Thursday, October 24, 2013


Normally reliable, my fiber optic internet connection has been slowing down. I spent 1.25 hours on a phone (timed on my iPhone) trying to track the problem with customer service/technical support yesterday. No resolution yet.

Just as I sat to wait for my ride, the speed test clocked 20 Mbs download to 16 Mbs upload. An just 20 minutes ago it was doing 1 Mbs and .5 Mbs. So, it might be the desktop. Joint Venture to rescue?

"Efficiency rather than speed." my SLP said yesterday. It was in reference to writing. Speaking out loud what I am about to write is an effective method for connecting (interna).  Taking long journey 'home' (aphasia recovery) with be less time consuming. is very well designed site. I enjoy my visits there, even though my scores are low for my age group. Progress is happening already though.

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