Monday, October 21, 2013

The FunctionOfUs™ Person

So what has caused the vast majority of people to aim their line of sight in wrong direction? I propose the reader assumes the argument to see how select observations support the conclusion.

Social networking based on current technology is leading to manifestation of what we can, Person. As mentioned before in the log, the fundamental atom to the social conversation is an real person. Real in the sense that one living human in the world of today is equivalent Person.

Hundreds of years ago, this was true too. So it is not modern technology dependent but it does rely on the connectivity that has been available only recently and the technology and growth in human cooperation as a result.

On a personal note, suffering a aphasic stroke the night of August 1st, 2013 has had interesting ramifications. The BuzzTheHill online writing was attempt at looking 'inside' by taking advantage of a prescription medication, as SSRI for first the first time in my life. If had a profound affect on my life as I perceived it. With a post most days to this blog, there continues to be a lot written about it.

Stay tuned, dear reader, and you too may hear something calling.

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