Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Special To General, Mr. Einstein

Intersection of structure and elegance?
"The bridge lands on dissimilar shores. We have a limited time to design it. Using interactivity to do so seems wise."

Time and gravity, so convenient - easily taken for granted. But key to the new 'organic meme growth'.

Within the framework is the value added at each link (bridge or connector). Abstracted experience applied to current content has the potential to improve both incoming and outgoing messages. Each of them increasing the utility of the cell by informing and updating its layered and hierarchically strutured dynamic history.

"For purposes of this discussion, I would like to call them, cells. Each cell is designed to have both structural and dynamic intelligence properties. The latter serves the purpose of dedicating each cell to its best behavior, both sensory and motor, in its local environment. Also globally connected in an appropriately limited way (system updates, monitoring etc.)

"To perform its functions energy is delivered via the 'connectors'. It may be desirable to also incorporate energy storage within each cell depending on the application.

"Temperature, accelerometer and gyro sensors are inexpensive and potentially useful for some applications."

She interrupted to remind the team, "Fair transactions of value are central to sustainable growth".

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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