Monday, September 23, 2013


Authentic communication is a software/networking/personal play as much anything.

Biometrics and various kinds of identification are not today's answer anymore. In in integrated solution, they are a part, though.

"Coupling transparent behavior measures, such a mobile device location and owner ID over time, provide a cost-effective means to secure the product of human interaction". It is has been said so many ways before, it hardly bears repeating. I propose the salient point is an integrated person centric system (mobile device, client software, network etc.).

I am iPhone user and can imagine the iCloud, plus "missing modules" for the person-centric whole. I would be surprised that Apple designers/engineers are hard at work on the problem. Google with their Android and massive network is another candidate. Facebook too, of course.

From my corner of the universe, there may be a missing piece or two ...

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