Saturday, December 8, 2012

Inexorable But Gentle Trend

Beauty of Quantum as Analog
"Cost effective support for far from equilibrium and high value add workers in our geographical area wishing to embrace their full humane potential."

One could not help but to notice a visible grimace from a portion of the audience, "What does that mean? I need to focus on answers. My manager's job description is clear, sell more stuff - no matter what it takes."

Meanwhile, enlightened management also listening has figured out that a predatory model is not very conducive to collaborative output, yet that seems to be where we are going as a society - away from a top-down structure. Moreover, the benefits of the new direction accrue more rapidly to the larger shared scope we will soon discuss.

Bottom line? High earners looking to mitigate the impact of both partners working long hours to make a 'good' living could actually live well if a personally tailored package of services were available in as close to a turn-key fashion as possible.

Healthy, tasty meals for the family, a couple or a busy individual delivered to the home could be one such service.

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