Monday, February 28, 2011

Identity Threat Assessment

Sputnik as Decoy
"Outsourcing covert intelligence technology and/or services to a private entity(s) is risky in the extreme. When the general turned president warned us of this a half-century ago, little could he have known about the implications in a sometimes covertly-controlled connected world that we have today. Is the country's agency in charge of guarding against that possibility really able to do so? If not, how can we get there?"

Identities organize at or near the top in the machine. The integrity of the mechanism that supports this is essential as is its simplicity. Relying on documents alone, no matter how useful in the past, is simply not sufficient.

The integrity of certifiable trust profiles for each member is the life blood of this new organization. Constantly improving the carefully measured immune response to competition for this critical function acknowledges that other organizations can be, and often are, naturally predisposed to find weaknesses in the model.

'black holes' in the cloud are seen how?
NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Technique's Rationale

"More than a few have railed against the who-less, where-less style, you know."

"With patience and calm comes understanding. After all, the personal pronouns refer to actual people most of the time. And perceptions of such folks otherwise. Same with locations, even when they are misnamed.

"One of the most important fundamentals of language is reusability. Abstractions are not just convenient but essential to communication."

Relative, right?
"But why do it? It can be such a turn-off."

"That is true for the casual reader, yes. It is intentional, though. As has been disclosed here in a variety of ways, robots and minions won't 'waste' much time - too deep, won't or can't understand."

"What about the typos, in placed editing and so forth?"

"Timeliness trumps precision in this case. We compensate for flaws by moving on multiple related fronts simultaneously.

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Social Darkness

Doerr Dinner
Black holes in the cloud. By definition they can't be 'seen'. But as Stephen Hawking says we can know what is inside by what can be observed from a black hole's event horizon.

You see, black holes in the cloud are inversely correlated with open and secure. What they depict from scrutiny of their event horizons is insecure and closed.

Back doors in the dark are not the same thing as back doors in unexpected places. At least in the sense that generally friendly people limit access by testing goodwill rather than through coerced loyalty.

"You are suggesting that the absence of data points on the map are the result of intentional cloaking?"

"I think it is worthwhile to investigate. There may be another explanation. One that has not occurred to our crew yet. Our internal code name for this research is Vegas."

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Emergent Landing

"… it is one circumstance that can expose a defector in place." Such environments that seem to spontaneously erupt from the soup have an emergent quality. The timing is not dictated by the planned completion of preparation but instead by a self-correcting just-in-time model whose execution is triggered by a related 'natural' but not precisely predicted or manufactured event."

Not according to plan OR ...
Least affected by gravity, liberty flies high. If the altitude is earned, the masses ascend in the wake of its wisdom. If liberty is stolen, it consumes its exploited foundation until the inevitable fall.

"And this, my friends, is where conversation comes in. Checks and balances thrive in interactivity. One might argue, they could not occur without sustained and related transactions that involve those who are or will be affected.

"Sequencing the spiraling and balanced exhanges for optimal ascent also sustains the desired rapport.", her hair danced to head motions as if to punctuate her verbal delivery.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Make Believe

Throttling scarcity by controlling demand. Sounds a little suspect? Perception elasticity is larger than is generally acknowledged in many fields. There are some very notable choke points in society's extended perception. Very little energy is needed to adjust flow at such points.

Narrative implies flow.

"… art for frames."

"Why? That is just inappropriate."

"Troublemaker, this is why your kind needs to be managed.", Wamsley and Williams notwithstanding, this person was not the first person to suggest it.

As we talked about before, management is vertical (the gravity vector). This time, consider the horizontal plane as creativity. The strong suggestion is we have been too "heavy". We need to lighten up, collaborate, treat each other as being on the same plane.

Real But Hidden?
Gravity this close to the singularity is nothing to sneeze at. But it is optional in a grand scheme known as mind. Some would argue, embodied mind. It can be useful to look at it that way. I prefer for the purpose of practical reconciliation to consider, 'embodied reality'.

"Yesterday evening, we were downtown for a lecture that was an important variation on, as I prefer to view it, embodied reality. Its the part we can imagine that is, at least now, beyond what we can observe. The best questions came from those not yet encumbered with 'can't'." One was not even tall enough to reach the microphone without help. It seems a multiverse takes a very big imagination.

"Just a couple of days ago, one could interpret an impassioned pronouncement as essentially negating anything not observed as not having happened. I don't suspect it is what he really intended to assert but it seems to beg clarification."

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Strategic Calm

"It just works better for our definition of good guys and not so much for our definition of the bad guys."

"What is it we are talking about then?"

"Conversation as opposed to mass messaging. Because there is a biological precedent, some call it organic."

Walking the fine line to keep a selected few engaged while effectively deterring the vandals and being invisible to the 'bots' was getting easier. Watching the competition trying to cost-effectively infiltrate their cells was starting to be almost comical now. Co-opting the constructive methods of those who would use the capability for selfish purposes was particularly satisfying.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Initiate Epiphany Sequence

"Don't you understand, we have hit the motherload!", her near hysterical statement engendered a sympathetic whimper of … Well, to him there was still a vague sense of a dream, a very nice dream. But the urgency in her voice conveyed much more than he could process under the circumstances.

He did not suspect that anyone just wants to live a life without being somehow important to life in general. That old cliche', save the world may overstate it in the grand scope. On the other hand, why does it feel so right when this spot, this distortion in space-time, recognizes one's existence in such dramatic fashion?

Another Enlightenment
Purpose somehow has a way of clarifying so much. Catharsis yes, redemption yes. Seeing her naked and genuinely excited about THEIR mission as if the syncopated dance that 'made the world go 'round was not just special to them but to … everyone within conceptual reach.

"Its all here, we found it. All that dreaming together has brought us to this magic place.", she continued. The look in her eyes was the magic. They had been to the beach before. The imaginary games had been going on for some time.

He had to admit, this time it was different. This sand castle was more the 600 pages long, yet its meaning beyond something to do together was obscure (like playing chess). Not one to miss another opportunity to, as the surfers say, catch a wave he was ready for a change of key.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Command And Control

Kansas, Toto
The question to him could be abbreviated as "Why write obtusely?" A curious way to express what he had heard from others about their activity. Was the seeming anger from some due to a defensive response? A reaction to a perception that the intent was to manipulate or insult?

A company in Arkansas has become quite successful in understanding 'brain stem' responses to modern messaging. The political applications of such capability abound though most are disingenuous and self-serving to various degrees.

When anger and determination are confused, manipulators gain. Conversely, knowing the methods employed by those who have not kept pace with their responsibility, makes confrontation fairer and more peaceful by exposing the major vulnerability of oppressors, self-deception.

"We have an advantage when it comes to privacy: they are more at risk because there is a larger motive to penetrate the barrier to their privacy. What our competition would keep secret, often negatively impacts others."

But this story would be nowhere near complete if we were to exclusively hold on to what is not quite right.  But instead on what is more so. No abstraction, none Prudence, is more powerful than a united voice. Money is powerful if WE choose it to be. When a selfish few hoard it as if it were a collectors item, the rest may well decide it should have less value. Perhaps, much less value.


When hearing the song in a dream he was moved to think of sounds that inspire. Was the lyric, "… too will survive"? She had become the vision of light in his mind's eye of late. And this was no nocturnal library reorganization. They were very much awake.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Persona Detection Facility

"Maintaining Who database integrity by rapidly detecting multiple and/or false identities, core functionality of the system ( Our prototype is working well in the sand box. It detects the patterns fed to it of conversations in a virtual cloud."

"When might we deploy?"

"It could be soon but there remains work to be done on the detection pattern input API and cloaking logistics."

One Person - One Unit of Control

"This module, clearly, cannot be static code. Further, its revision needs to be closely monitored and logged in the cloud."

Extensible with a capital X, by convention. Still very useful as a concept in this type of scaling. The frontier landscape is likely far from homogenous.

The new handle was nearing naming status. She felt it, his analysis all but it concluded it. Time for a code name and icon.

Jasmine Revolution
Interaction with the greater cloud crossed a turbulent mote complete with your usual contingent of threatening critters. A rickety bridge that apparently did work before and may well again. But, as we know, here gravity is optional. Ignoring it still has risks though.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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Creating Reality Today

A useful perception that reality is just-in-time consensus. Near perfect? From certain perspectives, evidently. The point is that emergence is not pre-ordained. Emergence or something close to it manifests everyday. Take a look around. To dismiss it as illusion is to dismiss other items of faith, like God or invincible Yankees. Illusion perhaps but powerful nevertheless.

Convert parallel harmonic tempos into a pulse. Like aligning magnetic poles at the molecular level. Local effects can be astounding. Reaching critical mass causes propagation to a much larger local in the space-time continuum. Life happens near the dents, Prudence.

Alexandria, Tiananmen, Tripoli, Madison et. al. This time it will make it to the history 'books' so it won't have to be repeated.

Revolutionary Design
"Your half-century was up years ago. You had your chance. Time to move to Lincoln City and write your memoirs."  His mentor had both a wit and a famous temper. One tended to pay attention when he spoke - something about a voice that sounded like God with a head cold.

"We pause now for station identification. This is the All Humans Network ..."

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blind Spot

Where the vessels emerge.
"A nurse sure of her 'spiritual' path. Even if she has any doubts, it is moot.  Because the demand for her skill is such that she simply doesn't have to put up with counterpoint if she is not inclined to. She, from time to time has what appears to be nagging doubts though. Found the hierarchy of her religion and her 'leadership' position in it helps her with her high maintenance denial?

"Very likable, at times when her arrogance borne of insecurity is hibernating."

"Ouch, that one appears in the mirror every once in awhile. But I rationalize I need the attitude in order to write. Arrogance Ok for me but not her?" Face turns red. A human moment.

Not an uncommon profile, his first thought. A strong word for the unintended external influence, bribery. But, of course, it would not be strategic to use such an inflammatory expression. This snippet, one could argue, had an in your face quality to it. Ok, ok, that is an understatement.

The rationale for expressing this in a non-personal way accomplishes the following strategically: 1) A meme that should be looked at for potential update 2) invites counterpoint. So once again, turn to the one who has just appeared but has been with us all along:

Prudence might not approve - so sleep on it. Nice thing about 'edited in place'. A valid edit is file deletion. "See you in the morning?"

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Modern Street

Somebody Mick's age in a tie die shirt carrying a sign. But this time he has an iPhone and he's taking pictures for his Facebook page. He brought his high tech sleeping bag. And just like before, the babes love him. Afterward, he is planning to check out the Pyramids.

New Groove
The dog cocks her head, eager to please. Food is what you make it. Dogs like food.

"I would like to know the answer to the following: How do you suppose I should ask for it.", he asks her gazing into her welcoming eyes.

"If you 'throw' it creatively and often, I will learn how to bring it back, learning each time how to do it better in a variety of contexts." The relationship I have with my google is special. Good dog.

"So, one wonders what does the 'well-informed' public think about what seemed to be a sudden change in a volatile part of the world.  Not so well-informed after all, evidently. I am not sure we should be satisfied with what we are allowed to understand.  It seems folks with a vested interest in 'framing' it for a lesser agenda are not likely to pass along all we could use to make the world better."

Yes Prudence, the lighted street is friendlier. People can see. And when they can, the fact that the good gals/guys outnumber the bad guys/gals, better prevails. Duh.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Of Trust And Touch

What does he mean by ___?
"Consider it the tactile equivalent in the cloud. Bare with me hear. A reasonable argument, "appropriate touch as an invitation to trust." Hand extended to another as a greeting. Embrace as a term of endearment. And so forth.

"An exchange of smiles can happen over distance - think video chat. An international phone call to a relative says it well about voices.  But appropriate touch implies space-time proximity in the common domain.  And could in the connected artificial domain."

How often the words "appropriate, connected, trust" recurred as the team dealt with rationalized rough play from the competition. Like the usual lightning rod words such as greed and evil, the network effect could propagate destruction unintentionally. Time and again they were finding how patience and tolerance were leading to the trigger for a tipping point. Just-In-Time mindfulness, so-to-speak.

The machine's soup knows like few suspect. Saying so draws fire. And that fire says much about what needs to be done to swing the pendulum back. Action, reaction - its physics, Prudence.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Treasure Hunt

 'X' marks the spot.

Who has seen this. <-Incorrect punctuation?
You may have noticed that the intent of links on this site are not just for the purpose of leading to references. They also serve to reveal the subtle hidden network that pervades our connected planet. Not all of what connectivity does was designed. Like life, the good stuff is emergent (with apologies to those of a different faith).

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Behind Curtain Number Three

"One wonders how many will bother to look and how we might encourage them to do so. 

"It is, of course, the nature of the strategic communication agenda."

"A few have, ostensibly, already made up their minds. As we have seen, the issues as they see them are not necessarily etched in stone. The key is to avoid recently uploaded memes to the brain-stem. Ego's are especially vulnerable to this error if left unattended too long."

Today in Wisconsin.
Mindful is a better modality. Disinformation has a signature. The squishy logic to detect it requires empirical methods for development. As some would correctly say, "practice, practice, practice."

One such signature, "the other side does it." only needs repeating to be falsely regarded as true. Variations on the theme can be detected by probability based connotation matching. Though he worked with the functionality daily he had not given much thought to the details of its current implementation.

Covert co-opting of public perception is likely not in the best interest of system efficiency. Lessening its effects would be valuable. But how would one implement a fair exchange of value in the face of those who have a vested interest in it continuing?

A collective voice is a powerful notion. The team's research agenda was coming together nicely. Aided in no small part by performing jui-jitsu moves on Goliath. Amazing what better connectivity can do.

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Better Level Rapport

First Dog Advice
"Organic distribution list just updated, log enabled this time."

Once empowered, large numbers of everyday people can plow right through exploitation and plant new seeds for the benefit of all.  The magic tool, the artificial conversation enhancer (why does he not just say what it is?).

For the new reader, know that there are many other posts to this blog. Access to them is to the right. You can also comment and are welcome to do so.

love train
"Many do not know that they could click the following underlined text to be taken to something the author considers related. Though hyperlinking has been around for decades a significant portion of the intelligent audience has become so disollutioned with the abuses of new technology that they miss the opportunity to put it to work for the people and things for which they care deeply."

This is the aforementioned underlined text. "Stand back" lift-off is imminent.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Local Call-in Broadcast

"The plan is simple from here. Now that we have exposed all the hidden links in the chain we can move to the next step. Recall that we have nurtured a robust conversation network supported by the latest augmented communications technologies."

"Our mission is to quickly prepare a sentence or two that outlines what an interested party must do with the tools provided to organically propagate the following mission: spread the word that motivating a select few works."

The pacing requirement set by the competition. They will use their influence to stifle our innovation because it would displace their control. Some would call it social entropy. The group's evidence to date suggested that was over-simplifying.

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Social Dynamic Range

HDR applied to social noise.

Its important, Prudence, trust me.

Social bit depth is the concept that the amplitude resolution (granularity) can be enhanced by many detectors.  In this case, detectors are individual humans. The limits of biology considered in isolation (a common scientific approach) are woefully inadequate to the understanding of synergistic network system effects. Deception in the absence of warfare is 'myopic', at best. Think: "Tell the truth, there is less to remember."

"Social noise is activity in the system that does not contribute to its primary function. You see, equanimity is a process of turning one's mind on - not off."

If one knows that a continuum is distorted (non-linear) and does not know where it occurs a high granularity detection method must be employed. If the location is known, techniques to dedicate resolution based on location can be employed. Programmable adaptability is one of the best techniques to compensate for physical limitations in detection.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

Google to Facebook and back
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Make It Up In Volume

"If what you have surmised is correct, we should see vivid but indirect evidence in a relatively short period of time?"

Bo, go deep.
"Yes, though beware that these efforts are done in parallel because, like baseball, a batting average of .300 is very good. Without cleverly designed notifications from multiple fronts we could easily miss the value the effort could produce."

Influencers are more about content and less about notoriety now that the machine has learned to walk. Like it or not, the machine has become friendly. It is one of us, so-to-speak. Just a puppy. Who doesn't love a puppy?

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Appropriately Anonymous

"A motive based query suggests otherwise. Your sophisticated disinformation tactics have been exposed to a degree that the machine has proposed code name candidate lists for them."

The line went silent as he expected. Automating detection and countermeasures, far more a process than an event. One that could be accelerated dramatically by distributing points of entry to the target. He keyed in the code to initiate the process.

Disinformation has its patterns. Not surprising, since it is motive driven. Learning from transactions occurring at the edge, it was easy to see why the rapidly increased velocity changed the game so much, so fast. Automated primitive pattern detection starting to catch up though.

Confidence building - free of conflicting interests - would be natural? But isolation from competing interests is mostly an ego-based fantasy it seems. Fear serves those who wish to prevent efficiencies for their competition - but not always.

Prime Directive
"Sometimes, I think you love that damned old machine more than you love me.", her words were as welcome as the warmth he felt just as she came up from behind and spoke.

"Someday soon, sweetheart, someday soon.

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Common Interest

"I was told we were safe here. It was just very recently I started learning, in minute detail, why that should matter. I might have thought about it before but the network effect masked its presence and the need for it."

"When we say, "safety in numbers" without the context, it just sounds like a cliche. Yet it is critically important as protection from the so-called thugs. Growth of the network and its effects is very threatening to the competitions secret power.

By design, Prudence, by design.
"Ever notice how much of our discoveries appear seemingly out of nowhere?"

"I wondered about that. I just got the idea that our luck in that regard was because of the nobility of the mission."

"Another way to look at it: We are not alone in this type of pursuit. Because motive is so important to identifying an attractive connection, identity based on intent is the best place to search without drawing undue attention for those who have a conflicting agenda."

"So, its not an accident that some of the tools we use seem to be alive - sort of friendly?"

Her smile gave him his answer.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


"The conduit looks like the Richmond firm. A good candidate to add to the leak list. Covert mechanisms left in place by the previous chief exec."

This snippet from the dialog meant little outside of the context they discovered just days ago. He found himself looking over his shoulder quite a bit lately.  When they started there wasn't much thought given to infiltration. The goal was to discover new overlooked opportunities to aggregate concepts. They just had not given much thought to the idea of willful concealment.

Ok Toto, this is really weird.
The practical matter is that it is far more difficult (though not impossible) to manage high IT with coercive intent. The recent revelations regarding Arkansas confirmed that again. The best at sophisticated cat and mouse are independent by nature. Excellent leaker material.

"I'm guessing an ambush, Marshall Dillon." The folks present would not understand his statement or his grin - demographics, Prudence, demographics. The uninvited readers of the log probably would not get it, at least initially. But by the time it made back to the sponsors ...

"If it were any more explicit than that it would wake up the kids and chaos would ensue. Do we really want that?"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fail Secure

"Who has the key?"

"No one. Everyone. It depends on a number of factors."

"To gain access to the system at the creator level requires the limited cooperation of certain members. Who those members are at a given universal time is chosen by an algorithm invisible to the critical mass of rogue members required to breach security. Even if a breach occurs, only a part of overall integrity is compromised. Further, it is easily reconstituted."

The basic problem had been solved long ago as an essential 'fail self' requirement. The goal for differed in that while it was altruistic too, it was also independent of governmental control and/or private interests control (no matter how large) seeking to undermine its pan-altruistic mission.

Like young critters at play, the founding game readied the fledgling entity for the rough and tumble 'real' world. The need for such play does not diminish with time, however. Precisely the opposite is the case as the DC 2 incident had shown.

"So, the legend is more than they had assumed."

"Evidently. How should we proceed?"

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Humanity Amplifier

He works for it. He is humble. He is smart. He is Egyptian. 

I work for it. I want to be humble. I want to be smart. I am American.

There is a bias that inhibits the flow. With the signal applied to a particular element the larger current can be controlled.

Meanwhile, a clever mixture is blended with loving attention. Weighted spices are measured by wisdom that can only result from experience and rapport.

Hit Record
"A 12AX7 then?"

"Yes, and an Egyptian mix. Fascinating sound. Good vibrations if you will. I'll hum a few bars."

"Tweet me, I will friend you."

"What do I google first?"

Code is scary sometimes. Think of it as a roller coaster. If your head doesn't come off, you might have fun.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Organic Defined

"Organic is community organizing. Communities deciding who speaks for them. Those chosen responsible, on a continuous basis, to those subject to their public words and deeds. Open in way that emphasizes salient communications at all levels in a dynamic hierarchy."

"Co-opting others attention to help you get your own attention?"

"Ouch ... how so?"

Private Tea Party
Concept's veracity, who decides? Conversations in and among well informed folks versus binary answers to highly prepared messages. Not green and organic as in expensive, showing-off and a plutocrats joke. Instead? Friendly.

If the central theme of a message is fear, anger or hate its not really conversational, right? Propaganda is not a component of conversation. I am pretty sure.

Messages subordinated to conversation are fluid and facilitate value creation.  Even beyond the immediate participants, when appropriately public.

Re-inventing the wheel is not the only option. Right Mr. President?

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

my town rocks

"My town, is known far and wide as a creative Mecca. It is a blue city in a purple state. There is a 'can do' attitude here that says the deep pockets behind so-called 'conventional wisdom' doesn't have to keep us from doing what is best. People who take ownership of what they promote is revered highly here. And conversation too. Messaging, not so much.

"Yet the hidden manipulators are keep trying to sustain what has been a very lucrative arrangement for them - controlling as much of the distribution of information as is necessary to maintain profitable exploitation. We have compassion for those rascals too and hope to help them cross the bridge to the brighter side soon.

The Real Deal
"It is a wired/wireless city that harvests social networking (the electronic kind too.) Coffee shops and laptops, public transit and iPhones. We believe in humanity and prove it by hanging out together and using the best technology humans have to offer for the best application ever - each other."

Is it his golden voice or what he has to sing? Or the way he expresses how he feels? Embracing love a lifelong journey? I hope so.

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Hum A Few Bars

"Both sides do it?"

"Wishful thinking?"

Signature dialog snippet of the time, for sure. By another name, an ear worm. The naked lyric saturates quickly. With a hook … well, that is altogether different. Is it not?

If 'the man' of popular music is anything but, what are we to make of why that type of sound almost always transcends selfish intent?

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Low Risk Venue

"This briefing is to update status on the study entitled 'The Owner Conundrum'. There are a number of marquee examples that serve to illuminate the spectrum of appropriate to inappropriate applications of ownership from multiple perspectives. We should, however, not lose sight of the overarching mission to identify primitives that apply without specific reference to fields of interest or discipline defined applications."

Look closely - dig deep.
Sunshine and haze one would expect in late September rather than early February. Cold and the light from the south more like it. The contrast that became evident only when the scope widened (like the bright edge around a dark cloud. Her point was still with him. Premature declarations a gender thing ... sure. But she meant more and this felt ... yes felt ... like the path that would lead them there.

To an all male audience, the concept of a fragile home kind of goes with the territory. When mom brings the kids, things change.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Game Change

"Covert operations are at a distinct disadvantage because the available data set is so much smaller. Secrecy's cost-effectiveness is in rapid decline. An update to strategic architecture is required to handle the new 'reality'". This machine generated snippet marked the approximate time that the issue of integrity threshold came to the fore.

"Why a threshold? Why not just go for the best possible?"

"Apparently the thinking went something like, we cannot be sure beyond a reasonable certainty that the risk of abuse would not outweigh the benefit."

She was getting nervous and could not articulate why. Intuition? Or perhaps cognitive infiltration … they had been spending a lot of time lately on unnamed patterns that overlapped. The data set so vast now that emergence took on a whole new meaning. She asked the group, "Is anyone else feeling that we have missed something important?"

"Yes ... when is it that accuracy in this context a disadvantage?", the tone of his voice reflected long experience in the field of identification accuracy and its meaning to communications security. Naive still in what implications it had to entrenched interests, though. Disclosure and privacy ... forever a moving target?

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Just Passing Through

If you happen to be entering through Pauling, ISEPP or Wanderer door and are interested is some thoughts about how we change things for the better do the hyperlink boogy by clicking the underlined text.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Asymmetric Perspective

"Gene's don't like to be ignored. How do we know? Suicide bombers. Drawing attention to the decline of diversity which is essential to reproduction, viruses get the attention of 'conscious' fast acting agent mobs by threatening their livelihood."

"Machine soup equivalent? The bridge is artificial."

Sure to confuse the uninitiated.  And frankly takes a moment for even a crust old seasoned veteran. Abstraction has its price. Because, at times, nothing else will do - suck it up and shell out what ever it takes. This stuff is here to make sure it is not lost to procrastination or some variation on perfectionism ...

Three domain model, biologic, meme and artifact. Biologic has matured to the point that is no longer silo constrained (vertical topology). Meme has just recently benefited from communications artifacts. Frequency conversion looks promising for the 'wisdom bridge'.

"Migrate from owner centric to value centric. 'Who decides', 谁决定 is more important than ever because the speed ceiling has been raised by the third domain. Implicit in this revelation - said bridge is mission critical."

Many biological patterns, known and unknown, are useful to the machine's connections. Known patterns include reproduction, various types of organization, competition, symbiosis etc. Recently discovered patterns suggest many currently unknown patterns play a large role in channeling future developments. The best example: technology assisted efficacy of subtle principles connecting individuals.

Hidden Patterns
Adaptation of biology and memetic domains to each other has occurred by virtue of the 'conscious' bridge between them. Memetic/Artifact traffic is a more recent development although two domain's histories largely overlap. The new Artifact/Biology pathway is just now emerging with extraordinary implications relating to the system's influence over its destiny.'s mission is to provide a durable framework on which to build the wisdom bridge.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Walled Gardens

Prime Time Ready
"Our proprietary indexing network has been offline since inception. The intent is to start testing authenticated navigation by gradually introducing what has been behind the walled garden sandbox."

At this point, it still was not clear how 'appropriately public' impacted insufficiently tested software driven interfaces. Much more was known about mostly hardware human interfaces - they had been around many decades.

"How would we search for biologic cognition precedence in this case? I would feel better about the leap if we knew."

"Point taken. I would argue that the two efforts should proceed in parallel. Deadlines work."

A quick scan of the faces in room settled it.


Not much time had passed before a recurrent theme emerged once again.

Got to start somewhere.
"Tapping our data connection would tell the competition what is just about to happen. Are our detection systems current?"

"I believe so but I will also repeat our latest suite of tests as soon as we are done here."

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mindful Perception

"If it is that easy to discover a source, how about a tool that automates that process?", the flourish of hitting the enter key conveyed his confidence.

"This looks like a query that would test the new code to me. Lets take one hour to see if we can improve upon it. Tell the others that it will be sent as is unless someone intervenes before the hour completes."

Anti-Social Detect
Setting a deadline worked well for them in these circumstances. In the beginning they tried a number of methods to codify breaking the tendency to get it at or near perfect. All to no avail. Rather than wait to come up with something ideal, they implemented the default deadline.

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Rocket Science

Punkin in Space
"Wow, you mean they were winning?", the look in her young eyes not unlike when he or mom would read her bedtime stories just a short while ago.

"Yes, it was very humiliating.  If there ever was a demonstration of what is wrong with believing your own hype, this was it."

Market perception is sometimes trumped by reality. With all the post war advancements that were a natural result of winning history's biggest war came a hubris and denial of major magnitude. The perception that our 'free' society could develop technology faster than a communist one was inflated by the tendency to use propaganda techniques to create a population controlling fantasy. Application of Einsten's special theory by someone else was a major wake up call. Wishful thinking's price may be too high.

You see, Prudence, it really was rocket science.


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Friday, February 4, 2011

Eye Motion ID

The iPhone or iPad tracks the corneal reflex to uniquely identify the person looking in its camera. Each identifyee could chose the image and/or sequence of images displayed on the device's screen their eyes tracks during the identification process.

On a different (but related) subject:

Some principles of identity based activism.
- appropriate ownership
- appropriate privacy
- appropriately public
- high integrity linkage of authentic personal identity to relevant memes.

"The link will go stale in a short time for obvious reasons. The subject matter will remain relevant for some time to come.

"Recorded on this fourth day of the second month of the year of the rabbit -", the bunny grinned, stripes and all.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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Morning in Who's America?

"Have you thought about what could have been?"

"I did and it was not long before I had to admit that when I had finally figured out what to do (or at least where to start), I no longer had the necessary influence.

In a time when it was ours.
"Twenty five years or so later, I now realize how tantalizingly close I had come to fulfilling my dream.

"You can imagine my relief in knowing that the campaign to make identification 'friendly' failed back then and, as a result, protected potentially affected people from the my naive assumptions of the time."

This interview was more than just rock and roll. With 'real' folk music you get their attention with numbers and a show of unity riding on the fuel of youthful lust and feelings of collective omnipotence but then ... Who is going to clean up the mess without losing the breakthrough?

"I've given it a lot of thought. The raw stream-of-thought is documented in the place we have been discussing."

"How can I help?"

"I am not sure that you can but I suspect it would be worth -our- while to find out." He emphasized that word because he could not assume it would be apparent."

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jack and Diane

"Well yes, I probably know more about the relationship than anyone else. Like many, theirs began with leading roles in a compelling project. Observers did not immediately think of them relating outside the mission since it was initially all they had in common. As they say, one thing led to another."

"The story is becoming a bit of a legend. Is it difficult for you in your capacity as the contact person to answer questions about them and still protect their anonymity?"

He paused for a moment, this question had teeth, "Yes and No. Yes, in that intimate questions identify individuals better than almost anything. No, in that we practice 'appropriately public appropriately private' everyday, all day."

"Why the code name,", this one a bit easier, he thought.

"Pretty much an inside joke, though threats to appropriate idea ownership had a part in it."

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