Saturday, May 18, 2013


"Raise the roof. It is flat now, on top of the blueprint. It is truly low risk to re-arrange the information while simulating reality. That is if one knows how. Locking and hiding may be useful.

"Meanwhile, in-kind value exchange with a selected audience. Starting with one or more 'rural' venues that happen to be populated with a certain rich kind of mind's eye."

By definition, working in 3d design requires 'dimensional' cognition. The two dimensional nature of eye perception requires some tricks to render useful objects realistically. Changing perspective as a function of time (fourth dimension) is useful in this regard.

'Person' represents an autonomous 'object' that observes sometimes with changing perspective in time or space. Camera (eye) acquires the image in two dimensions at a point in time (photo). Manipulating the camera axis and other parameters is photographer (person) behavior.

Recording snapshots over time and location serves to distinguish one operator (human) from another.

The foregoing is not to be confused with 'others' interest in tracking the authentic answer to the singular who.

© 2013 Buzz Hill

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