Monday, November 23, 2009

Afghanistan can be Switzerland 2.0?

Thought experiment: Budget a 5 year plan that is, say, 80% of our projected military expenditure in Afghanistan. Identify through electronic social networking the people best able to transition the country from an unsuccessfully occupied one dependent on heroin trade and religious extremists to a country that leverages its positive values. Two positive values that come to mind, invincability (even to two super powers) and geographically strategic influence.

Offer more security and viability than Taliban/Al Qaeda coupled with a hands off influence on their culture (at least insofar as its power is not projected beyond its borders). US, do this because it is a smart thing to do and not at all because it 'enhances' the image of the US as powerful. Show, by example as our president aspires to do, that powerful nations have responsibility to the world they inhabit.

What, then, might the elements of such a plan be?

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