Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Joint Incentive

Yes, you will encounter mistakes of various kinds, especially since the stroke. I'll make comments brief, unless I am just practicing on myself (the brain makes new but it is a complex task recovering and will take time I am told).


With regard to previous recent posts on person, my view is a mobile device (such the shown Phone 5s) may be pivatol part of the breakthrough to 'us and them'. It provides in security in depth to both parties at near ideal place, the person. Your fingerprint not is only thing that identifies you to EACH side.

What else identifies its mobile owner for each application will be an evolving process. From least risky toward higher value exchanges as the appropriate systems mature.

Apple's iCloud advantage is low-cost merchandise (such as music) to experiment on initially - Amazon, Facebook too. A temporary breach would be relatively harmless until such time as a solution can be found.

From this perspective, Apple and maybe Facebook seem to have an inside track. What if something entirely different make sense?

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