Wednesday, July 31, 2013

KOOL Moon Bounce

… when KOOL was put off the air by a government agency (the FCC) I was so incensed that I became an … active conservative. Take breath now. Sucked into the Longview great mud lake not to emerge completely until decades later.

You see, a person as obsessed with pretty girls with brains as I and clueless in the extreme as to their thought processes, I needed a plan. Rock and Roll and broadcasting at age 13 was at its core.

More than a half century has passed. The FCC is not the boss of me anymore. I have the internet! Facebook, Google, Apple, wireless and on and on.

The antidote to mindless authorities (government, MOST ESPECIALLY corporate, the true religion etc.) is … wait for it … technology fueled DEMOCRACY!

So I am not talking about a K Street corrupted federal agency or the socially delinquent big owners driving it from behind a curtain.

"Kansas, you are on notice. The dog is back and wagging its tail."

© 2013 Buzz Hill

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