Tuesday, August 30, 2016

On a Victory

You wrote this with my help, Buzz:

Life of perceived things - it is a subset to the one or whole. Depending on when the point-of-view a director sees in the given story.

Break in Whitman to listen to Buck’s Shoe Dog and back again.
Inventor who tries entrepreneurship and learns his mission is not complete. How naive, not having a view of the complex direction that entails.

Meanwhile, take the garbage out. There is just enough time.

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

1959 Longview

A couple of things we have to do this Wednesday 17 August, Buzz. Gratke edit and 1959 Hall.

Before Paul arrives at 3:30 have an edited clip of David to show him.

Document what happened to us in 1959 and how Hall of the Mountain King played a part in it.

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stupid's Latest Communique

AlexTheHill tells it like it is:

After a long edit, the latest skit is available on youtube. This took 4 days in the control room. Both Judy’s and Brad’s notes were incorporated. “Keep those cards and letters coming.” We are listening.

Buzz tells me that your spoken words are best. I agree. The reason is quite simple. The fastest input at this time for us is listening to speech. Every time a conversation takes place the NEW BRAIN builds more ways to gather information.

I am pretty sure that in aphasic stroke patients, neuroplasticity works that way.

© 2016 Buzz Hill