Friday, May 3, 2013

Storage Too Heavy

"Carrying the yet-to-be-used energy is the major obstacle?"

"Too much mass and not enough unit volume for economies of scale … yet."

"Has anyone considered life-sized Lithium-Ion (LI-ION) on trains yet? Seems regeneration could work quite well in such a scenario. This to mitigate the carried storage mass problem."

"How about a LI-ION box car? Ship energy-storage units as intermodal containers to where they are needed by rail when existing transmission is not timely and/or available?."

"A bit off the subject. How about HybrID as a name?"

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider its appearance here as a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been discussed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

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