Friday, November 18, 2011


"You say, Turing. I say time domain. She says, enlightened. Another says, self-interest. If recall correctly, some credible person said, universal. And a person for whom I have a particularly high regard spoke eloquently to the common sense that is compassion.

"And all the while we are watching the latest on how grok appears to work. Use 237 link to identify."

"Reality distortion relative to what?"

Authentic/Unique digital persona could be a formidable tool in the cause of anti-corrpution. Though it is seldom expressed this way, one could say it is a very friendly function (if it spans the population) that deserves consideration at the very top of organizational frameworks.

This log, in part, attempts to elevate the concept of scalable altruism to a level of awareness where the confluence of free enterprise and universal compassion can be achieved. Further, it intends to expose the obstacles so that they can be circumvented - not the least of which is an entrenched status quo that can be described as predatory in nature.

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