Saturday, December 15, 2012

Value Proposition

"A measure of today's modern networked personal device: How well does it know you?

"If the device does not belong to you, it will rely primarily on the network to establish who you are. If it is yours, local encrypted storage speeds up the recognition process. I would ask Facebook first if I knew how. It is because of Sheryl's reputation and because she came from Google.

"A task need not wait for a complex procedure to confirm who is performing it in order to begin the process. Even more important when authentic identity is essential to the protocol. Let me explain how ..."

What best answers the question "Who". Some might say genome. Others, history. Most would acknowledge an entry of a four digit pin is adequate for some tasks. "Who" in this case is highly context dependent. A device's machine intelligence to deal with this fact is a critical component of successful deployment of what Kurzweil has described as the "Singularity", some believe.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider its appearance here as a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been discussed herein, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

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