Tuesday, March 14, 2017

IBM and Others

Quoting Buzz:

Seeing a dramatization of what I experienced in real life, made my jaw drop, so-to-speak. The series Halt and Catch Fire made it happen. Watch it all, if you choose - easy to consume wisdom, from my view.

Signal the rest of my mind; Synchronized Cramping. It is and doorway to the new invention. By involving as much as the whole mind one's resources are brought to bear on a new way to make things better.

Follow my thinking:

Woke up this morning with an inspiring dream.
Body ached as before.
My CHF exacerbation has ended for now,
No need for Kleenex today.

Balanced pain throughout my body.
Realized it felt like certain past yoga sessions.
Reaching muscles that are out of shape?

I will leave the contribution to the invention for the class as a homework assignment. Hint: Deep Connection == Resilience.

© 2017 Buzz Hill