Thursday, October 10, 2013

Forbidden or Not

To be truthful, I was dreading my trip to the medical-industrial complex (translation: hospital) for what had to be…  But wait, that was the serotonin deprived individual of two months and change ago of recent history. Despite for "fog" and health scare, I know it was me because I remember it very well.

Cardia Rehab was not what I had remembered it some twenty two years ago, nice folks, great equipment and a nice facility. My memory, the emotional part, probably darkened my view. You see, has it has been my pattern. So, is it clinical depression (funny name)? Fun to discover in a lighter the mood a deeper nuance of a ostensibly dark experience.

The first experience with the out-patient speech therapist happened too. Not a moment wasted on my side - I was fairly exhausted from morning activities. It it included visually processing  tests, since I had expressed an interest in driving again. The driving evaluation showed my needing to recover that skill again.

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