Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Forensic Personal ID

"It was taken February of last year, 2012. Pixelated in the narrow field of view containing the suspect's face. A starting point, though."

"Aren't you afraid to proceed?"

"I am quite sure that there is more to fear from not pursuing this aggressively. The escalation to assault violence Sunday afternoon leaves no other clear option."

"Good point."

Substantial taxpayer dollars go toward protection of pubic safety. It is a key role of government. Given budget pressures of our times, there is a clear advantage to efficient delivery of this key function. Is that the trend?

"A larger public danger emerges when there is collusion and other forms of nefarious organization. Corrupt law enforcement and violent offenders collaborating would be a particularly disturbing situation. But not unprecedented.

"Lets hope that is not the case here. Early evidence is not encouraging."

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