventing formal education - surprise summations from other ordinary folk.

They need us. If we only knew, we do not need them. Attractive opportunity, to be sure. The vulnerability of our abstraction mechanism:  Without sufficient communication, we are easily led astray by short-term agendas.

The rivers isolate us as they feed us. There is a time when the isolation is better transcended and a bridge is built.  Then another. Each time bringing more to the geography that surrounds the water.

South Florida and fundamentalist close in ways heretofore unimagined?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where Least Expected

"This suggests that our adversary has infiltrated our dysfunctioning message distribution system.  They take advantage of its one to many paradigm to stenographically hide the command message's destination cell."

"Yes, and ironic that it is embedded in the propaganda content of their worst enemy.", not just ironic, brilliant he had to admit.

Difficult at first to implement but the risk of detection, near zero. They have to settle for a mere probability that the message will arrive, but a high probability is good enough.

When one believes one's own propaganda there is the risk of underestimating the opposition's resourcefulness. And further, to not take into consideration how invention and innovation are amplified by the disparity between the adversaries in favor of the ostensibly lesser player.

Pirates, perhaps.  Even great ones. But the new seas modulated and made smaller by the speed of interaction honed over more than a century. What if Tesla were alive today? 

Journey Toward Source

"Then the story is assembled based on a combination of the transform decoder and the story sequencer.  The transform decoder primarily alters verb tenses, provides antecedents etc. In the process, the protagonist, antagonist(s) and other characters are revealed. The story sequencer puts the scenes in presentation order.

It is important to note that these modules interact rather than one preceding the other.  The result, a choice of presentation styles that can be evaluated for their desired impact."

This was starting to make some sense. The topology was designed for connection flexibility as much as it was for encryption.  Perhaps, more so.

Feed Forward Type
She often interrupted to articulate the status in non-technical but nevertheless robust terms.  Because that was part of her role, each time they encountered a revealing clue they would reflexively look at her facial expression to anticipate that input.  All had to admit that, if anything, it promoted the continuity by engaging non-analytic perspective.

"Tease apart the two functions and their interaction in an intimate dialog?", even she would have to admit that her question took on somewhat of an analytical tone.

Meme fusion as sexual … and from the gentle gender's perspective that would be intimate. Combinatorial, emergence and a host of other concepts lit up the monitor. Once one's attention turns away from desired outcome and instead on actions deserving of outcome choices, symbiosis is engaged. It is pragmatic and spiritual at the same moment.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Evor, The Antidote

Say what?
Is there a pattern here? Advanced obfuscation version 1.1. The staples of domination that have gone very wrong in recent decades have been exposed to the world through a telling of recorded history.  As memory of those ill deeds has faded, they can be re-introduced. 

But to keep the wicked staples from from being quickly discredited history needs revision.  Not as daunting as it sounds. I think this works (at least some of the evidence shows that it does.

Do the following: Falsely accuse those who wish to discredit by widely asserting that they are the dominators who to wish manipulate for selfish ends. Deny access to the recorded details by confusing the index to them.

It is, as you can see, simple.  It is the basis of persuasion. And what may not have been obvious is that countering a simple formula is to step outside its assumptions. Back up the chain in a plausible way with the specific intent of negating its logic.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Parasitic Exploit

"To be frank, I don't have sufficient experience in these matters. The blizzard of legally required documents, while probably well intentioned, merely obscures for me the practical consequences of a legitimate transaction."

Further, the collection of connected statements before them had several notable threads for the study of emergent exploitation. As independent action grew within the machine, the possibility of a destructive resonance grew also.  It went something like: - vulnerability inadvertently constructed - somewhat inappropriate patch to counteract - weakness grows as a result and becomes resistant to the patch … soon the same pattern repeats.

Wild can be a frame of mind.
Presumably, we are about to find an efficient remedy for these unwanted oscillations.  Chances are, a combination of dampening and precise timing with just enough patience will achieve our objectives. The nearly adjacent grooves, the biggest challenge. Linear momentum a solution that lowered temporal granularity.

"Please understand, when the log is first accessible it is still being written for vetting by the machine. You cannot know for sure that what you are seeing is the best that can be done with regard to disclosure. The good news, if you do interact with the data in a preliminary state, it eventually enhances the vetting capacity of the machine in the context of specific issue. Further, propagation to more general contexts can be assumed.

Dealing with complex indirection, no shortcuts discovered yet, but the latest rules of thumb seemed to be helping with the newest team member. The wild card remained, to grow fast enough for the perceived urgency there was a very large and opaque unknown that surely was at wide variance with the organic model they were developing. Undoubtedly, that rapid growth led to unintended consequences ...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"I can't believe we have to do this with that word." he threw up his hands in mild disgust.

Once again, they had to admit that word 'baggage' had accumulated like barnacles on a boat. The hull's integrity depended on their diligence now. The strategy, regard reversing the deception as useful regardless of whether or not such deceit was intended.

Connotation is part of the model. And to some degree manipulation of connotation may be significant. Intent, so hard to define in detail yet key.

"So, in the material you have presented, it is used over and over again as if it had a universal meaning. itt clearly does not.", she observed.

"Precisely.", he confirmed.

The pall of their frustration began to lift.  Instead of distraction, they came upon evidence and hope.  The deep hues of wisdom began to show like bright flowers in bloom. Trust, what is the source of … trust?

Monday, August 2, 2010


"The Owners have spoken, now it is your turn, speak to them not their minions. When you are 'fighting' their propaganda, you are playing their game. When you expose them you are playing yours. When you want to destroy you are playing their game (and they will win again.) When you have compassion for their failings as stewards of their own long-term future, you are playing yours.

Profit included.
"Do this only if it makes sense to you. First, if it does not make sense, you are more well suited to following something that does make sense to you. Second, cynicism is its own reward.  There are far more efficient ways of abdicating."

After the customary rationalizations about winning the war, a few decide the war was and is unnecessary. And fewer still have the wisdom to systematically replace it with a better conflict resolver. To take a reasonable precedent, the advent of electric lighting, as a commercial example. Light not at the whim of the season but on demand. More can be learned about the propagation of happiness when there is light.  So lets make some, I suspect somebody will show their appreciation and provide us with the wherewithal to repeat the process.

And what of the tension between incentive and ownership?.  Is it time we turn human ingenuity to this now ugly duckling of the industrial age? What is the advanced cognition solution to this recently emergent major polluter of the human spirit?

Sunday, August 1, 2010


"But there are those who see something very attractive in making the resources available to a lot of folk not approved by the managed vetting mechanisms. Lucky me and I am suggesting, lucky you."

"Why are you telling me this?", a strange conversation this was. Yet on another level vaguely familiar - was it a dream?

"Because you discovered the [signaling key]".

"But just about anybody could do that.", he stated the obvious.

"True, but we are running many experimental key stations. For whatever reason you were in close proximity to one that is performing well. I am guessing from your response that the match appeals to you."

"Match?", still confused but now he suspected that this conversation would lead to further clarification.

"We have been looking for a correlation of .70 or better. Your best was .75. Discovering the key is part of the candidate filtering in several of the experiments."

"Well, I have a number of questions then."

"I will answer what I can."

"Match with what?"

"We synthesize profiles based on roughly 32 weighted variables.  You are matched to that population using a customized correlation algorithm."