Friday, February 8, 2013

Cross Platform Visuals

"He said 'Instagram' around the time he let the speakerphone glitch give away that someone else could listen in at his end.

... case study.
"You think it was more than incidental to your conversation topic that he brought up the company's recent acquisition?"

"Of course it could be 'my 'magination running' way with me', since the story has gotten so much ink of late.

"But trust me on this one, pictures done right on the global platform can be very social. Especially if they are instant, free and convenient."

Later that evening research revealed why a recently public company would offer a reported $1B for a 13 person co. Even reading between the lines suggested how important mobile was to monetization. Important for different reasons to founders, VCs and the newest shareholders.

Us is trust for older demographics/ Us is influence for younger demographics? Show 'em how?

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