Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Infrastructure In Place

"With voice and speaker recognition on one mobile platform and face recognition on the other dominant mobile platform, it won't be long before friendly personal authentication could be a standard. Networking authentication primarily for the benefit of the persons being identified may well be one of a few 'killer apps' for the new century.

"A credit union like structure is optimal, as we have argued here before. Imagine the consequences had Microsoft's $150 million equity investment in Apple been voting shares? Control should be exclusively to the 'identifyee' members as a group if it is to stay true to the "Authentic Identity Principle".

"If one were to regard homo-sapiens as a truly exceptional design, what makes it so? I suspect the capacity for authentic consensus may have something to do with it. One human alone, given safety from predators, is quite capable of thriving. Humans sufficiently in agreement are capable of steering the entirety of life in a positive direction."

Such talk is easy to pick apart with the sophisticated machines designed to do so. Why were such mechanisms designed in the first place? There are those who believe that disembodied egos suffering from guilt and insecurity are behind the short-sighted development (predation is the intent.)

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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