Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dissolving Pyramids

"We successfully infiltrated the unions because there was a centrally located command structure. This is different. The highly dispersed nature and high quantity of autonomous cells is overwhelming our supply of agents. The economics of our methods don't pencil out in volume."

"Another priority agenda item: what is our whistleblower exposure at polling agencies? Taking down Dodd-Frank in time is not doable."

The patterns are easier to define and detect now. A large part of the reason is the obfuscation and bribery tactics do not scale to the level required by the global network.

Replies to manipulation take hours rather than weeks now.

Furthermore, violent weaponry in the face of globally dispersed opposition is highly inefficient, at best. Some will claim pure motives. Not all are. And of those that are not, the self-dilluded are particularly problematic.

Managing complexity is one of the true hallmarks of our time. Some seemingly intractable problems are no longer.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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