Friday, September 13, 2013


Hearing with some the clarity but reading at times difficult. Writing and speaking are most trying. Spelling, wrong word being written, wrong sequence (sometimes dyslexia) and so forth trouble my writing. Motor planning, part of the right face around the the mouth area being numb and hearing are among my speaking impediments.

'A rocky road up' the seems to best to describe the effort.

© 2013 Buzz Hill


  1. The road may be rocky, but it does indeed seem to be up. It's great to see you managing the keyboard, sentences, paragraphs, and coherent thought. I guess we're all together in learning how this will proceed, but it's no doubt easier being the observer than the participant. Good job, Buzz.

  2. Yes, Buzz, Good Job. Working the Puzzle, again and again, helps to develop the reaction in words and thoughts. Being the puzzle must, indeed, be like being turned "inside out".