Monday, November 18, 2013

The U. in 64

I was a freshman at U & W studying E.E. I stayed at Lander Hall and my roommate had blonde hair, blue eyes and deep affection for soul music. His name was Sandy.

Unlike WKRP, this not was fiction.
The commercial radio station of choice in Seattle was KJR - the All Americans (DJs) played our music. The team to beat was 95 (on the radio dial). So 'try' we did … a teenager can dream can't he …

We talked Lander management into letting us use one of four music practice rooms in basement of the dormitory for our studio. World HQ of RFM (Radio Free Marvick) - our "house' was Marvick, on the third floor - but the action was downstairs.

By now, dear reader, you may have guessed where some of RFM 45's (plastic disks with a groove) came from ... do not end a sentence with a preposition.

© 2013 Buzz Hill

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  1. Hey Buzz Hill, this is Heath Nieddu. Great lunch with you today. Hope to see you again at New C's soon.