Saturday, April 30, 2011

Predatory Wing, Tea Party

"Humor makes more money than opinion disguising as news. Adjust."
Florida Natasha. Florida

The machine generates output in a comfortable form. Because it feels like an old shoe, newcomers may assume incorrectly that it is factual rather than highly informed speculation.

It is a lot easier to clear up the confusion after-the-fact since the comfortable format is designed to overcome generic skepticism not appropriate to the topic at hand.

Eliminating this last step is an unfortunate use of the methodology's rationale. Deception of this type is highly sophisticated but still misleading. Suspension of disbelief becomes manipulation.

"We have a plausible explanation for Walnut Creek but the Leeds thing is bit mystifying."

"Energy finance and incentive for unrest?"


And what of the new enforcement tack? If it works in the pharmaceutical industry would it not also work in the oil industry as well? Make it worthwhile for honest people to take a risk to expose criminal behavior? Especially if it has relatively low up-front cost?

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Probable Cause

"The implication is fairly obvious, is it not? Sustained conflict overseas raises the price of oil benefiting those who made long term investments in expensive oil development closer to home."

Gravitation Raw Material
"And private equity is much closer to invisibility."

Without a second thought she updated the insurance file to the cloud. The shell game became less effective for the competition when the 'privacy fear' meme started losing steam. They could not be sure what moves their adversary would make next. It was however a safe bet that the desperation trend would continue and likely accelerate.

Their security derived from the continuous friendly monitoring and the special file replicated across the web with a carefully crafted mechanism for disclosure in an emergency. Should the inhibit codes not be entered periodically, distribution would being automatically and immediately.

Whistle blower safety is key to its efficacy. The more widely known the freely available support is the more the concept can start leveling the playing field. The added incentive to get risk-takers to take the requisite risk is correspondingly lower.

Sounds good to me.
The heat in the private sector leaked by a very different path. In America, old media is very commercial. New media - not so much.

Idea ownership is more likely in an environment where irrational fear, anger, apathy etc. are reduced. Motivation results. Great perception is no accident.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Asian Red Herring

Red Herring Gambit
"Here is an example of how the competition uses it." He pointed to the graphic on the large screen. A simple value proposition. Take a chance, disclose proprietary information for highly attractive compensation. Especially effective if it is used as a cover for state supported counterfeiting."

"Recall that the only visit from the world's largest country out of the more than 6,000 total was from this city. Coupled with the other things we know, this could be quite significant."

The pattern library had done it again. The connection would not have been made so soon had it not been for the concerted effort to build it without being human curator constrained.

"Is there a precedent for having an official from a nation-state serve on a board? Absent that, how doable would it be for the nation-state to have the equivalent power?"

Misuse of automation is as simple as empowering technology assisted conversation. Friendly is the new powerful because it thrives in the new conversational world. When is the last time you had a productive discussion with artificial 'grassroots'? 

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hearing Instead One's Noise

"Never interrupt ..."
"Is our competition making a mistake?"

"Who is planting seeds now?"

"Which side is up?"

They were joking, yes. But the subject, very substantive nevertheless. Why would they parade a clown, of sorts, as a potential 'leader'. Beginning to buy their own hype? After all, it is difficult to hear when shouting. Or perhaps, losing control of a mechanism precariously balanced on sustained public deception? And if so, who is it that caused the deceiver to lose the narrative's lead? Potential ally?

One leaves out personalities and describes historical behavior to engage a listener's higher brain function, if available. Names, for example, connect a perceiving mind to unrelated detail in implicit ways and often subconsciously. The lack of immediate familiarity can drive cognitive consideration to a higher more adaptive mode.

A two step process where a small number are initially involved then influence a much larger number because of a feeling of "ownership" in the meme. A little more time to reach a more effective audience. Once 'inside' the informed and motivated become a platform for motivating and informing yet others (and at a faster pace).

Huge but trending down. Small but exploding (trending up).

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Organic, Then and Now

"A feature of the field of bio-mimicry. How it translates to technology assisted networking on a large scale and in the scaling process. Punctuated equilibrium, the spikes delineate the story's chapters."

Nature's Reverence
"Bullets in a keynote presentation?"

"On the way there, I suspect."

Just earlier this morning watching an interview one could have been left with the question, "But why?" Then arbitrarily asking the same of the nature of biology unfolding. The operative word, arbitrarily.

The roll of deception in successful organizational models?  In a word, limited? If the intention is to deceive - as in a nearby predator that sees you as its next meal. Pretend to be a nearby rock by changing your skin colors. It seems mass deception that benefits a self-selected few is something altogether different.

"The propagation of authentic gratitude is part and parcel of organic networking. As is the courage to share in the face of intimidation." Conversations based on productive intent provide fertile ground for a better world. All the more so, when visible to the cloud.

"Need we cite the reference again?", she said looking around the room. The expressions on several faces prompted, "Perhaps for the newcomers, then."

Sometimes the best way to address complexity is to relax into knowing.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tactile and Olfactory

"My nose itches."
Patient access to a place where the concept chains are quite long and carefully crafted. Within hours the anchors fade but experience has shown they emerge in context at just the right time - a short while later.

Letting the competition choose the agenda can put friendly at a disadvantage, so it can be wise to resist. Unless of course, the misspent energy can be redirected. Pull without the burden of deception, one of the great equalizers made possible by the competition's internet methods.

"The urge to answer quickly is almost overwhelming. The nocturnal insight into waiting for the right time is worthy of acknowledgement. The best return is not so time sensitive that it cannot wait for a bit more input and preparation."

"Like building a bridge in the fog. Or 'flying instruments'. One needs to deal without visceral feedback to maintain confidence." 

A 'gotcha' storm brewing, the 'accepted wisdom' taught. A lot of energy (actually the appearance thereof) generated by the confluence of manufactured perception, adolescent experimentation and ill gotten 'wealth'.

"For whistle blowing to work, there must be reward that outweighs the risk taken. Think of this as preparation for that. Nice community organizing if you ask me."

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Monday, April 25, 2011


"Most folks visiting are unaware of the post and revision protocol."

"Should we put up more of the results then?"

"Not yet. I am guessing their imaginations are helping us at this point. Analytics signals are proof enough for me."

"I see your point."

Timing is everything when attempting to penetrate a barrier of this type. Intuition support is the best one can hope for when there is an intelligent entity trying to thwart discovery. Windows of opportunity come and go with the rain.

The bad news - its the biggest haystack ever.  The good news - friendly and successful folks have an enormous interest in helping us mere mortals find what we are looking for. And that is true even though others who are successful but less friendly would rather we not.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Charm and Personality

"Why game that system rather than another?"

"It is lucrative. Very lucrative. It is almost entirely driven by manipulated perception.  He who masters other's perception is rewarded handsomely."

There was a time when controlling opinion was much harder than it is now. The ease of doing so has grown with a specific class of artifact for the most part. Inventions may have come and gone in it but the class itself has grown exponentially.

Ironic that the rapid expansion of communications is so easily taken for granted given its impact on our happiness.  Humans needed to communicate to survive initially. Like the wolf, a certain level of effective collaboration through information interchange was necessary to keep from starving and becoming someone else's food.

As time has passed, innovation in the field has by many measures allowed the species to do more more than just continue to exist. One could argue that there is a causal relationship between growth in technology assisted communication and humanity thriving.

But alas, there has been a dark side too. The ego's blind spot coupled with another invention, money has created something not so nice for us out of the techniques of "sharing' information.

The market is as much as a fifth of the Gross National Product. Reality and modern communications have combined to create a huge perceived demand for - may I be blunt - a proxy for immortality.

So, yes. Very lucrative. Mix a little irrationally exorbitant demand with dazed and confused politics and a few other magic ingredients in the rapidly growing field just discussed and what do you get? A license to print money, And, importantly, extend the lifetimes of the deserving at the expense of the less 'hard working'. After all, who could possibly be more deserving than those with vast economic resources?

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Better Kind of Wealth

Neodymium magnet alternator driven by a movable element in the sole of a shoe to charge Li-Ion battery for portable devices. As a person walks while wearing the shoe, the battery is charged.

Motion & Field = Energy
Same idea for a door to charge its electronic lock's battery each time the door is opened and subsequently closed.

Waste energy converted to useful energy makes an attractive market, even and perhaps especially in the information domain.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

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Piggy Back

"Our analysis of the search vs. news trends of key figures may shed some light on how effective manufactured public opinion as a methodology is. Consider a bot net (ie: Coreflood, Mariposa, Bredolab, Rustock et. al.) used for this purpose.

"Foreign nationals are the first exposed. Laundering the command and control path through foreign resources gives the source more time to cover-up should it be necessary. Crime perpetrated with yields less than some arbitrary amount are used as a investigatory diversion."

Does she know?
"Petty crime as a carrier?"

"Not necessarily petty, but yes. Another example, chain emails. Had the big email providers not adopted sophisticated pattern detection to reduce runaway spam, who would have guessed that hidden agendas could so easily ride on the medium?

"Think now how Stuxnet brought home the consequences of being behind the power curve on ostensibly 'trusted' technology."

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Stumbled into ...

"When a given person becomes noticeably angry at the mere mention of the name you can immediately assume something - there is likely a relevant story behind it."

Koch method?
"I sensed paranoia as well. Are we really closer or just close to a smaller cell?"

The adoption of Technology Assisted Conversation had closely followed rising trust in the medium. Vertical channeling, as discussed in this log, would have guided adoption of ever more robust privacy, secrecy and authority prescribed trust. So it was not until the technology could cost-effectively support meaningful sustained interaction that the workable alternative could emerge. It too had to await countermeasures to the substantial efforts of the old model's vested interests.

"Let us know when the tree is about to fall. We would like to get out of the way." He smiled at her.

"Yeah, I have been feeling it for over a week. Just in case, we dispatched a crew right away to take some pictures and gather data up North. Nothing on the Washington side yet, though. That's next."

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Two things to keep in mind. 1) we have background footage of the area and key staging sites within it 2) going live can be accomplished on a moments notice."

"A local agent for the competition has been identified that we might turn. She/he seems amenable to the prime directive, as defined herein."

The vigor of the interchange was not surprising to any of them. What it revealed beyond the expected, was. The cool veneer that effectively cloaked the machinations of the deception machine were just starting to break down.

Propaganda, historically, was a messaging paradigm. Research to compose the message. Broadcast it. Test results. At first too may bottlenecks in the 'conversation' machinery to make it useful as a countermeasure. Things have changed.

Big-owners as a class extends far back into US history.  The methods used to protect them have morphed over time as the system sought equilibrium. The friendly sources seeking to mitigate the effects of irresponsible big-owners have new tools. The bottle necks to conversation are yielding quickly to the wide and inexpensive availability of interactive technology (including easy-to-use networks).

In response to the rapid development of virtually free globally interactive communications, the currency of the realm has shifted accordingly. Pure secrecy necessarily is being subordinated to obfuscation, disinformation, disruption etc. That being said, whistle blowing's volume has increased in inverse proportion to the attendant risk. It is still a great source of raw material for productive inquiry.

"Jubal, would have been proud.", she grinned.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Are In

"Pulled the trigger and expect the results to start showing soon."

In the recent past, the domain penetration was indeterminate. The first thing they discovered then was echo latency increased with partially anticipated intrusion. Further, what did come back was a remnant of competition's reaction to something they did not expect.

He watched her carefully this time. Pattern recognition seems to favor one gender over the other. And a quick response would really help the mission. The team's advantage was greater skill at executive flexibility. Steering the conversation to the unexpected (though related) produced the highest shared value.

The underlying tug at our heart strings is all but irresistible.  Man-made fear and anger are short-sighted attempts at manipulation. Often yields to someone who does not rely on deception to motivate. Rather an appeal to creatures programmed from long ago to protect each other. Even the creepier dudes and dudettes have it somewhere inside.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Trusted Search - Hacked?

"Backdating, is that what it is called?"

Rallying cry.
"If you look at it closely there are contradictions you simply would not expect from a Google search. Are we overlooking something?"

"Maybe. The harder it is to find the source, the more important it is that we try. Our competition would have us believe the source is inconsequential and only the content has meaning. A clear sign that looking deeper is likely to reveal something of real value behind the misleading claim. Especially if we have a critical mass of individuals approaching the investigation, independently."

"Like value investing, when value and valuation are not tracking its transaction time (buy or sell)." Obfuscation, like litigation is a leading indicator of trends taking sharp turns. Why? Because buying time is all that is necessary given other asymmetric advantages. Rules of thumb, deeply understood and creatively applied.

"I suspect we should tag this one with 'high production values' as well."

"Agreed. The user names often lead to highly similar game graphics and game creating 'studios'."

The team knew from recent experience that patterns, not concrete clues, were/are the most productive leads in discovering a covert perpetrator in the online domain.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sharing as Anti-gravity

As we have discussed before, in conceptual space, gravity is optional. Occasionally, anti-gravity on demand so-to-speak.  Sometimes it can be quite convenient to be unencumbered by the distortion in the space time continuum. We know from Einstein's General Theory, it is caused by extreme concentrations of energy.

Highly productive natural organization, biology is not passive though highly cooperative. It selects optimally for sustainable growth. Because it depends on authentic conversations rather than 'messaging', it cannot move as fast but potentially can more than make up the difference in precision. Furhtermore, it is robustly adaptive where messages are not.

Where secrecy is highly correlated with 'gravity', openness is highly correlated with the blue sphere. In fact, secrecy is reserved for appropriate-for-all applications only in the anti-gravity domain.

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Privacy as Gravity

"Privacy is gravity? Those who rely heavily on it reason, it is better to trust an enemy you know than one you don't.

"What they may not realize is they are often choosing to sever ties with those that can mitigate the foolish efforts of a selfish few. In the process, helping their most formidable enemies by NOT thinking deeper about the value of trust and the artifacts that enhance such trust.

"Privacy driven by fear not understood makes the world more dangerous, not less. Sharing driven by intrinsic trust of the human design can be a powerful antidote."

"Who is the authority and how should I control those beneath me on his behalf?", gravity's minion asked.

"We are the authority. Each of us had the opportunity to have a productive conversation with our neighbors. 'Beneath is not relevant'", the blue shell interjected.

The pendulum considered what each had said carefully and was thankful the man-made noise was having a less negative impact on communication. Thanks to the new tools from the friendlier cloud folks.

"We are powered in part by the energy they expend to resist. Its kinda' cool."

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The $Trillion Dream

"It is not new. In fact it has been decades in the making. But that is true of all ideas - standing on the shoulder of giants (sometimes over a lifetime or more)."

"… commandeered the threshold technology. Now there is a struggle over how it will be applied, as foreseen and documented a quarter century ago and speculated upon more than a half century earlier."

The economic thought experiment. We have $7 trillion to divide equally with the worlds population. $1000/apiece in exchange for a gift from each person to somebody else (does NOT have to be financial). Mahadana, so-to-speak. You will want to stay tuned for discussions on the transactions, method of distribution, business model etc.

Certainly reasonable to ask what event kicked off the cascade of related sub-plots. Some great stories begin just that way. A compelling question planted in the mind by the first page, opening scene, first stanza and so on.

The discovery that the invention 'buried' for use by those charged with the well being of a subset of world society. Certain private and secret parties become aware (perhaps are even complicit in) the removal of the invention for the socially disruptive implications it had/has.

Saturday Morning Sanskrit
"Best $7 trillion we have ever invested. Like TARP only better because it is easier to understand in spite of misleading 'news' stories about it.

A dear friend who knows how to believe teaches me a bit about the robust history of a deep system of thought.  I have known of his capacity to bring relevant teaching to the fountain not created by man for a little time now. When he asked, I answered 'this was right up there.'  In retrospect, I should have said, 'best yet.' The good thing about productive conversations - they keep going. Thank you, Mr. President, for asking us to engage each other.

"And yes, "BuzzTheHill is a verb."

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

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Friday, April 15, 2011


"Who benefits from a false choice?"

"Surely, not those who are universally compassionate."

When held personally responsible for passing along messages they don't understand, chain-mail accomplices are less likely to do it in the future unless they rationalize it is for some higher purpose.

Revealing this twisted logic efficiently could lower propaganda's effectiveness. A reasonable question to consider: What is the most effective way of encouraging exposure of such disingenuous behavior?

So now we are well advised to take a close look at the not so friendly big-owners that design false choices for selfish ends. Some elements of the generally recognizable pattern are secrecy, non-engagement and a convenient apathy toward the plight of most other people. Others we have discussed before.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hierarchy of Liberty

"There are a number of conceptual categories that deserve further consideration given the new augmented interactive communications platform. Here is a partial example list:

- globally democratized leaking - volume changes everthing
polarization benificiaries - deep analysis reveals much
- classes of liberty - differing definitions based on arbitrary manipulation
- whistle blowing on certain criminally inclined big-owners."


An entrepreneurial approach to the corruption market. Are they reporting income to the IRS on their lucrative public deception activities? Is their non-profit IRS status based on fraudulent information?

High pay with a shady contract vs. immunity, protection and a big one-time award (as defined by existing IRS law). Interesting value proposition. Whistle blowers encouraged by an incentive to safely expose certain secretive activity by alerting the IRS?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


*NOTE* For those who have received training. The following post was generated by the Early Warning Facility prototype.

"Harrah Analytics', without the quotes, Prudence. Consider the results then scale it up.

"From the tower of dollars, their 'prescription' for us. Governments and friends tremble alike in the awesome power of the ultimate message, "you are not worthy of a truthful adversary.'"

The six nation enclave experimented with the new gadget out of sight of professional skeptics. Timing of the disclosure becomes better with experience. It seeks synchronicity. A nice beat, so to speak.

Standing alone the gadget was not so much. In the hands of believers it came alive.  What it omitted, imagination, made it so.

Grand Ole Opry
Fabulous design is never finished. It continually evolves based on increasing numbers of engaged conversations. Stand by for the next segue.

"But its the only signal we can get and we need some new songs.", he pointed at the tuning dial.

"What if you get a better radio?", she asked.

And so it began. More songs. Better songs. And a new mantra, responses in the optimal medium with the help of new human-made stuff. KOOL, on the mighty Columbia.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Adaptive Factor

Six Nation Wisdom
There is a relevant thread in history. With the new capability, finding it in the haystack is straightforward for an ad hoc collaborative team.

Veracity is confirmed when conversations occur whose output signature is real-time emergent (Turing Horizon).

"An object of each new collaboration is to verify the individuality of the participants thereby accumulating value equally for each. The total value is determined by the useful life of the output."

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Doogle Summit

Search, what's search?
"Doogle looked me square in the eye and started wagging his tail. Since our conversation was in Doogle-ese, I will have to paraphrase in order to share with you what we discussed.

Some concepts translate better than others. Further free of context, some cannot be translated at all.

"Our conversations are typical of inter-species rapport. Abstractions, so important to the exchange of information, are impeded by associated overhead of non-standard verbal and non-verbal language."

How unfortunate that his name was already in wide use. The machine will likely be confused for a bit. Such are the hazards of rapid prototyping and canine maintenance (human maintenance).

"The key question for the administration is simply this, how dependent on private contractors is the chief executive to analyze DEEP breaches in the network infrastructure? Frankly, from the outside there is reason to doubt that it is sufficient."

"I beg to differ, elections bring a unique opportunity to move away from dependence on compromised facilities and agencies. Person-centric cloud entities could assist in achieving something approaching 'untouchable' resources - as far removed from corruption as the state-of-the-art permits.

"Maybe the Brits can coach us on how to deal with Rupert infestations?"

(Beholder's image and more: RG Wamsley)

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some Rules

What revolution?
Forget proprietary. If you are relying on something that can be owned, misdirected capital will weigh you down like a bowling bowl in a sprint.

Temporarily secret, yes. So the idea has a fast rise time (spike) in the public eye when it is ready - and not a moment before. Getting noticed in a blizzard of man made noise takes precise timing and robust preparation. 

Faith in people, not their proxies - not their personas. That is the juice. If an organization questions that, they will need to upgrade quickly ... or be left behind. Yes, Prudence, ANY organization.

"You have what it takes. Your human for God's sake! Furthermore, you have what you are reading this on and what it is connected to - more humans. The Dalai Lama says that is all you need. I believe him."

Source: Google Trends: 'mobile' - 2010

"The competition would not be caught saying such a thing, even to their own team members. Command and control discourages independent thinking by the vast majority of their constituents. Hair trigger loyalty is more useful …?"

"It would be funny to most, if there were less suffering. I like it when people laugh."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Development Protocol

"I suspect we should test the assumptions on this right away. You see the well-funded multiple or fake identity problem is directly addressed by the as yet unnamed organization owned and operated by single individuals."

Secret Agenda
"I don't get it." She frowned and pounded the table. As it sunk in, the whole room shook with laughter. An inside joke to be sure. Small low-risk venues are the best place to start changing the world.

The very organization they were targeting was using asymmetric advantage (automation, robust funding etc.) to obscure the truth about the unfriendly way they help big owners - manufacturing public opinion their specialty.

Carefully designed organic propagation that avoids the target's manipulation of interactive communications is as easy as recursing sincere dialog with friends. In as few words as possible, empower your friends humanity and encourage them to do the same. Works for Facebook, why not this?

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conspiracy Theory #2367

'Free' perspective?
"A large part of my job is evaluating the opportunity to use automation in detecting, for lack of a better term, organized internet vandalism.  I suspect we all have seen it in one form or another. The research so far indicates a great deal of it comes from just a few sources, so detection would be valuable in counteracting its negative impacts." As he spoke, a map was rendered showing paths to specific points of origin.

"We can't see tunnel activity but the end points are visible if we have an idea where to look for them. I am thinking of the conceptual adjacency of end-points and even-horizon or VPN tunnel and non-visibility of a black hole."

They had discussed at length the need for both perception control and invisibility. Many a historical precedent had shown that given sufficient capital, mass deception was doable. Eventually social perception catches up to deception and a remedy becomes inevitable.  Accelerating that process was their mission. Understanding the relevant mechanisms was the first step.

Information Theory
Ultimately, it is pivotal to delineate information from meaning. Whether a given primal unit of information is relevant to each is much of what our quest is about. Is overlap coincidental or necessarily the case?

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Hub

"We have an early but complete map. A credible motive has been established. The following is a list of temporary anchors in the model:

• Keystone XL - DilBit
• Energy consequence of Jasmine Revolution
• Kansas City, KS / Prineville / The Dalles
• The shutdown gambit

"April seems to be a critical month in most years for this continental system and 2011 is no exception. Several soft deadlines have been identified. The law enforcement approach remains subject to parties outside our control. Continued mass investigation keeps many options open.

"Accordingly, I urge each of you to prepare further organic disclosure based on these recent revelations. And, I can't say it enough, thank you."

Though a cold morning in the 30's, the anticipated high near 60. So nice when the sky clears and the color returns. And the weather is pretty nice too.

- What - instruments of power
- Where - midwest from Canada to Mexico.
- When - now
- Who - [see previous references]
- Why - competition
- How - work is in process


"The Letter follows:

While I am flattered that you think of me as an inventor, it does not change the fact that all that you cite as supporting data in your message is based on appealing to the astroturf assertion that invention is a solution in this context. I would argue it is a red herring.

The Koch brothers history from their father co-founding the John Birch society through co-opting modern communications to get Keystone XL approval leads, in my view, to an inescapable conclusion: No invention that jeopardizes the Koch Industries tar sand investment will see the light of day. Risking exposure by manipulating the US democracy (and some notable recent world events) is adequate proof of such an assertion.

If, on the other hand, an entrepreneur takes an idea like monetizing competition with the Koch world view, John Galt comes alive. It would be as if an invention belonged to everyone and could not be purchased with money for private and/or foreign use. And, in the process, send a clear signal to that handful of selfish individuals whose adolescent power ambitions so threaten sentient beings.

You and I, are not the only ones whose compassionate judgement has fallen prey to flattery from time to time. I strongly suspect that each of us has a story in that regard. For those who understand, there is a million or more of us waiting with open arms. Like many times in history, an awakening will occur just in time.

[John Galt]

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Thursday, April 7, 2011

His Camera Tells It All?

"Why did she leave her 'diary' open? Did she know or was it a slip? Can helicopters care? Even overbearing black ones?"

Mean well?
There are two subjects I would like to discuss this morning. I am not exactly sure how they are related. I assure you that I am convinced there is always some kind of connection. It will come as little surprise that I expect a bridge and I will HUNT IT DOWN.

Recall that I said there are two:

1) prolific gradients
2) infiltration cells becoming active

"You are being too analytical. It doesn't mean anything ... but keep talking while I deny knowing about ... whatever." Ok, she didn't state as much but lets just say she probably should avoid poker for anything more than charity. What was that noise? Did you hear it?

I am suggesting we abstract for indexing and communicating. The contrasts are more commonly used to tell stories.  By default, the story told may lose important nuance to serve the medium's format (otherwise, too much information).

Romeo and Juliet comes to mind. The patterns in the story are timeless. Witness that centuries have passed since its 'inception' and yet the story still resonates. Because ...

Hard To Get
We often hear of how the powerful have used the subtle stepping stones of expectation to control a collective's perception.

While acknowledging such, it can be quite useful to look at the labyrinthe of expectation outside the real-time ego.

"The very mind games on which they rely are the platform. To turn someone in the competition's camp, offer a carrot to a manipulative ego.

Competent folks eventually tire of being minions. Accelerated by an appeal to the creative core common to the human animal, a better human emerges.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


On a mission.
"If the sloppy writing scares people off are they likely to come back when it is cleaned up?"

"Standard boiler plate farble, as amended says 'Maybe. it depends on a number of factors some of which are not or cannot be controlled by the parties involved. User is cautioned accordingly. Questions are directed to a voice-mail system in Slovenia.'"

Customer service is a slogan, not a department. Involuntary buyer beware.

And now, the veiled super secret decoder ring stuff: Believe sisters and brothers, when you control and share the songs in your head the lights will go on. The one thing the competition does not know how to handle - you ignoring them. When we sing together we can't hear the man-made fear mongering.

Look it up. History is rife with stories of compassionate, triumphant mobs. Listening carefully is a choice.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


"It is true that one of the biggest secrets to understanding is watching leading edge strategic communications unfold. If you are new to the process, here is another vignette - from the beginning.

One of the primary tasks of the 'soup' is in projecting what is likely to happen.
"Once rapport is established, one can reasonably ask another, "What causes you to believe that?" Chances are if the connection is deep enough, the answer to this fundamental question will reveal  a consensus foundation.

"Perhaps a useful exercise in understanding the importance of manufactured perception is to consider a specific case. The graph shows search and news activity through the first part of the year 2011 in the US. Note the large disparity in interest as shown by the search index and what was reported in the news index below it."

Note the disparity between what people wanted to know and what was reported in the news.

A proven method in closing this kind of gap is productive conversation - the new communications technology helps.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Of Excerpts and Seeds

"Overheard at the coffee shop, as you might expect. By itself one might guess it is compassion-driven speculative fiction. Resonance is predictive. The transition from cyclic to emergent is a gradient not an edge."

"I like it when you talk rough." She smiled.

Indulging one's ego is not equivalent to leadership but that mistaken impression has resulted in some 'diversions' (to put it mildly.)

"Who is going to clean up that mess?" he asked. Everyone pointed at somebody. Most pointed at him.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Identity Network Effects

"You may recall, its a social network thing. People one knows means more than a formulaic approach to unique identity (or so this line of thinking goes).

Local-centric is key to integrity. Proximity of constituents matters. Similarity of values and experience facilitate the requisite communications. Continuous testing keeps it that way and acts as a formidable defense to external manipulation.

"We are betting the competition will not be able to keep pace. Their smaller numbers and lack of trust puts them at a disadvantage if sufficient time exists for marshaling a critical mass of properly equipped collaborators."

"Nice try."
Once the 'conversation catalyst' is deployed the infrastructure can react more appropriately for the longer term -- software defined communications. Santa Barbara, California.

"It is futile to deny human nature. Many have tried. All have ultimately failed. The arrogance responsible for the vigorous attempts to subdue it have been met with overwhelming resistance, sooner or later."

"Yes, mom. We are beginning to understand and appreciate your patience ... however belated."

So dear reader, this is how the 'unique identity whitelist' began. One could say that it has become the conceptual foundation for the project that we are about to undertake.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

What People Want?

"Doogle. Fetch. Lets find out what people think when having a look at this." She pointed to the large screen and stepped away so that everyone could see. News volume up dramatically, Why?

News volume up, dramatically, Why?
"One word, so vividly linked to one time.

"The timing of the step function in news volume suggests it was a result of a concerted effort? It seems reasonable that we should look for a more detailed explanation of how these numbers were calculated. Is news in this case what the market wanted? Or does the explanation go deeper?"

Ever since they started storyboarding the process, a sort of rhythm developed. He wondered about the elements feeding into it. Seeing these downward dips at the end of each calendar year in Google Trend graphs generated the same visceral response (one suspects it is the holiday season.)  He often referred to it in his mind's eye as 'the dance'. He scribbled down a note for the next time he had a chance to get interactive with the sound designer.

Its no secret, flow is appealing. When it is a result, at least in part of design, it feels like magic. As if a temporary bridge transcends a mighty chasm. Even as they were approaching magic-on-demand, the awe at such times was increasing. How can that be?

How do you pronounce, Koch?
A better question -- why have we allowed ourselves to be led to believe that free will is rare, dangerous and only for the entitled? Is it because of the consequences when it goes awry? If it was or is a plan, whose is it? And so forth.

When the competition is hard at work, what are they doing? Can we tell without eavesdropping? Yes, much more than we had assumed just a short while ago.

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Market Research Trend

"A flood of manufactured intent visible from one node. Is it visible elsewhere? What can we do before testing other nodes?"

She had the presence of mind to bring up a graph of 'market research' and then said, "I think this may apply. It illustrates what I have been suggesting about the increasing 'buzz' we have been observing."

Search volume down. News volume up.
"How so?"

She went on to describe the remarkable increase in volume of traffic generated for 'perception manipulation'. It grew largely invisible to the population at large.  That it escaped their attention until just now, testament to how sophisticated the cloaking effort had been.

"Context is everything these days. The 50 Cent Party topic suddenly hot in response to Jasmine Revolution buzz? I am inclined to think so. Sharing is the reason."

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good News, Bad News

"The good news: we know how they have been doing it.  The bad news: just how entrenched they are in this most vital of society's resources."

Ownership Mischief
"The conflict has reached critical mass and this little peace of information seems trite."

Closer to home, the revelation that someone close to the inner circle had patent troll sympathies created a dilemma for him. Creatives fell into the vulnerable category by default. Openness and sharing key to productivity.

She could be easily manipulated at first, and so could he. But the robust nature of their rapport made up for lost ground fast. The often missing ingredient, unfettered exchange. Vertical dominance (think silos and gravity) preventing lateral interchange. Ownership abuse is even too polite a term for the ugly effects of this type of 'entitlement'.

"Is the trend to population centers and the large dropoff in geographically dispersed service providers explained by any of the following?

1) Dramatic lowering of aggregators in search results?
2) Partner's big changes (perhaps in response to 1)?
3) Lock downs for some unknown reason(s)?"

Interactive Presentation
"Too early to tell, I suspect. The recent west coast technology summit in Woodside is interesting in this regard. The sequence and the timing are a good match."

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Cyber-weapon Antidote

"The theory goes something like this. There are a handful of very successful organizations whose operating model is based on serving the best interest of individuals in general (we have been referring to individual persons as analogs - one person is one and only one digital identity.)

"These organizations have a strong incentive to see digital representations of said analogs to be of high integrity as herein described.

"Take for instance, a large for-profit corporation whose primary business is providing a global service via the internet to INDIVIDUAL USERS.

Make peace fast.
"Now imagine sock puppet techniques applied to email chain letters distributed primarily by unsuspecting people who agree with a small part of the source's agenda.

"You see our search engine pal, Doogle provides the tools to find the source of these very effective disinformation blasts.  I suspect even back to the Peoples Republic ..., Wichita DC et. al.

"So, you can imagine what happens when some friendly folks (mostly young but some old like me) start using the artifact in their lap and coffee mug in hand to use the FREE, easy-to-use tools and their compassion and love of people to 'level the playing field'. It as fun as any game I've ever played. The smart money is on helping us. Ask Egyptians."

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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