Thursday, May 2, 2013

Member Owned

"Any argument with the concept of equal ownership?"

"Why do it?"

"We'll get to that shortly.

"Consider this. If a group of individual consumers are under-represented, the economy and society are missing an opportunity to apply economies of scale to common acquisition of products and services.

"As we know, some partial solutions have flourished on the net. For example, Angie's List, Craig's List. I am sure there are more.

"The concept is probably not new, a thin and wide structure. Wide that it applies to objects of interest to persons in general. Thin in that it does not seek to disrupt the product, service or brand rapport that providers of same have with their particular subset of persons. Yet providers benefit because a large part of the public relations can be outsourced at virtually no cost.

"Generally speaking persons cooperating are better off than those who are not. If made compelling (convenient, fun, lucrative etc.), resulting accelerated membership growth produces a network effect."

© 2013 Buzz Hill

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