Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Organic Integrity

"The fusion does not need to occur at same time and/or place in the continuum?"

"That is correct. The fusion is mandatory to complete the transaction, however."

Occupy Hope
If this were true one would assume that the system was close to 'bullet-proof'. One could consider each authentic transaction, virtual conception. The butterfly transforms one domain to the other, revealing more detail.

Real and Imaginary were fascinating labels in the same way that Dream and Awake were. Dialog identity, determined by the result, not by the plan.

In practical terms for today's applications, networked personal devices that know their users. Portable, wireless, friendly like the pets from whom we learn so much. Nurturance is synergetic.

"Now we can readily observe, many of the advanced thinkers are filling in the missing components rather than assuming the project is not ready for prime time. There is no more hesitating for fear of embarrassment. The manipulators machine for deceiving grinding down inexorably to insignificance.

Delay shipping until the product is right while keeping as much powder dry as possible. But ship. A steady supply of optimism rewarded. Cynicism is a lazy excuse.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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