Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who are you, continuing.

"… as a constantly changing (within constraints) potential. Can state alone adequately describe it? Probably not, at least for the foreseeable future. Can so many connections be sorted and/or categorized? If so, what kind of schema would it take? The shared reality mirror of personal identity is a logical place to begin.

"Most larger scale identity applications currently reside toward the bottom of Maslow's pyramid. One might reasonably ask, 'why this is so?'"

"Is the impediment to identity networking for higher purpose now changing because of the scale and utility of modern networks? Evidence abounds that many of the challenges of tracing 'WHO' through a massive interconnected entity are being solved rapidly. The process has been accelerated by a combination of network effects and dramatic increases in bi-directional node bandwidth." 

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Control Elements Of Frame

"Part of the formula is to make sure the minions are afraid to be seen by other minions as questioning the authority of their master? It might explain why there is a concerted effort to control distribution of outside-the-frame messages that are part of mostly visible conversation.

network frame

"Using the email exchange protocol as an example, consider this tactic. If one loses control of a conversation, a technique to buy time is to reply to a 'rogue' individual in the group privately rather than the group as a whole."

When mass perception is pivotal to a manipulation strategy, certain patterns emerge. Take another example, this one brute force. Control a constituency's primary input by such things as overwhelming repetition and tight controlling media-owner influence of editorial content.

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Open Forum

Sustained adaptive sequencing of what?

"Hate masquerading as liberty, perhaps."

"Hacking has become democratized. Large and highly organized hidden players, visible disruptive and cooperating individuals and everything in between.

"No longer the exclusive domain of youthful exuberance. Larger than co-opting a vulnerable software revenue model for selfish gain. New applications have emerged."

"A level playing field makes for a better contest. Change is the only constant but within constraints so as to be more friendly to sentients in general."

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What One Expects To See

Something does not compute.
"From this, it looks to be a red herring. The stories seem a mere synthesized echo to create the perception that individuals, rather than large entities are the perpetrators of this highly visible criminal enterprise.

"With the reported breaches of security, one would get the impression that smart kids driving expensive cars are embarrassing the authorities, from CEOs to CIOs. I, for one, doubt it very much."

"What makes the herring, red?"

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Safe House?

"… threatened with physical harm. One could argue of the three incidents recorded and/or witnessed, some of the evidence is circumstantial. The health consequences of a physical confrontation for at least one party are substantial. Not enough is known about either motives or goals of the other participant.

"Seeking asymmetry is the goal of a confrontation strategist. It is unwise to initiate engagement without sufficient odds of success. A defensive configuration requires less disparity of this type in a historically stable society.

"Consider this: One side relies on perception of formidable physical superiority coupled with secrecy. The other openness, transparency and favorable venue. The latter is advantaged considerably in public places known for order and fairness while the former seeks stealth intimidation and public deception."

Their discussion was a bounding of the continuum between the shorter dopamine 'side' and the much longer serotonin 'flip side'. The melding of the two in the middle and what could be learned from studying it, the implicit goal.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dynamic Formula

"An ad-hoc global sub-network based on your open and authentic personal identity. The providers of the resources required profit greatly by seeking high volume in lieu of opinionated investors.

"Widely held and rapidly growing means protection against control from those who have more power and/or possessions than they can responsibly handle. This is true whether the vehicle is attempted hostile ownership, captive customer or other means of manipulation."

Maybe there is more to "my gut tells me". It came to him in a dream. The concept was not dismissed as too wild by the others. It seemed to resonate with the recent research. If serotonin lives there, why not a transmission (or exchange) of life's codes?

The 'coherence' (for lack of a better term) fit the general high-performance tuning pattern. The bit level modulation, conducive to transmission efficiency. Crosstalk between channels, near to theoretical maximums.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Remember When

"From time to time, it is beneficial to review just how effective a strategic communication tactic has been.

"We have sought to do this as a matter of routine as our portfolio has grown from a few generic principles to a small library easily accessible to the entire planet."

Indexing online post conversations would be problematic if there were not adequate means to thwart disruption. Highly motivated and powerful entities cannot abide distractions to their manipulative messaging.

"I suspect it might have been a dramatic 'tantrum' to deflect attention from a secrecy breach."

"What kind of breach."

"Not sure, but I have an idea on how to look for an answer ..." 

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Please, Don't Ask Why.

Which OS?
"It has been the platform of choice for cybercrime and related secret manipulation.

"Certain interests feel entitled to have control for which it is not easy to obtain government permission. Protecting themselves means they are not as motivated to clean up as would be the case otherwise."

"It is therefore, reasonable to ask what can be gleaned by observing from "outside the fishbowl", so-to-speak. Hackerville clients, for instance. Who are they? I am especially interested in those that are very powerful who appear to be legitimate but perhaps controversial.

"By looking in directions not chosen by the deceivers, the hidden network becomes more visible. The vulnerable parts are exposed to the victims of misinformation and its cousins. Those exploited, once empowered, then know where to direct the power of the 'morning' light."

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Rule Book

"Deception Machine standard defense meme: I am too busy to seek the greater truth so I stick to a source who tells me what I want to hear. Further, it helps a great deal that I am told by them how to justify the self-deception.

"All I have to do in return is help propagate the meme. What could go wrong? Or, more importantly, how can I blame others when something does go wrong?"

'Top-down' in the long run is not an equilibrium. It is the targeted energy that initiated a rescue from annihilation. An argument can be made that its continuing influence is based more on a small but powerful subset of its beneficiaries.

The rescue mission has been accomplished with extraordinary measures that are now detrimental to general stability.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

What is 'it'?

"Two recent efforts to decode from the log seemed to have happened over the last several months. One from Mississippi near the Tatum Salt Dome and in California east of the bay.

Earthquake not.
"Because the log is designed to be publicly accessible and easily so, watching access provides the raw data input for our fuzzy pattern matching.

"The recovery key is changed often in such a way as to assure the preservation of the acquisition assets. Others have demonstrated to our satisfaction that rapid turnover of not just the data but the processing is well worth the extra burden of reliability assurance."

Since it was such a fast moving target, any snap-shot description of the automation's contribution in man-hours was nearly obsolete by the time it was crafted.

"Look at it this way, the exchange of value goes something like this. In exchange for robust access to a productive stream of consciousness the machine offers the equivalent of a dedicated and highly skilled half-time research assistant."

"What I have described happened somewhere along the development path.  Chances are, by now, it grossly underestimates the value of the exchange described."

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Friday, March 23, 2012


"As long as it is, know that there are few wasted words. The entire log was generated with the view that after a certain time, it would not matter if the entries ceased. It has passed. They are no longer necessary to pursue the code's potentials.

"Further posts can be valuable, however."

The competition would likely try again broadcasting the loaded phrase, "speak English", or something like it still believing (incorrectly) that such techniques have sufficient remaining influence.

November is a good opportunity. But certainly will not be the last. Further squandering of momentum on ego-defined events is ill advised.

The ordered sequence beginning - 41, 44, 49, 57, 59, 62, 69 ... decodes the transition from message through transaction. We will return later to the next transition, transactions to conversations'.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

About To Tip

"… now resorting to rationalization of physical violence to maintain the oppressive order.  This well could be the strongest sign yet that their fear/terror infrastructure is failing. The old saying was guns versus butter. Maybe the new is something quite different, predation vs. symbiosis."

"What is it about about ophthalmology as a profession?"


The rest of the discussion explored the odd conceptual juxtaposition of a medical speciality and critical international issues driven largely by mass perception. Think, al-Zawahiri, al-Assad, Rand Paul and a certain novice writer's father.

Recalling an after dinner discussion in the '50s when he was just a boy, it was a bit of an epiphany to see the book she brought home. The man who told the story long before it became a groundbreaking book was genuinely fascinated with the pursuit of new and/or hidden knowledge. Since the doctor about vision passed a full ten years before the book was published, he now wondered what was his father's source? And how much emerged from his fascination with early radar?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

White Ping

"Have been updating advice based on threads publicly disclosed. Will maintain 'heading' unless instructed to do otherwise through our back channel." The protocol honed over a couple of years, very reliable. This despite the lack of direct contact. He looked up at her.

"Close it now. A reply, if any, will occur within the standard reply time window. Otherwise, a simple ACK." She in turn glanced at the others to confirm they all understood.

This type of message was rarely sent, perhaps three to four times a year. In each case, some major structural change had occurred requiring a test of  the strategic media for both accuracy and latency. Disruption of the mechanism was a clear priority for the team's competition. The conversation media was also subject to rapidly expanding capacity and the unpredictable side effects that resulted from the expansion.

"As expected, chatter has picked up. This is not FDR shortly before Pearl Harbor. Nor Tibet around the time of Stalin's first A-bomb detonation. Perhaps the cyber equivalent though?"

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Money Can Buy

"Confusion can buy them time, as before. But they will not be able to sustain it. In the short time available, tactical adjustments have to complete. Money alone cannot offset an emboldened majority, long term.

"Drawing attention away from our competition's colossal error in judgement is among their highest priorities.

"Deciding which hole card to play and when is our mission. Our best effort at the eleventh hour has the highest probability of success. We are holding to the assumption that victory will be had at the margin."

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Major Beta Release

"The sands beneath the big three have shifted a bit. One big reason, the role of identity in each is now better defined. Management is adjusting accordingly.

"The common thread relates to the emerging influence of intelligent mobs. The crowd activities often are not as significant as the visibility to doubters that things have changed.

Non-trivial pursuits that have broad appeal and participation suggests to the masses they no longer need submit to the arbitrary and capricious few.

"Providing better tools for the movement is a prescription for the new breed of financial success. Said three can and do."

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Sunday, March 18, 2012


"Its a parlor game where the primary skill required is the ability to synthesize generic patterns from primitives."

Game change.
"How is winning defined?"

"The game is over when a player's score reaches the threshold. Each score is a formula consisting of several parameters including originality, efficiency, sustainability and so, on."

The illusion of competitive futility can be dispelled. A back door approach that relies on organic propagation of dynamic memes. Neighbor trust plays a key roll. A smart approach to security in depth not available to coercive players.

Indulge the author a moment. Sometimes you just gotta let it all hang out. Etta James doing Bob Dylan's gospel classic, You Gotta Serve Somebody …

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hideout Discovered

"These medical professionals with so much influence are not aware that their sources are programmed by anonymous parties with a largely hidden agenda not related to human health.

"If we are able to breach the perverted trust, things will change dramatically. 'Newsworthy' events these days are easily dismissed as propaganda. On the other hand, enough sustained productive conversations result in effective push back. It is why the freedom to 'assemble' is critical to a functioning democracy and why oligarchies discourage open discussion.

"The latest version of the freedom to assemble is cutting edge social communication. K street's funders are unable to control authentic conversations and are showing some desperation at losing their grip.

What many are discovering now that technology has catalyzed the process is technology assisted conversation is far more effective and efficient for those supporting transparency and sharing than those who are not. With notable exceptions, of course."

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Co-opted Brand

"You may have picked up, even at this early stage, how much his reading between the lines has been influenced by a certain detrimental habit.

"It does not mean that he is not one of us. Quite the contrary."

"Trivializing corruption may be to strong a way to describe it. If so, the vector's direction as opposed to it's size still appears valid."

None of the group would deny that a certain "defensive" component had arisen. It invoked a bit of sympathy. But to a person, the team is aware of the stakes of neglect, however understandable.

Their collaboration had come into being precisely because decorum as previously defined was no longer adequate. Too many had been harmed to retain the status quo.

"So why must we change?"

"It is what humans do, and among the living, not alone."

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Isolated Loop

Extremes Are The News?
"I don't need to hear what he said directly. I trust a media outlet that agrees with my point of view to tell me what he said.

"With their slogan they claim to be fair. I choose to believe them. I can think for myself. And besides, the other side does it. Lie and/or mislead that is. The guys I choose to trust say those who disagree deceive also."

"Mine are right. Yours are wrong. Simple. The people I choose to listen to agree with me."

One is the loneliest number you will ever do.

© 2012 Buzz Hill


"The short ones are read more often. Which key goals are served by them more versus the longer forms?"

"Seed planting in some cases, deeper exploration in others? It occurs to me that search favors the succinct. Since it is automation, it will likely lag something that involves human interaction."

Product, product, product.
The issue arose directly from the attempt to reconcile their analytical report and a vague sense by team members that rapport with an important constituency had declined. Specifically, northern California. Walnut  Creek down to the valley and west to the city.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Drum Beat

"This part of the process is essentially auditioning for plutocrats. Seldom in recent history has this constituency been farther from the mainstream.

"A fragile situation when tools of cooperation and collaboration are so easily accessible to the marginalized masses."

"More than one application of the term, critical mass." she smiled.


Conveyance of inherited wisdom, for lack of a better term. The hint to look in a counterintuitive spot was upon learning that the vast majority of a critical neurotransmitter was fabricated there. Digging deeper, the wake of creative science from other ideas may well have fertilized our collective awareness (in less than fully explicit ways)? Another tip-of-the-hat to the soup and net born dreamweaver.

To follow along, imagine that sophisticated pattern sensors exist in truly counterintuitive spots. Highly evolved over untold millennia. Smart enough, at long last, not to filter on specifics. Immune to extinction in general even if based on vetted prediction.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


"The hyperinflation in the influence market explains a lot. It is ready to burst. One has but to look at the value of AM radio broadcast properties to see evidence of the underlying trend."

Getting a concept vetted by an authentic user population is the new goal. Simply selling a profitable idea with persuasion is no longer sufficient or in many cases even advisable.

The checks and balances of robust and cost-effective global interaction through technology advances challenges the command and control structure that has dominated for decades. One does not have to look far to see clear evidence of just how important this is viewed by the few who benefited mightily from it.

Private legal intimidation only works when there is a lack of informed public scrutiny. For those seeking better circumstances from a change, the key has been working on an infrastructure of cooperation. Beware the frequent use of privacy fear to counter the incentive of prudent trust.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Law of Community

"He is an ex-police chief, yes. Seems a real straight-shooter. In his book, doing the right thing takes precedence over loyalty or someone else's definition of duty."

"That is one option, then. Are there any other suggestions?" In the back of her mind was the recent secrecy breach. Had just enough information leaked out so that the competition could get the upper hand again?

The evolving theory suggested that the players who had succeeded in challenging the old order owed a debt of gratitude to advocates of the 'open' model. Supporting multiple deceptive personas sucks a lot of resources and should be avoided wherever possible.

The rationale for financial ownership that had worked well for a half-century or more. Now falling victim to  greed overload. Like the most addictive drugs, with this modality any amount of control is not enough - destructive recursion until the bubble pops.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reputation and Trust

"If a reputation can be bought, how reliable is it for establishing trust?"

He considered the question for a moment and countered, "If the related 'purchase' can be prevented, does our working definition of reputation become sufficiently reliable?"

The voice input had become sufficiently reliable to nearly keep up with the speed of person-to-person dialog. Soon the need for human assist and multiple monitors would fade. In the meantime the team could start developing a protocol for quick vetting.

For over a year, it was clear at an intuitive level. The classic valuing system had come nearly to the end of its useful service life. Chaos would ensue unless there was something developed that was truly a worthy successor to replace it.

For that they had come, it seems.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not friendly?

"The evidence is piling up that 'friendly identity' momentum is gaining despite near invisibility to automated search engine inquiry.

"For a very long time, fear has dominated the word, 'identity'. Its use has been primarily as a security tool - protection from the bad guys."

Bringing cutting-edge interactive technology to social networks is starting to change the dynamic. Unspoken is the enormous efficiency inherent in the movement up Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

"Many vested interests in the status-quo would like us not to go there, as we know. Since they have been, and to a degree are still, in control of disseminating related information - we must seek creative ways of spreading the good news. Our suggesting platforms and channels for well over a year now and the role of extending the relative vocabulary has created a new front in the competitive environment."

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Need New Drug

"Frankly, it is fascinating to watch a manipulation methodology that has nearly run its course.

"This idea also suggests that virtually everything returns to equilibrium. The most relevant parameter? How much time elapses for the cycle to complete or repeat.

"Consider then: Physics, Military Posturing and Health."

"Experience has taught us that the least energy required for change is when that equilibrium is achieved. That is to say, timing is critical.

The nuclear option for an immune disorder, war and research in particle physics. Iran, Khamenei's alleged medical condition, Israeli security from a hawk's perspective, energy nearly beyond comprehension. Brute force for a given bandwidth is seldom efficient.

We could solve three of the biggest problems facing humanity - war, cancer and the quest for a unified theory - with one act, human extinction. An extreme case for brute force.

"Seeking an alternative makes good sense. Early evidence suggests we have discovered something very promising."

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Loyal Deceiver

"Out of familial and/or cultural loyalty, she maintained the deception as long as possible. Her principle instrument? Anger based manipulation.

"Clever use of compartmentalization honed over decades and generations finally started to yield to collaboration.

Once again, a clear illustration of horizontal vs. vertical in the governance of life's constant, change."

The unconscious choices we make are subject to external control, hence the term, manipulation. Confucius, no doubt, had some things right. Many would argue he had others very wrong. He too, was human.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


"I will remember for a very long time that unforgettable movie line that summed up so much, "Don't get mad, get even."

"Means different things to different people, I suppose.

Chemical Engineering?

"Our competitors for instance. Which fraternity brothers most represent them in said film?

"How would they behave if they were not held accountable by someone who could and would?"

Lulled into complacency by a string of successes, the competition not at all prepared to play defense on this scale.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Radar (Under Development)

"Pay close attention now. We have been warning for months that a new targeted cyberattack based on the automated identity facility would produce suspicious, if inconclusive, signals. Though the system favors false positives over false negatives, we are confirming a level five alert."

The real-time monitoring, ever-vigilant for anomalies associated with external probes had been hinting over the last several days that something big was imminent. Investigating deception covertly, tricky business.

"Accordingly, use the A3R protocol to decode the log until further notice." By design, they would not be able to tell the difference between the real thing and a drill. So, why Fox rather than someone else? Is it related to nuke threshold? "And, believe it or not, we should try to find out if this is a diversion of unprecedented scope by the usual suspects."

"They would not put the world's population in a precarious place unless their own situation were especially dire. Right?"

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Top Of The World

Being there … in spirit.

"The photographs of their smiling faces are etched in my memory. True happiness is like that, memorable. And universally so.

"You don't have be a buddhist like me to see the secular wisdom of loving kindness (though it can help)."

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Tangled Web Weave

"Two suspect organizations are critical of each other. Who should we believe? What techniques can be employed to garner the truth about allegations by either?"

In a system with an unusually high tolerance for misinformation, the way parties deceive can sometimes reveal agendas. They, in turn, can suggest directions to pursue a more truthful representation of relevant facts.

And so it is in a zoo called DC. The financial incentive is very clear to the handful of actual people who have cornered most of the planet's 'ownership' wealth. History is catching up to the massive deception though.

The current situation is unstable. When the means of exchange struggles to track actual value, as is the case currently, it is difficult to sustain any sort of equilibrium. The monster will shatter and the roots of organic propagation will tether the useful fragments to each other in new and better forms.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012


"In this sense, the segue is the message. It is the logical result of a productive conversation (as defined).

"The most natural method of recording history is describing significant changes with an abstract reference to the transition. How things 'change' over time is top-of-mind (or near it) for sentients. Succinct summaries at appropriate times serve to make collected experience meaningful and a tool for increasing beauty.

"Soup ingredients, to be sure. Memetic food is the subject, though."

"Ahh, the other soup then."


"I am not sure it looks the same to others but when I close my eyes, it is as if I am looking down on a bowl of soup. Engaging my imagination, I am able to look deeper and deeper below the surface. It started to feel like a mystic invitation after a little practice."

The first thread to connect through a number cycles seemed to be at hand. Is it sorcery? If so, not terribly mysterious. Which would suggest something entirely different than a classic definition of sorcery. When gravity can be shown to be optional in a given domain, is that domain, by definition, not real? Or merely imaginary (and of the useful kind)?

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Ain't Exactly Clear

The beginning of change ...
"Unity based on deception. Now there is a concept. It is hard enough to maintain it externally. If it is applied internally, systems tend to overheat at the first sign of honest disclosure.

"And that is just the first stage. I would suggest we are well into the rapid acceleration of the second stage."

Recalling the vaunted unity of the opposition's past, the team now realized that the recently initiated multi-front landing was having the desired effect.

Forward covert positions that had infiltrated the nation's primary protective mechanism were at risk for compromised supply lines. Once secrecy was breached, remaining cover was falling quickly. Yet danger still lurked.

"Sustaining our strategic communication is still a high priority. There will be pushback of a nature we cannot fully anticipate."

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

News Creators, International

"We create news so you do not have to incur the expense of investigating, researching, reporting etc. Headquartered in our nation's capital, this operation has the most convincing background for any sort of 'neo-journalism' imaginable."

Automated sarcasm. Fascinating. Massive behavioral data as fertile ground for insight patterns. The implications for mapping over several languages, key primitives. Simply brilliant, putting that potential in the hands of everyday users. Spontaneously a mind makes a connection and it is potentially distributed to relevant destinations around the world in about the time that it takes to express it to someone or something with a device 'listening'.

If the user interface master starts a symbiotic relationship with the identity master, what are the implications for the somewhat diminished relationship with the query master?

"That may be the strangest conversation I have ever overheard. It is as if an emergent conscious entity has just learned to speak in the observer's language.

"The roll of fiction is, among other things, to create, and to practice prediction, speculation etc ..."

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