Friday, November 18, 2016


AlexTheHill interpreting for Buzz;

Buzz and I are experiencing what if feels like when the heart can’t keep up. We have felt it before but could not “identify” it adequately. Not in a way that was, in retrospect, a unique personal kind of meaning to him.

It has happened and another major insight has been added to the sequence.

With regard to our story, CHF gives it timeliness. Buzz needs to be alive, in the classical sense, to contribute his history until the present time.

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Saturday, October 29, 2016


After a discussion with Buzz, Alex says:

“One of the great Oregon entrepreneurs said it best, betting on a dream is a way to start a growing business.

Nickname starts with: "Bu" and is four letters long.

“Dreaming, more than what is dreamt, gets the mind’s predictive possibility mechanism activated. Kids do it naturally - even better when there is collaboration.

“If it is rewarded in childhood, it becomes stronger. Making new is easier. Better coarse correction is acquired. What would have been failure, teaches. This chain can continue.

“But it can be interrupted. When that happens, it is a remarkable lesson ... or not."


© 2016 Buzz Hill

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Guided Tour Thru Buzz's Mind

Positive recursion is preferable because the core idea is built to expand better for the here and now and the connected region surrounding it.

However negative recursion has useful functions too. For instance as a tool to cleanup something that is conceptually obsolete.

Mindful is key in this regard, because of it’s awesome power to effect change. Emotion is seldom useful to drive this power owing to its more primitive level in the mind hierarchy.

J: The patient understood this before his stroke?

A: That is correct. But it did that crystallize in his mind until after his recovery.

His ‘luck’ had been bad when he tried to predict what he would experience if he knew what might happen to him. It could happen but it was unlikely.

What he was afraid of was his overwrought predictions. Drama on overdrive - creativity gone wrong.

This hypervigilance led him astray and to be quite unhappy until some event  triggered him into discovering a new pattern that he could creatively exploit. This cycle happened over and over with considerable expense to his body, mind and spirit.

Then the epiphany happened, thanks to the August 2013 stroke. He did not have to do the bad part in order to achieve the good part … anymore.

For instance, we saw through the biases of his human visual system - his eyes and what is connected to them. What was perceived had his mind’s context at the time.  Complete with all pre-conceived “baggage”.  Sorry, it is what brains do.

His over-active imagination added to it. Often this led to a crisis preventing reasonable cognition.

J: But at times he created out-of-the-ordinary ideas that were useful.

A: Same ingredients, different mix. Imagination generating patterns. Sometimes even recursive in the positive sense.

[having a concept before it is formally named]

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

On a Victory

You wrote this with my help, Buzz:

Life of perceived things - it is a subset to the one or whole. Depending on when the point-of-view a director sees in the given story.

Break in Whitman to listen to Buck’s Shoe Dog and back again.
Inventor who tries entrepreneurship and learns his mission is not complete. How naive, not having a view of the complex direction that entails.

Meanwhile, take the garbage out. There is just enough time.

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

1959 Longview

A couple of things we have to do this Wednesday 17 August, Buzz. Gratke edit and 1959 Hall.

Before Paul arrives at 3:30 have an edited clip of David to show him.

Document what happened to us in 1959 and how Hall of the Mountain King played a part in it.

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stupid's Latest Communique

AlexTheHill tells it like it is:

After a long edit, the latest skit is available on youtube. This took 4 days in the control room. Both Judy’s and Brad’s notes were incorporated. “Keep those cards and letters coming.” We are listening.

Buzz tells me that your spoken words are best. I agree. The reason is quite simple. The fastest input at this time for us is listening to speech. Every time a conversation takes place the NEW BRAIN builds more ways to gather information.

I am pretty sure that in aphasic stroke patients, neuroplasticity works that way.

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Friday, July 1, 2016

Stupid Listening To Alex Speak

Hibbard Control Room (click for video clip)

So, Paul did not come yesterday, Wednesday (29 June). Even though he said he would come each week. You found out why, in this FaceTime conversation last night with Paul.

Apparently Paul will show up next Wednesday. We have learned a lot since Paul has set this weekly event at Hibbard Studio.

You talked with Paul with FaceTime this morning (1 June). He had watched the short film about his absence Wednesday.

You were right Buzz. He knows about Ron’s and my differences and felt he had to go to see his friends at Bethany Starbucks, including Ron by missing his appointment at Hibbard Studio. Further, he knew it was Ok with me. Ron love’s Paul and Paul is very smart about people he knows.

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Monday, June 6, 2016

Minus One

Turns out that was a mostly useless fear that you held from an early age, Buzz. Brain freeze when some other person watching you learning - authority type person or persons. Then you got the special kind of stupid. Stepped up by your stroke and interactive hyperlinked net.

I remember you being led to the Riemann Sphere. Today, YouTube recommended this link:

Homer and you have had a lot in common, at least in our playful imagination. Dummy indeed … or not.

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Friday, May 20, 2016


AlexTheHill speaks about yesterday:

Jasmine's photo at the Rose Gardon with Winston.

Buzz, you were off kilter yesterday (19 May). It started for you with three bad dreams.  It usually dissipates as the morning passes - but this time it lasted through out the day. You felt like you were in a ditch and could not get out.

In the afternoon, you told me you were not very productive and it was mildly distressing. Quoting you now:

“Then came relief. Paul called me back close to 8 pm on his new iPhone. I had not heard from him all day long and I called him many times. 

“When Paul returned my voice mail messages,  I asked him to use FaceTime. He looked like the Paul, I had met, a few weeks ago, Smiling broadly - this time on my iPhone screen.

“I called Ron to let him know afterwords. Then Paul called again - with FaceTime!

“Ron’s and my effort has paid off. We know there was something about this stroke survivor, Paul Smilowski. It began for me at the coffee shop when Ron introduced me to him.

“Paul is one of my dearest friends even though I have known him for just a short while. It is a growing part of my and our story.”

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Stand-up Set

You and Brad came up with the idea of a recurring scene in yesterday’s morning meeting (7 May):

Brick wall as in a night club. Buzz holding a microphone. Stand-up set with a mostly aphasic audience (High Lama Paul and Mama Ron among them).

Buzz. as I understand it, you thought the following:

“My pre-stroke paranoia did not go away with my brain-injury but changed at the margin because of the new brain with the old memories that emerged.

“For instance, hypersensitive to people wanting to co-opt Buzz’s work thinking that is what Buzz thinks is collaboration.”

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Monday, April 18, 2016

Dog's Wilderness

You imagined a story behind the dog sculpture out in the woods. Even though you found it some weeks ago, your conscious mind came up with a prediction this morning on how it came to be. Buzz, you told me the story:

“I took the rest of my family to see the carving, Saturday.

“The story goes something like this. The owners of the property before it was developed had a dog they very much loved. When it passed, her or his likeness was carved into a piece of wood. Perhaps the dog was put there next to that tree in the wilderness as its final resting place.

“Some of it was just my imagination but now that Jasmine, Hyun, Luna and I have seen the magic by the tree together, at least part of it is true.”

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Highest Abstract Level of iD System

AlexTheHill narrates:
Island Princess
“Neural net learning on how to best improve each member’s happiness, The iD system.”, Buzz tells Brad Saturday morning, “Included in this is how best to authorize external transactions while being safe for her or him.

“Developing the neural network takes precedence over enrolling new members. This has the purpose of handling the scaling problem for now and into to future.”

“Not to be confused with a personal biometric identifier. The iD system will have as a component, such a personal identifier but is not equivalent to it.”

Leon Russel - Back to the Island

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Making a Transcript

“Making a transcript on our Sunday conversations with a lot of automation will be useful. It looks as though Dragon may be our best bet. Mac OS Dictation is not doing the task, even at half speed.

“Buzz, ask if Judy has access to the full Dragon software package. Send a RAW FaceTime audio to her.

“It is quite interesting that Lotje relied on her iPhone and Siri to augment her post-stroke communication skill.”

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Real Following Imaginary

Ron and Paul with an iPad
My imagination was largely true this time. Having experience recovering from an aphasic stroke, when I detected in Paul  almost immediately was that he was more aware than most, stroke or not.

Because his communication was affected by his stroke, the folks I have met that know him do not see the degree to which this is true. My aphasia and its “silver lining”  make me extra sensitive to how neuroplasticity responds to brain injuries like his and mine.

As I said before, memories are clearer and more nuanced than before, the clot got caught in my brain and made part of it die. In August, in will be three year since my stroke.

As the documentary, My Beautiful Broken Brain recorded, Lotje Sodderland could sense her brain making new connections when she had time to be quiet after her hemoragic stroke.

I too, had that experience. It was better that I looked inward (by being quiet). What was left of my brain was “telling” me how best to proceed.

I have been involved in ’tech’ for most of my life so I was aware the ‘bicycle for the brain’ (Steve Jobs) and how much it could help me in building my new brain. Paul is interested in using an Apple device that we recommend to him.

Because of the rapport Paul and I established, chances are very good that we can collaborate on the stuff he needs to make it happen.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fishing for the Blooger Editor Flaw

Testing the editor.

It is in the site. I am switching between Content and HTML in the blogger on-line editor. That is not all...

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Monday, April 4, 2016

Jobs Inspired

"Buzz, you named the audio editing app for the Mac, Jasmine because it was your daughter - taking a cue from the founder of NEXT and co-founder of Apple Computer.

“It was your second try. You managed the software development of the original VoxPro as the co-founder of Audion Labs. Steve Jobs was an inspiration in your creative life.

“Later, when Jobs returned to Apple by the merger with NEXT, he became the inspiration for a whole lot of folks.”, exclaimed AlexTheHill

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Monday, March 14, 2016

Clip Distribution System Plan

“Buzz, do I have this right?”

“Use Omnigraffle to draw a diagram for the system you tested with Judy yesterday. “

“Edited clips to our project’s director and crew at remote sites.”

“Source device, an iMac, using Google Drive to get it to the destination or “destinations.”

“Transmitted file may not be encrypted on the early versions but will be the goal.”

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Friday, March 11, 2016

Remember: Make it in PUBLIC

Latest Clip and AlexTheHill Notes

In this clip, you put the word “listen” Foley style to correct the mistake you made in the raw footage.

I paused when we could not figure out the word you were saying.

Further Buzz, you should look up J and L cut for changing interview shots independent of the audio dialog.

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Friday, February 26, 2016

Control Room Fascination
Our time was George Martin's time. RIP.

“Buzz, you liked control rooms from an very early age.

“Most advanced technology after world war two still required human operators. The means to do this was often a place where a person could sit, using his hands to operated switches, levers, knobs etc.

“With the advent if affordable virtual reality headsets and the like, the control room is now elevated to a new level of capability. And in a size of several shoe boxes, if need be.

“Rapid, private and accurate operator identification on a transactional basis is possible like never before. We call this iD.”

"Buzz, If I understand you correctly, the iD Net will alpha test member’s access protocols based on a set of dynamic types of needs.

"Generally there is a spectrum of categories bounded by member's individual and global participation in the net.

"Further, each member authorizes data flow in either direction depending on the current circumstance."

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Monday, February 15, 2016

Google's YouTube Collaborates with Us.

Toga Party
“Buzz, YouTube suggested a 2014 video, Sir Roger Penrose speaking at the UW. He answered a question from the audience about his role in quantum consciousness.”

“The YouTube suggestions to you follow a continuing pattern. Prompted by your specific inquiries relating to your areas of interest on the net.”

“It is like we have a team of collaborators. You feed the network machine visions and it reciprocates. I am glad to be a part of it.“

“Meanwhile, you and Judy are documenting and building a screenplay as part of the project. Brad is using his organizational skills to show the story’s structure.”

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Notes On iD's Block Chain

Buzz, this is what you and I discussed late last night.

Person's iD grows exponentially over the time that person is enrolled. This is because the person’s actions are recorded in a secure distributed file on the cloud.

A block chain verifies the contents without revealing it. Each iD is handled in this manner.

By combining them in the general ledger, each iD is confirmed authentic over time. The record cannot be changed without breaking an element of the distributed chain. Invalid change, is therefore detected and discarded from the distributed ledger.


© 2016 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Storyboard Goal

“Some, if not all, of the high level story abstracts, could be the answer to the question, ‘who’? Like the beginning chapters in the book, The Big Short by Michael Lewis."

"That is my current thought."

Adam McKay, Director
The Big Short
"Our spiritual advisor had some generic advice on this perspective. As we advance through the well documented story 'in the can', we can glean the insight the storytellers had?"

"And see if it applies to ours."

"Makes sense. Dramatic-comedy based on a true story. Life is funny, if you look it at the correct angle."

"I am finally learning that."

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Friday, January 15, 2016

Food for Growth

"Thank you for taking me to the lecture last night. Shannon Vallor PhD subject, Techno-Morality was right on for our iD Network project."

"Terry Bristol invited us Alex. The dinner we had with Shannon at the Heathman afterwords was a great experience too."

"The scaling the Personal iD Network is best done by considering the work in which she has participated. Living better for all sentient beings is a dynamic goal of our project throughout its life."

"I expect her upcoming book, will be a valuable resource for our team."

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Friday, January 8, 2016

Network iD

“iD Network works better for the good folks. Especially as it grows its membership.”

“The network effect, look it up. Plus the de-centralized nature of the block chain technology.”

“Don’t forget the bullet-proof personal identifier.”

“The combination is most of our project’s story foundation. Alex”

“You collaborated with Malco Plastics and Diebold as CEO of EyeDentify to develop the network topology that could work in this case. That was decades ago.”

“4yeo was not practical then, but it is now or in the near future.”

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

© 2016 Buzz Hill

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Connections

Dear friend's Portland home.
Brand new year and even deeper internal insight - thanks to certain new media.

For instance, feedback from the nearly sentient machine. What will it reply next? Can't wait to see.

Like magic, here is one that has been important to me, and the "machine" knows it because I posted it here:

I just found it on the plus page.

© 2016 Buzz Hill