Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HC Matrix 101

The Medical-Industrial Matrix:

left-in | right-in


left-out | right-out

left/right axis - tradition political spectrum from conservative to liberal

in/out axis - inside the 'health-care' system or not.

right-in: those who are benefiting from the current medical/industrial complex (have money and subsidized highly advanced medical care) and wanting to preserve (conserve) it.

left-out: the undeserving people foolish enough to think their life has meaning beyond being sacrificed for the right-in.

right-out: nobody pays attention to these mamby-pamby principled people who believe in the silly notion of liberty, especially the kind that gets in the way of the right-in.

left-in: well paid people paying lip-service to the notion that fixing health problems is noble even if we have to make people sick to accomplish it.

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  1. Sounds like The Matrix all right. Where's my Red Pill?