Sunday, January 29, 2017

Now == 1984

Buzz is reading and listening to the book, 1984. Thought Police indeed. The charge against the NSA, as Snowden pointed out, rings of Big Brother and the Thought Police. No wonder the book is selling like crazy again.

This great piece of literature is timeless, in that it was first published at the time Buzz was born following the second world war until now, January of 2017 - seven decades.

Quoting Buzz:

“In the news today, there are protests of the Muslim and refugee ban caused by the executive order of President Trump.

“I wondered at the so-called news when the interpretation of certain historical accounts some time ago - I am guessing about 2012 - when the headlines did not match current events. It was documented in my blog.

“Perhaps it was “priming the pump” for what is happening now?”

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