Saturday, December 22, 2012

Big 4 does not include ...

"It does seem a bit odd, the interview dropped out-of-sight. As if it were taken down by some entity with extraordinary ability to remove something from the public domain and make it disappear, much like what the Man from Mars was able to do in "Stranger ...", Heinlein's masterwork."

"The Schmidt/Hollar dialog wasted not one word, in my opinion. An accurate portrayal of WHY the election unfolded the way it did. And too, why we have much for which to be encouraged in the coming years."

"Is it possible it was another 'soup' message leaked to a few for strategic purposes? And yes they do have the capability to scrub, or appear to have done so.", nothing like a little cloak and dagger/spy vs. spy intrigue to spark recall innovation, he mused. Because, you see, it was just imagination filling in the gaps until heuristics did the trick.

The preceding was an example of how recall can be hyped with the concept of a dialog the disrupts the masking ability of the human abstraction system. This method loosely described in this entry led to a link of said interview.

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