Saturday, February 9, 2013

Soup Review

"You know I am not your agent, right?" Woulda Coulda Shoulda said it, he thought. Get serious. It plays better in the abstraction engine one is closest to. And it can play tricks on a worrier. Count on it.

"Feelings hurt. But that visceral fortress could do major damage in reply. You see, hell hath no furry like a well rehearsed primitive dance of the dark self-interested kind. Flat tire, Ha! Try engine seizing up. Or other auto parts, like having lots of babies with NOTHING to do but consume."

Mixed metaphors aside, the clean answer is made up of the same words and phrases as the influenced one. There is pshyco-biochemistry explanation for why. The practical application?

Optimized to survive but still dedicated to change means the soup's appeal is connected to the higher-self. Lots of famous folks from the history of civilization have written about this phenomenon.

It makes for a tasty bowl of liquid nutrition often served hot.

© 2013 Buzz Hill

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