Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Shhhh ...

How important is it?
"Under cover of family activity for the holiday, we have an opportunity to openly discuss a sensitive topic, 'Liberty or Treason?'

"If you can afford residence on K street, perhaps you do not have to be concerned with laws intended for lesser folk."

One might argue that the technique illustrated in this log entry is at the heart of what it is to COMMINICATE in-the-clear both the popular and subtle components simultaneously. It is a strategic play common to those who understand risk associated with an unknown capability of the competition.

For some, to repeat this seems redundant. Others, it may have more and different value. Communication implies something beyond just messaging. Further we have successfully argued that it is more than a mere transaction.

The technological and economic barriers to conversational marketing have melted away. A new paradigm now is beginning to dominate in pilot industries as the way to connect buyer and seller. Transparency is more effective than deception in making a sale.

"Yes, K street is in our nations capital which is, in turn, is owned by all the our citizens. One could say the landlord is the people, if they become aware of what ownership of the country entails. A breach of this is not a legitimate liberty ...

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