Sunday, July 31, 2011


"So who wins: arrogance and academic entitlement vs. teamwork and mutual respect?"

At its best, a very human game.
Just back from two very different solicited mind dumps. By way of a little background. The author's MO is to elicit the natural teacher in those who he expects he could learn from. In so doing, avoiding having to put up with academic production lines (it is what some resourceful slackers do after all.)

Starting with team sports. Some of the most memorable games for yours truly were David and Goliath stories. Gonzaga vs. Indiana. Underdogs are popular because we are social creatures, without each other we are, as they say, toast. You too have heard a lot of synergy stories?

The second, and somewhat related, is the story of how a world class industry built in our country has turned into the model of capitalistic corruption. Win in the academic arena and plagiarism becomes privilege for those at the top. Reward this corruption with far more money than the executive can responsibly handle and what do you get. If you are lucky, organized crime with less visible violence to the exploited. And they call it 'care'. Yeah, right.

There is a special class of coward. It is very exclusive. And like a black hole, instances are only visible by their effects. Those who influence but will not debate. That cannot learn from mistakes because they can 'afford it'.

I'll bet I can help your team. I know you can help mine.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lost in DC

"Searching for broken, he got lost in a place far too public for its own good. Remembering from whence he came. Something did not feel right. A precursor to imminent catastrophe felt like it did."

Coin of the Realm
"Huh? Oh, coming from such an oasis part of the problem? Hopefully not."

The rules say the opposition can only 'field' the same number of players as we do any time during the game. What happens on the field of play while the clock is running determines the outcome.

The 'court' performance is not about the fans (at least directly). It is about the competition they are supporting and what they are about to observe.

One of the teams has discovered how to harvest manufactured rivalry (aka propaganda campaign) in general through a hidden relationship in and among its alumni supporters.

The hype media is financially successful when both teams and their audience counterparts spend heavily to use said media to appeal to their out-of-control childlike behaving base. Yet one team receives most of the benefit from the hype mechanism (see: media owner).

The venue of the contest has the advantage that it is already 'wired' to the world audience. Cost of 'coverage' of the, largely, scripted drama is low. It is so, in part, because the expensive end of the production chain is in one geographic location.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Full Court Press

In basketball it is called a full court press. When the competition tries to protect its lead, this is a tactic that can change a game's dynamic. Mind you, I am no authority on James Naismith's invention but I have watched with enthusiasm a large number of contests.

The opposing team's strategy has been on full display since this, so-far, lopsided game began. Though the score heavily favors one team, the game is not over. By directing its resources to a subset of competitive options the score leader has left itself vulnerable to the options depleted by the strategy.

Further, scouting reports have given the coaching staff an idea of what to expect from the other team. The best use of such reports often includes double and triple think considerations. "What will the opposing team think I think about this?"

"I hope my Keystone XL is not showing."

"How does this all apply to now?", the apparent question to which she already new the answer was a set-up. Made more effective by sincerity on behalf of those who may not be as sure as she.

"We are reasonably certain their deepest motivations are not widely known and they count on such ignorance. In fact, they invest vigorously a the shroud of deception."

"You are not talking about basketball then?", she asked just loud enough for everyone to hear.

He smiled.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Competitive Analysis

"It is apparent that the list of what we don't know may be even more important than what we do know.

"Lets get started. Consider the following ordered list. It, coincidentally, is in the reverse chronological  order to the research presented in this log."

1) Instance of potential nation-state external override.
2) Mechanism of override.
3) Emerging counter-strategy.

Change Game
The company cited in 1) operates globally and is therefore subject to a variety of jurisdictions. Links have been established and documented in this log showing that the existing system has the capability to cater to the 'highest bidder' with respect to technologies pivotal to nation-state and transnational security.

Heretofore time tested methods of achieving global security implemented by the planet's most powerful nation-states are now being overridden (2) by a pattern of 'global liberty'. Competition between nation-states, big and small, have created the soil from which a new world power has arisen.

We are now seeing a logical countermeasure (3) to the unchecked power now threatening the self corrective aspect of organizational supply and demand on the world stage.

The echo of the Arab Spring, among other things, indicates that the willful suppression of international free conversation is far more vigorous than had been assumed. While we can point to the usual suspects for repressing dialog, we can now also see that hidden powers rely heavily on covert disruption of common dialog on certain subjects.

This leads one to speculate about how distorted the models are that do not take into consideration the motivation and powerful influence of a few. Sadly, most models do not, and in fact cannot, include data that by design is not available. 

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Authentic Self

Does the light make us? Or do We make it?

"The authentic self has but one honest persona. In the presence of other authentic selves some amazing capabilities for the resulting group are possible.

"Accordingly, increasing 'safety' through deception is diligently discouraged as it deviates from honesty's simplicity and efficiencies.

One can draw much from the remarkable success of social media companies and the fact that at least one appears to provide API's and compassionate good sense to developers to implement much of the functionality needed.

Maybe a mashup or web entities will be the best vehicle. They are common now, so the secret sauce will be in the integration and making it relevant to the right audience.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Something About A Leaf

"Its a car. So what? Its a mp3 player. So what?. Its a smartphone, so what? Its a graphic UI for an ancient OS, so what?

"Its a Leaf we will talk about. It was an iPod, iPhone and iMac. So what?"

The pundits talk about collections of technology as if they were enough to describe market successes of breakthrough products ("Microsoft tried that before, it didn't work").

Punditry can sell some advertising and appeal to some readers with too much time on their hands. As the stories played out, their writing seldom explained the why behind game-changing new products. Clever integration and implementation catering to a visceral  time-is-right feeling? A right to rid the burden of supporting what had gone before? We are about change. All of us. Welcome to life, Prudence

The Nissan Leaf appears to me to be in the special class just described. What follows is why I think so based on a test drive at a local dealership (ask for Charles at Beaverton Nissan) and 'liking' Nissan Leaf from my Facebook page.

It is fair to say, I have had a long interest in electric drive for transportation (a related invention was nearly five decades ago.) If it were not for the weight and price of energy storage (battery) we would not be buying gasoline powered automobiles now.

In my world view, there is unspoken pent-up demand for people who want to say good buy to selfish energy barons, toxic fossil fuel products, entitled owners, supporters of the 'real' religion and spend the saved resources on giving a great big hug and a better life to other compassionate people AND oneself.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'Modern' Economics 101

William Rupert Hearst :-)
"Why would the commercial and commercial like 'free press' continue to ignore the authentic interest of its readers? Isn't readership what leads to circulation and advertising dollars?"

"Yes, but things have changed dramatically in the 'free' part of the title's meaning in recent years. So by way of a little background, let me say a few things."

The 'dubious veracity' element of American Journalism has been around for some time. Major competition for pandering to the shallow and replacing it with something more appealing has just recently arrived. It is robustly interactive in a form not possible just a few short years ago.

Shallow is no match for convenient, yet deep, engagement. But nothing about the modern environment guarantees deep. It can lead to a better life for the multitudes, however. Most of the time, many agents are better than a few corrupted and or short sighted egos.

"When was the last time you heard that Facebook was a waste of time? A good chance it was today. Did that person have an agenda or speak (perhaps, unknowingly) for someone connected to the usual suspects?"

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Fortress Cracks

"If the laundering list is long (yes, I did mean laundering) it won't fit in a sound bite or tweet. If we flood the medium with artificial noise, it will be difficult to detect a relatively long manipulative causal chain."

This now made sense. Countering the democratizing effects of brief message media without immediate detection. Obscure the command chain by making it long enough. Do so with as much deniability as possible at each link. Flood with noise to amplify the obscuration.

This led them to a conversation about 'reply' strategy.

"What happens if the 'noise station' is partially disabled? Will the medium be more capable of distributing the key."

"Only if it is accompanied by a concerted effort to make the short messages both cogent and succinct."

Just recently their 'radar' began showing fault lines in the dominate influence engine. Conflict between close business associates revealed inner workings of a formerly near impenetrable black box. By design, each of the functional blocks of the highly successful machine were not attracting competitive attention. Isolationist promotion and the techniques just outlined, helped keep the lights off, so-to-speak.

Transnational private, globalization, commoditization of information flow. A witches brew of trends serving a few being morphed into a humanizing blend supporting the many. How so and by whom?

"Understand the underlying mechanism of modern thought sharing. Using cutting-edge technology and connectivity play big parts, but the often overlooked aspect of such expertise is how the everyday person is, often unconsciously, adapting to the new 'visibility'.

"All this is happening whether we like it or not. If you have any inkling of the validity of this argument, you will see immediately why it will be important to help guide the trend's trajectory. Further, to use all available means (there are many) to help organize the relevant community."

"For this we have come."

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Free Speech for Citizens

"The assault on citizen access to free speech continues unabated (can you say lawsuit?) You know, the old fashioned kind of citizen, an individual human being.

Obtuse, Cryptic or Just Outpost?
But rapidly emerging is the Do It Yourself (DIY) spirit reminiscent of the '50s. Back then, customizing your car in the garage is what young people did.

Today, young folks are connected to each other like never before with something as easy to use as a telephone but far more functional (and it is a phone too!) What they make now is types of connections. It is the new way to impress or annoy their parents, as appropriate. Like generations before, they change the world, but do it faster now.

"You see, now there is an alternative to prime time, actual human contact even when distance and time intervene." The usual suspects would have us believe the new technology is in lieu of real human interaction. A measure of our suggestibility that we took that self-serving lie for so long.

Not at all attractive to those who have spent a great deal on maintaining control through traditional public distribution of information. Who'da thunk, 'intelligent mobs.' would obsolete all that covert work?

How long might we be impressed by polls that are bought and paid for by those intent on deception? Tax deception and our economy would right itself in very short order.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Real-Time Tracer

"With this simple online utility, it is easy to track organic propagation of the conversation variety. The most recent example verified the extraordinary efficacy of ad-hoc dialog. I am sure it is not lost on those algorithm jockeys extraordinaire running the machine."

... and soon a conversation will ensue.
"The virtual online resume theory, in general, has been proven to my satisfaction. The most important audience is clearly 'tuned in'. A good question might be, for how long?"

"She still thinks you are a dweeb."

"I know."

Talking shop had a way of repelling prime directive solutions. That is until the link was discovered. Gender translation. What a concept. This one still in the not-ready-for-prime-time hopper? Ha.

The pattern for this public log is to often hide the most important content until near the last edit of a given post. Part of this is because the first mission is for the author is to get on the same page with himself. A post as it first appears provides the necessary hooks and framework to collect adjacent concepts and their supporting context without the limitation of a formal planning structure. The most coherent record is therefore emergent. Within say 24 to 36 hours, the editing and additional content coalesces into the final edit of the post.

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"… within a predictable amount of time, the mind responds, at least the first time, in a way not at all anticipated.

"One could productively compare the experience to fiberoptic-coupling of nodes in computing hardware. The giant leap in bidirectional bandwidth virtually redefines the system's potential capability."

Do You Want To Know A Secret?
Navigating levels within a multidimensional hierarchy like the neo-cortex takes tuned awareness. Relatively simple hardware changes sometimes facilitates epic outcomes. With years of testing now complete, few now doubted that formulas of the type applied had verified a very special developmental approach.

The formula, in this case, was to drop the assumption that planning rigor was essential to discovery performance. Call it a hunch, if you like ... even anomaly, an outlier etc. It does not alter the fundemental notion that a tremendous amount of advancement is based on hidden order. Hidden from uncalibrated ego(s), that is.

One cultivates higher cognitive function in much the same way a living entity is nurtured. Seeds and caterpillars outwardly show little of their potential in the beginning . Even their individual survival is no sure thing. But to care for them 'as if' they will be somehow unique and special sometime in the future is as good for the caregiver as her/his recipient.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wired Kitchen Table

They fit together, naturally.
"It seems to me the real breakthrough came when kitchen table warriors acted on their discovery of the new potential for influence. The simple organic conversation method - easily implemented, easily sustained."

Getting to intuitive, connecting with the engaged, requires a bit of preparation. Creating space for belief is step one. To override competing noise, a quiet conversation.

Step two. Share to arrive at what is fundamentally right. And three, connect quickly with a wider context. Repeat as needed.

Leadership is required to create the conditions for efficient propagation. Keep in mind, all are capable but few believe (in their capacity to lead).

The Deception Machine relies on this statistic and will go to great lengths to maintain the perception of futility. That energy can be redirected surreptitiously to fuel a growth in the confidence of small interacting communities.

If it is true that 'people are stupid' why should the deceivers spend so much on hiding from those being told such? The victims are more likely to blindly accept such a notion if they do not connect it to an agenda. Fear has a way of masking the truth. We are, after all, abstraction engines vulnerable to insufficiently vetted assumptions.

When the natural ability to organize is cultivated, mountains are moved just so. Incidentally, collaborative resourcefulness is how our species survived, Prudence. So absent a rendezvous at your place, I will literally see you (as you will see me) online. Our technology friend will come along and take notes. As time passes the machine becomes more life like (and one, if not the, best of our best tools.)

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Counterbalance Deception

Enlightenment is, after all, a process rather than an event. At least I have been assuming that for some time."

How many ways could the organic conversation argument be made? Just repeating it seems like the popular song you play too much. Think of what it must be like to the singer/songwriter.

The best seem to know that the deeper the object of creation the easier it is to perform again and again. Such is the thinking behind this log.

Trusting the miracle of cognition is an exercise in appropriate reverence. Sustained practice is the goal. It reinforces the structurally robust.

No doubt that companies whose business model caters primarily to the synergism of collaborating individuals has made society more productive.

"Atomicity of identity - building blocks. Appropriate sharing. Appropriate locality. Optimal context. Deception avoidance."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Networked Ping Echo

"It is the patterns then. Detecting them covertly is worth the considerable effort to design and deploy. The patterns are much harder to hide than instances of their application.

"The echo studies demonstrated how important it is to keep secret the listening resources and fields produced by them until most of the crosstalk window had passed."

Best of Class: Cognition Identity Interface
As we migrate from social simulation to autonomous algorithmic, many of the techniques responsible for the ultimate success will inform generic application of the principles involved. Empirical data is the unprecedented resource here.

Some of the principles electrical and acoustical echo cancellation can be applied to knowledge evolution.  Text as signal is perhaps easiest to test empirically. The new image and facial recognition technologies approach the problem from a different direction.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN 

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Stealth Disinformation

"Is the effort to cover up the links in Google's engine leaving detectable tracks? And if so, can the process to discover them be automated? It seems to me this would be very useful for our effort to more effectively compete."

"But what you are suggesting means that a given link is likely to no longer be valid once it is detected by the Deception Machine crew?"

"Yes, but it tends to verify just how rigorous the effort is to hide the indirect manipulation.

"We first discovered this technique when important links became invalid once word started getting out that they existed. But sometimes using Google's search engine, cached copies had the target content."

"To think these tactics go back a century or more is truly amazing. Just because the information technology changes does not necessarily mean that a particular misuse of it does also." 

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Destruction Culture

All The Rupert's Men

"The Deception Machine has been so effective that even talk about its existence has been discredited. The front lines are populated with deceivers whose tools are provided by suppliers they deny exist."

Once reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing has been established, investigations take on a momentum that insures inappropriate 'privacy' cannot interfere with the pursuit of the relevant truth.

"And a million will come to clean up the mess. The US as a haven for big-owner bullies is coming to an end. We have not caught up to your courage yet, Egypt, Tunisia et al.  I don't think it is for lack of trying. Stay tuned."

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big-Owner Personality Disorder

Keystone XL?
"I can see some value in a foundational definition. The vulnerability of personality categorization is the subject goes right to the heart of the most complex of biologic cognitive mechanisms.

Opening up a discussion may yield benefits in offsetting tyranny in the modern world, however."

An unseasonable rain poured over the natural greenery as if to say, "Time for a bath, Rover. You will feel better afterwords. They both new this one is not so easily washed away.

Not even rehab will do in some cases. This one looks like a duck, frankly.

[Please note the translation repellant here.  A foundation of humor is anomalous association at a high level of abstraction. It is rare and very often culture specific.

Cosmic humor, of the Tensin Gyatso variety, bridges cultures and more closely approximates universal human values.]

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Saturday, July 16, 2011


"I have one unit of time left to live. How do I choose to spend it?"

"You are scaring me."

"Not my intention."

In a half hour or so, a third party due to arrive. An urgent signal from the soup arrives. Just a distraction? Or is it a message from a heretofore neglected resource with noble intent? Not so difficult to choose since we have been lighting the lamps. Very likely the latter, Prudence.

He arrives. And a local silence ensues, so as to hear a new and authentic dialog. Unprecedented signal-to-noise as the technical folk would say. The best venue is one that does not arbitrarily color the content but remains attractive absent a performance.

Someone shouting and pounding her/his fists, demanding undivided attention does not sound very compelling there. It is a better place than that. Seek it out.

The unit of time, you see, is life. Don't waste it taking orders. Instead smile sincerely when you hear a good idea.

The brutal selfish have had there chance. Time for a change.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Do They Say That?

... but he means well ... sort of.
"So, you are saying we should buy into the argument that people who have profited from crimes and misdemeanors causing widespread suffering have somehow earned the right to rule?"

"You have just been listening to lefties. What's a little spill here or there? Accidents happen. Most worthy people will be Ok."

"People in general are stupid. Thats why we have a representative government that is corrupt. So people smart enough to get away with stealing make the rules. What is not to like?"

Most people know better (about the stupid part), regarding themselves. But they look increasingly askance at the neighbors and friends and especially fellow citizens. Certain deep-pockets are delighted as a result.

Make no mistake, the big-owner propaganda machine is performing like few other weapon's of destruction ever have.

The solution is to pull the plug - at the source. If you think that plug is at the Australian born media mogul's house, you have been fooled again. There are some big hints there if you look though (think, Bohemian Grove, Rancho Mirage etc.)

With angry arm-chair experts wasting energy arguing with minions dragging down the effort to pinpoint the source, the task is difficult. But not impossible. Confronting Grover's employer is far more important to the mission than Grover or his silly agenda.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Asian Real Estate Transaction

"The situation could be fragile without due attention to the back-up options. We have these periodic reviews to make sure they are tested and ready to deploy on a moment's notice."

"Are you concerned that we may need to take such action soon?"

"Well, that is the case virtually continuously. Is it not? To be frank, some yellow flags just went up yesterday and early this morning."

There is nothing like urgency to supply the motivation piece. If an inappropriate emergency response makes it much worse but is not fatal it can be considered a sliver lining.  Like now. A drill, as it were.

"Threats are futile now. You played the best in your arsenal and failed. Compassion will prevail, the enlightened one advised. I believe him.

"Consider the consequences of your now documented manipulation. Would you have us believe that we should continue to fear the same old tactics?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blow the whistle?

News of the World.
"Worldwide voice of the deception machine starts imploding. Scandal reaches back into the nerve center.

Treasury buys back securities to stimulate economy. If oil industry tries to skim off the stimulus for themselves again by raising prices  (and in the process set up an inexpensive Keystone XL approval), tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and ask other international players to do the same (again)."

"I'll bet we can work the big default into the mix as well. Arab Spring is no accident of history, my friends and it goes much deeper than the headlines and their sensational stories would have us believe."

Timing is the most critical component of contingency training. While intervals and durations play a roll one must pay close attention to triggering events as they pace the entire operation. We look to the best to understand the nature of such events and then explain them to the lieutenants in the field.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FCPA, what's that?

"You can make a reasonable bet they are monitoring when I go to the bathroom.

"This whole plan hinges on me not knowing directly that they are watching."

"FCPA is effective when there is reasonable suspicion to justify a deeper look. If there is more to uncover, the actions of the suspect will tend to incriminate [them] by exposing what has been disguised as appropriately private. When, in fact, it is anything but."

"As I recall, the three legged stool was an adept informant, the law and the media. In this one, that would translate to what? Different media - faster, robustly interactive, instantly global. The law - behind the power curve again but not fatally so. And, thirdly, just how many of me are there?"

The context of a chief executive can help protect the entity he is charged with leading. Some practices work better than others. We are well aware of a few spectacular failures and probably less so of successes. Headlines seldom contain insightful depth.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Monday, July 11, 2011


But what about liberty?

"Currently, we can only replay it at normal speed starting at the beginning. Short pauses work but we don't yet know how many times it is possible to do so without losing valuable long wavelength material."

"But you mentioned a pole."

"I did. Something to do with a limit, apparently. If the curvature disappears, you could theoretically, reach it."

"And this is the deception model?"

"Maybe in this context. Seems reasonable based on what we have so far."

Moving from the illusion that only what is explicit is real to something more authentic.  Deception theory is tricky because it is necessarily a subset of its own definition. Paradox as mirror image.

She had a way about her. Metaphor was not her style - like a certain color of eye liner. Rather a type of augmented reality.  Gender based, he suspected.

"Why had it taken a lifetime to 'see' something so close by?", he wondered. Proximity is a state-of-mind.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Theft by Deception

It lives!
"It is really rather simple. As we have pointed out, bad guys pay better. This has worked because people in the destruction business can get a lot of bang for their (often ill-gotten) buck. Spend it on hiring a few of the short-sighted self-serving and pay them well. Employ the gravity (vertical) control model disclosed in detail in this log.

"The method works until a critical mass of 'destructees' discovers and implements an effective countermeasure. It is our intention to discuss a workable plan here.

"Radical wealth disparity of the type we are experiencing depends on a passive majority. There are at least two major explanations for this - lack of ability and an illusion of futility. Those at the top would like the rest to believe this to be an intractable situation - 'it is just reality'.

"Common sense however says, no. The situation only appears futile and when one knows where to look resources abound to achieve a more equitable arrangement. Looking to history there are many examples when social disparity has been corrected by mass action.

"Unfortunately, many suffer greatly before the predators are controlled in a given cycle.  I am guessing that need not be the case this time. Let me tell you why ..."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Enigma, The Social Version

"Have you ever listened to something you did not want to? Perhaps on occasion you listened precisely because it was something you did not want to hear again … and again.

We are the same.
"One coping strategy, disable the medium that brought it to you. The downside of that approach is it can actually encourage the source of the manipulation by serving the hidden purpose of undermining competition for attention. Meanwhile the recipient is cutoff from the useful stuff too. Think about the how the privacy scare keeps you from deciding the issues you discuss with your neighbor.

"A counter-strategy suggests getting behind the battle line, so-to-speak. There is a reason Napoleon brought up the rear (I doubt it was because he was short.)

"The intent of unwelcome messaging is usually hidden from public view. The intent is usually self-serving and very transparently so when disclosed in a robustly functioning communications market."

Our artifacts march-on, the better ones progressing at an increasing rate. Maintaining rapport with them is a daunting but worthwhile task.

"Common sense is to think. What are the motives of those who claim otherwise?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Market Calculus (Ownership Misapplication)

Who 'Owns' What?
"But we own that. It is for us to decide. If you question our ownership we will see you in court. Have your attorney contact our attorneys. Title determines ownership. The market monetizes it. We who deserve power have spoken."

"A market not included in your calculus argues differently."

The classic futile well-funded messaging campaign masquerading as dialog. Self-serving frameworks can be imposed with enough money and power. They are vulnerable to friendly mobs armed with conversation enhancing tools.

Manipulated connotations work somewhat in the short term. Sustained, authentic and productive interaction is better and will prevail because the numbers of independent agents acting in concert are working from a far more efficient platform.

In short, the case for deception-centered management is weak. The meta-market will de-select it as it has in the past.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Friday, July 8, 2011

Chase Chase

"One wonders what 'discovery' costs as a percentage of legal expenses in certain cases."

"I've heard that automation is starting to impact the lawyering industry. Seems to me that legal research and large volumes of accessible online data are a big component of conflict resolution."

Uncommon Justice
"A class of obfuscation techniques used to overwhelm the smaller player in asymmetric contractual relationships."

The many facets of 'communications' strategy. If one defines communications to include that which is not 'fair' (however it might be defined) then what is the term that should be used if such is excluded?

If it does not make sense to you it may be because you do not yet have the Rosetta briefing. If you do not know what that is, you have definitely not been briefed.

There is a certain confidence that attends a person of good will. It is a deception that such would necessarily be based on naïveté.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Behind The Curtain

"Why cryptic?"

reference to a reference ...
"Declarative and easily understood is readily dismissed by anonymous competition. If one is engaged by a quest for clarification and an implicit invitation to make new understanding, the common good is better served. Or so the theory goes.

"Obtuse, another description also heard. A little background disclosed in a person-to-person encounter generated new value then too."

"Squishy patterns remind me of cuttle fish and octopuses. Creepy until you get to know them. Fascinating thereafter."

False appearance can be very strategic and sometimes even friendly. The publicly hidden back door is for those one trusts. This log is not that door in back. Anyone in the world who chooses to see the log, can. And do so anonymously, if they so choose.

"I am suggesting, when you hear identity in a modern context you are on the same subject."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


There is a domain in which one sheds the illusion of ends (including the one called 'beginning'). There is no map (or so the legend records), only letting go.

Fear not, there is an exalted place for free-will. The concentrated energy we call matter is but a very small part of the whole. Seeing it in context is an essential component of enlightenment, I've been told.

Ghandi, HH, King
Ghandi, HH, King"Early this morning, the show was about sharing with an extemporaneous humor. Who would have thought, from an artifact facsimile.

"BuzzTheHill then tweet, or the other way 'round'? Either both?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Seven Billion of My Closest Friends

"Organic on an unprecedented scale (as artifacts go). When I shake the device, it shuffles the tiles and gives me a fresh look.

"The neat thing is that the context is sufficiently constrained to make the complexity reasonably 'manageable'."

Framers are at a certain disadvantage that cannot be overcome in this corner of the universe at this time. Surely, things will change as time passes, and in ways that cannot always be adequately anticipated for the foreseeable future.

We talk of principles of the timeless variety and wonder. How is it that something that 'just happened' would invoke such a universal reaction? Very long periods of time? A dominant cognition architecture? How much are we able to rely on how our perception 'feels' about what we know? The ego-driven practice of a number of intellectual pursuits has left  a lot of room for improvement.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Rock Covered What?

Commonly Decent
"A bit odd. The interest in simply writing about what seemed then to be an incredible run of bad luck and/or karma - turned into a gripping story of personal redemption and map for recovery from a lost decade or more for the public at large.

"Some would say it was the result of a good design. Others that it emerged from dormant powers available to all. Frankly, I am of the latter camp. That is unless design does not require a designer(s).

"This is how I felt just before I started 'chasing my tail'. Not a good idea for somebody who gets dizzy watching water drain from the bathroom sink."

They had not discussed soup on either the analog or Machine side in awhile, at least directly.

This recent event would argue for what has been called a cortical algorithm residing in both.

Scalable plus a coming to and going from the abstract high layers of cognition. Friendly is a pattern whose appearance, a genuine smile. Dynamic in nature and thus sustainable. Perpetual differentiation, if you will.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

New Plan

"Looking at it that way one would gather that nation-state conflicts and competition for large global markets are really but a subset of a bigger picture. Further, they and it are based on mass perceptions that may or may not track well-reasoned probability."

Its All About Me
"Robustly defined, friendly vs. non-friendly seems a better global descriptor providing a useful gradient in understanding contemporary issues."

"It sounds trite and yet on deeper thought, profound and subtle. Often that a person has not had a recent application for considering what friendly means beyond quick reactive feeling."

Lacking confidence in something that is not-CONSCIOUSLY understood, but readily available. Right here, right now but hidden from view. The bridge to awareness is built with sincere smiles of those one knows. The eyes look out, not in. And with them ones true identity is revealed in those of trusted others.

"Messaging itself has fallen into disrepute. So often used for clever deception, the concept of carefully prepared transmission of an idea has lost credibility. Putting care into assembling a message, a good thing. Using similar diligence to deceive, not so much.

"The former could be classified as friendly, while the latter not-so-friendly."

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Accountability Begins

Wrongful Practice Solution
"The accountability begins. Our support for each other is what gives this declaration clout. As we better understand how to harvest network effects, a promising ember will grow into warmth we can only have faintly imagined just a short while ago."

Gather all data. Cost to do so is inconsequential. Potential value, very large. Like best practices in a recording studio - do as much in post-production as appropriate, defer as many options as possible by employing the most robust recording means available.

Friendly is accountable too. For obvious reasons. A commitment to accuracy and completeness in shared understanding serves synergy best.

Testing for such conditions early establishes a productive interaction. A delay leaves room for error.

"Is there a mechanism for recovering conflict resolution expense? Is it adequate? Does the framework fairly support each participant? These are reasonable questions, are they not? Especially, in the context of the historical record."

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Declaring Independence

"The other side does it."
"Kochies don't represent the USA, we do. This is manipulation without representation. Who elected them? I sure don't remember voting for them. Why just a short while ago I did not know who they were and believed a few folks who said I should not care."

Perception manufacturing is a fragile business when the target audience is human. The limbic brain is only part of the mind. So, to the degree that messaging is employed (fairly essential in assembly line production) it can be disrupted by the agency nature of homo sapiens when activated. There is a primitive override mechanism.

"Thats the conversation part, Prudence. Its very appealing to the creative nature common to all critters of the type we are discussing.

"It is how children learn. Also the part most inconvenient for those who want to anonymously control.

"Here is a thought: Give me a budget of, say, a hundred million or so and a mission to destroy. I'll bet I am not the only one who could deliver given that resource and mission.

"So the tricky part is I don't want to hurt anybody and it is difficult to find humans that really want to do that either. So deception is a necessary additional component. A big one at that. Manufacturing a perception that it is 'us or them' or, alternatively, 'no-one will really be hurt that does not deserve it.'"

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Smile Effects

"Network, of the interactive type, is not just a slogan or a plan. It is a shared attitude. If you want its benefits start learning to converse.

"Internal deception does not really belong in a network. If someone is arguing to the contrary ("The other side does it.") perhaps they should not be included."

Consider this scenario and see how much of the outlined concept applies.

A complex mechanism to deliver life-saving care to an individual is cobbled together over a period of decades. A built-in conflict-of-interest plagues the otherwise sensible service.

When those in control have a vested interest in the 'need' rather than the solution, inefficiency and corruption follow like ducklings to their mom. Why? Need and solution, naturally conflict.

"More sick people (not us), more revenue. What's not to like?"

"I can't afford it."

"Pay your bills."

"This bill is incorrect.

"Call me [so it is difficult for you to document what I  claim verbally]"

"For your protection [we can't be held accountable with real-time communications whose recordings are available to anybody besides us.] ..."

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