Sunday, December 23, 2012

Authentic Persona Fits Where?

"A dear friend whose doctorate is in computer science loaned me the book, On Intelligence. For me, machine intelligence is a fascinating topic. Ever since my interest in mind architecture (brain architecture to some) has been growing at the pace of the connectivity of the web (very fast.)

"Recently, an application for my work in the health care field became VERY personal. With it the realization there has not been a better time to put the compassionate aspect of that work to use. Bear with me. I have every intention of clearing up the confusion."

The celebration of a world famous birthday has diverted the attention of certain key folk to the universal message of goodwill. As well it should. Meanwhile, one of Santa's helpers with whom I am extraordinarily familiar, has been hard at work with a stocking stuffer that promises, hopefully, to blow your socks off. Stay tuned.

"Hawkins, Schmidt, Kurzweill ...", adding the names to the log cued the engine in the usual fashion. What a wonderful gift from kinder side of vigorous competition (maker rather than taker).

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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