Friday, October 18, 2013

Time Is Now

Recently, both Facebook and Google have seen a run-up in their stock due to what the stock market calls, 'mobile'. Live people move - smart (often small) computers that move with them are more lifelike - think smart-phones, tablets. Especially if they are connected - to virtually everyone.

In the early eighties, my retinal identifier prototype was attached to a HP desktop. It was a natural fit since computer run an engineering oriented form of Basic language. Hewlett Packard was a hot company that built great stuff for high-tech inventors like me.

The bright folks at HP saw the future of networks and talked about the applications of heath care, engineering etc. They were very supportive of the mission to identify folk with their retinas. At the time, I wrote a letter to them (trying hard to impress them) saying of the coming personal computer, "... it will know its user and be connected the rest of the world."

Read the first paragraph again. Many are working on of the 'age of Aquarius' - so to speak. It is where most intend to look (pun intended) that has obscured the solution.

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