Sunday, July 21, 2013

ƒ(Us)™ Overview

"In the example I am about to present, our most robust file object is Person. This follows logically from the concept of Person Centric Identification™. These files' access describes in detail how our mission is accomplished."

"Authenticity is prime. By definition it stands apart from most perception. The ebb and flow of authentic in its evolving context is a large part of operational load. Seeking the resources to just meet this demand with a bit left over for rainy days takes precedence over growth in a monetary sense."

"Social is a way to describe authentically biased interaction. Doing it better simply makes sense. So, how do we (Us) get on a better path?

"Our research so far suggests a more homogenous communications mix  could shed considerable unproductive weight."

© 2013 Buzz Hill

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