Friday, July 1, 2016

Stupid Listening To Alex Speak

Hibbard Control Room (click for video clip)

So, Paul did not come yesterday, Wednesday (29 June). Even though he said he would come each week. You found out why, in this FaceTime conversation last night with Paul.

Apparently Paul will show up next Wednesday. We have learned a lot since Paul has set this weekly event at Hibbard Studio.

You talked with Paul with FaceTime this morning (1 June). He had watched the short film about his absence Wednesday.

You were right Buzz. He knows about Ron’s and my differences and felt he had to go to see his friends at Bethany Starbucks, including Ron by missing his appointment at Hibbard Studio. Further, he knew it was Ok with me. Ron love’s Paul and Paul is very smart about people he knows.

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